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Rabu, 29 Juni 2011

The Saem

14 Feb:
Singer IU has become the exclusive model for makeup brand, ‘The Saem‘.

IU has already begun filming her CF for The Saem, and she was reportedly nervous on set since it was her very first cosmetics shoot. As the filming progressed, however, IU gained confidence and was able to deliver dazzling shots.
The idol drew compliments from staff for maintaining a bright attitude and creating a fun atmosphere on set, even though filming lasted until dawn. IU will be promoting The Saem’s new products for 2012 with her loveable charm, and officials from the brand have expressed high expectations from IU’s endorsement.

Source & Image: Newsen - allkpop
30 Jan:
Singer IU has become the new model for makeup brand, ‘The Saem‘.

On January 30th, a representative from ‘The Saem’ stated, “IU is much beloved and is even called the nation’s little sister. Her clear skin is highly coveted by girls, and so we believe that she will raise awareness about our brand to a larger audience”.
IU also commented, “After turning 20 this year, I became more interested in makeup, so I’m really happy to become a model. I’m going to work hard to promote ‘The Saem’ and will show my fans a good side to myself.”
Fans are looking forward to her collaboration with The Saem’s main model, Lee Seung Gi.
Source + Image: Nate - allkpop

2 September:

Lee Seung Gi and popular idol group After School recently came together to film a CF for ‘The Saem‘ cosmetics.
The producers felt that Lee Seung Gi would effectively introduce the new fermented tea serum product to fans, and that After School would be a delightful addition by stylishly showing off the product.
A representative from the company stated, “In order to express The Saem’s different and unique qualities, we’re planning to create makeup ads and commercials,” adding, “The special serum moisturizes the skin and gives it a fresh feeling.
The advertisements with Lee Seung Gi and After School are said to be modern, chic, and witty. Lee Seung Gi’s soft charisma steadily shone through amidst the sleek beauty of the After School girls.
After School leader Kahi also commented, “This was our first cosmetic CF, so all of the members felt that it would be much more challenging to complete. We all enjoyed working in the outgoing atmosphere, and we hope you enjoy this innocent image of After School!
Source: AINews via Nate - allkpop

20 July:
UEE showcased a different side of herself for ‘The Saem‘.

The members of After School are currently spokesmodels for the cosmetic brand, and a beauty cut for UEE was recently revealed to the public.
In the photo, UEE is seen having transformed into a sexy lady by emphasizing her cat-like eye makeup. She is said to resemble Wonder Girls member Sohee.
UEE has a versatile image and is able to portray everything from her innocent, sexy, or chic sides, making her a favorite among advertisement brands.
Meanwhile, UEE is currently carrying out promotions as a member of AS RED with KahiJung Ah andNana.
Source: OSEN via Nate via allkpop

29 June:
On June 29th, cosmetics brand ‘The Saem‘ revealed that After School was chosen as their latest CF models!

The girls will be starring alongside the brand’s main model, singer Lee Seung Gi, starting July. 
‘The Saem’ shared that they’ll be coupling After School’s charisma with their own unique concept and Lee Seung Gi to raise awareness for their brand overseas.
Leader Kahi said, “It’s both an honor and a joy to be chosen as the CF models for a cosmetics brand. It’s something that every female celebrity dreams of, so we promise to work hard to spread the brand and reach out to consumers on a closer level.”
Source + Photos: SPN via Nate via allkpop

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