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Selasa, 21 Juni 2011

Jakarta Fantasti K-POP Festival 2011

21 June:
JYP Entertainment artists have brought the K-pop fever to Indonesia!

2AMmiss A, San E, and Joo were invited to Indonesia’s “Jakarta Fantasti K-POP Festival 2011” as representative singers of the Hallyu wave. On June 18th, they presented a series of hot performances to the unending cheers from 3,000 fans.
2AM and Joo performed in the first half, and they were followed by miss A and San E in the second half.
Though it was the first visit to Indonesia for many of the artists, the audience showed a hot response, beginning with the press conference. At one point, due to the great interest in Joo, the press conference somewhat came to a stop and it became difficult to keep moving through the questions.
The concert itself was enjoyed by the fans, as they sang along to all of the songs and raps, and the artists gained strength from their fans’ warm response, allowing them to show a more passionate performance.
In particular, miss A was pleasantly suprised to see many fans follow along to their “Bad Girl Good Girl” dance, even though it was their first concert there.
2AM, miss A, San E, and Joo returned to Korea after the concert and plan to continue with their activities within the country.
Source: allkpop

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