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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

Jung Hyung Don

28 June:
Following the steps of other well-known celebrities who’ve opened their own restaurants,  MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ cast member and comedian Jung Hyung Don has announced plans to create his own line of food products!

The new venture, titled ‘Doni Doni Donkasu’, will specialize in the Japanese breaded pork cutlet that is ubiquitous in Korea. The comedian, who is a well-known as a donkasu lover, has teamed up with various experts to create a healthier, tastier donkasu.
The line-up will feature variations of this popular dish, such as a chewy and savory “mozzarella cheese donkasu”, and Jung Hyun Don will promote the line himself through the Hyundai Home Shopping Network.
Source: Hankyung via Yahoo! via allkpop

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