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Jumat, 24 Juni 2011


24 May:
YG Entertainment released their plans for the 5 trainees they recently picked up from the popular audition show, SBS K-pop Star‘: Lee Ha Yi, Michelle Lee, Lee Seung Hoon, Lee Junmi, and Lee Seung Joo.

On May 23rd, YG Entertainment CEO, Yang Hyun Suk, carefully revealed his upcoming plans for their debut.
Yang Hyun Suk commented, “During ‘K-Pop Star’ the group SuPearls moved the stage and the audience so we are planning on creating a new ‘SuPearls’“. SuPearls, originally consisting of Lee Jungmi, Lee Michelle, Lee Seung Joo, and the winner Park Jimin, is the sub-group that was created in ‘K-Pop Star’ as one of the challenges that stunned the judges and the audience with their perfect harmonization and confidence.
But in the new SuPearls, YG is replacing Park Jimin with Lee Ha Yi, who finished in second on the show. Yang Hyun Suk also revealed his hopes for recreating a group similar to Big Mama. He also said, “The new SuPearls members already proved their skills through K-Pop Star and there are many fans who are anticipating for their return. We are going to start on their debut stage immediately and release them as soon as possible.”

As for hip-hop baby lion Lee Seung Hoon, they plan on holding off his debut for a bit. Yang Hyun Suk stated that the next time he is to appear in front of his fans, Lee Seung Hoon will have become an official idol singer.

But for now, although he has a lot of talent, he will be trained as a regular trainee and re-learn the basics, receiving proper professional training before officially debuting.
Source & Image: Star News via Nate - allkpop

21 November:
Recently, Korean news sites OSEN and Star News were able to obtain new insight into YG Entertainments upcoming girl group debuting next year.

YG Entertainment has revealed that they have added a “No Plastic Surgery” condition into the contract with the 7 member girl group.
They told OSEN, “The new girl group is made up of members who have not had any plastic surgery.  The girls have also agreed to the condition of not undergoing plastic surgery in the future in their contract with Yang Hyun Suk CEO… This contract was possible because we were focusing on creating a girl group that emphasizes natural beauty.”
YG Entertainment has done this once before with Big Mama in order to emphasize talent over looks. However, this is the first time that anyone has put this kind of condition in the contract for an idol group. This is also interesting since YG has for the first time considered looks and appearance as part of the selection process for members of the new group.
They added, “Plastic surgery has its positive points, however it’s regrettable to see natural charms disappear through it… Those within the agency all agree with Yang Hyun Suk’s decision.”
YG Entertainment is showing confidence about being able to produce members who are attractive even without plastic surgery. They stated, “While we were looking at the pretty singers from other agencies, we were curious as to what the result would be if those singers did YG music. That is how the idea of this new girl group started… In addition to emphasis on skills, good looks are also included.  A group that can’t be found in the existing music market will be produced.”
YG Entertainment also further discussed their decision about the no plastic surgery requirement and revealed more details about the new group to Star News. They stated, “The new girl group that fans will be able to meet next year will have 5~7 members… All the members have not been finalized yet, so the nominees are competing intensely with one another.”
They continued, “The trainees who are nominees for the new girl group are all teens ranging from 15~19 years old… That’s why we put the no plastic surgery condition into the contract.”
They revealed that in addition to not wanting to lose the natural charm of the members, as they stated earlier, they were also worried about health issues that were involved with plastic surgery. “They are still in their teens, so health problems could arise plus the special charm of teens could be lost as well. That’s why we have included the no plastic surgery condition.”
YG Entertainment confidently stated, “YG’s new girl group will be a team that allows you to feel the freshness and purity of teens.”
In related news, ‘Super Star K2′s Kim Eun Bi has been revealed as one of the confirmed members of the new girl group.
Source + Photo: Osen, Star News via Nate - allkpop

3 November:
YG Entertainment has announced that they will no longer tolerate the ongoing, malicious rumors about the company’s celebrities. The company stated that they plan to take legal action against perpetrators who spread baseless rumors.
On November 3rd, YG Entertainment stated, “We’ve recently heard malicious rumors involving our stars and marijuana usage, including Park Bom, Sandara Park, and Minzy. These rumors have been spreading on news outlets, stock reports, and social networking sites. They are absolute nonsense.”
They continued, “At first, it was so ridiculous that we simply ignored the rumors.  However, the rumors were spreading so fast that we have decided we will no longer tolerate the situation anymore. We plan on taking legal measures with an attorney.”
YG Entertainment further stressed, “We will say this again, these rumors are absolutely false, so fans do not need to worry.  There are some media outlets, news outlets, and stock reports that have been reporting on these false stories. We plan on taking legal action against them for defamation and spreading false information.”
They continued, “We will submit a formal complaint tomorrow [November 4th] in the morning.  Furthermore, we plan on investigating anyone who is related to the cause of the problem with the help of Seoul’s Cyber Police.”
YG Entertainment’s stocks have been taking a hard hit because of these drug-related scandals. The agency reportedly lost around 3 billion Korean Won ($2.7 million USD) in total over G-Dragon‘s marijuana scandal, as their stock prices dropped from 24,600 to 22,100 Korean Won per share ($22 to $20 USD). At this time, reports regarding the current status of their stocks over these new developments have yet to be revealed.
Source: Star NewsDailian, Sports Seoul via Naver - allkpop

27 October:

YG Entertainment has released their promotional video for the 15th anniversary YG Concert via their official Youtube channel!
The first show will take place at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park in Seoul, on December 3rd at 6PM. There will be another concert the following day on December 4th at 7PM.
Although G-Dragon‘s attendance is still TBD, the show will include performances by YG artists such as 2NE1GummyPsySe7enTablo, and Big Bang. Futhermore, Daesung will be making his long awaited appearance through the event!
Check out the promo video below!
Source: allkpop

19 October:

YG Entertainment is scheduled to hold large-scale concerts in both Korea and Japan for approximately 200,000 fans in December of this year and early 2012. What will be most exciting for the fans, however, is that Big Bang‘s Daesung will be making his comeback, performing on stage at these concerts.
YG Entertainment stated on the 19th, “We will be performing a YG Family Concert in celebration of our 15th anniversary. We will hold three concerts for about 40,000 guests per show at the Olympic Hall in Seoul on December 3rd & 4th, then on January 7th and 8th, perform two shows for about 80,000 guests per concert at the Osaka Colosseum, and finally 2 shows at the Saitama Super Arenaon January 21st & 22nd for about 80,000 guests each show.
‘YG Family Concert’ is an event that has taken place regularly since YG Entertainment was established in 1997. Each of the label’s artists put on individual performance to express their unique talents and skills, and also collaborate to put on a colorful show for their fans. The concert is one in which both the audience and the artists can truly enjoy themselves.
This year is a an especially noteworthy milestone for YG, as they celebrate their 15th anniversary and thus, this year’s YG Family Concert should be that much more phenomenal, filled with new and exciting performances for their fans.
YG Entertainment has also established a new company ‘YGEX‘ in collaboration with Japanese agencyAVEX, and this is the first time since their ten-year anniversary in 2006 that they are performing a YG Family Concert overseas.
Artists that will be performing at the Family Concert include YG’s eldest hyung Se7en, the talentedGummy, the unique and charismatic 2NE1, and Hallyu idol icons Big Bang who made their debut performance at the 10th anniversary YG Family Concert in 2006. G-Dragon’s concert attendance, however, is still TBD.
There will be some new faces at the concert this year as well. Singer Psy who was a guest at the annual concert last year has now become an official YG Entertainment artist and will be performing on stage as a YG family member along with Epik High‘s Tablo, who has also recently signed a record deal with YG Entertainment and released his first solo album.
Big Bang’s Daesung who has been taking a long break since his unexpected car accident in May will be making his comeback performance at the concert, and it will be a joyous one for fans who have been awaiting this very moment.
Ticket sales for the concert begin on October 27th.
Source : OSEN via Nate - allkpop

7 October:

YG Entertainment has revealed that the postponement of GD&TOP‘s Japanese album was a voluntary decision made by both their officials and avex Entertainment.
Through OSEN, representatives stated, “We’d like to apologize for concerning our fans with such an issue. We’ve decided that it would not be proper to continue with our Japanese promotions in such a situation and made a request to avex Entertainment to postpone GD&TOP’s Japanese album release.”
They continued, “Although some seem to think that Big Bang‘s Japanese activities will be greatly affected by this controversy, they are merely assumptions made by people who don’t know the entire situation. avex Entertainment did not inform YG that the album will be canceled – it was a decision made by the cooperation of both parties. The notification put up on avex’s homepage was, of course, discussed by both parties before its release.”
Source: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

5 October:

YG Entertainment has just released an official statement about their position regarding the issues surrounding G-Dragon‘s marijuana case.
In the documents released to the press, YG Entertainment stated,
We would like to sincerely offer our deepest apologies to all the fans and to everyone who appreciates Big Bang’s music.
G-Dragon underwent an investigation for smoking marijuana last July. Because G-Dragon had never smoked marijuana, we cooperated with the investigation confidently and proceeded as usual with scheduled events. However, according to the hair strand test, G-Dragon tested positive for minuscule amounts of marijuana, which shocked us.
While we were contemplating what the reason could be, we thought of the event that occurred in May during their Japan tour. There was a drinking event to celebrate a successful concert with various Japanese associates who visited us at the concert location. When G-Dragon went to use the restroom, a young person who seemed to be a Japanese fan recognized G-Dragon and offered him a cigarette as he greeted him. Out of courtesy, G-Dragon took two or three puffs, but upon feeling that it was different from normal cigarettes, he flushed it down the toilet right away.
We thought it to be a trivial event, and soon we were unable to remember that it ever happened. However, when we began to ponder over the reason for this positive test, that night’s event returned as the likely cause.  We contacted the prosecution right away and related the event exactly as it happened.
Although there was no legal penalty issued, the guilty conscience and responsibility for causing everyone pain is a weight that G-Dragon and the company must now carry upon our shoulders, and it is heavier than any penalty.
As celebrities who have received a lot of interest from the public, and as a company who is supposed to thoroughly manage them, we sincerely regret the emergence of this situation, and have been self-reflecting on our carelessness. We deeply bow our heads as we apologize for causing you to worry once again, and we will try our best to make sure this type of event does not occur again.
Source: ChosunNo Cut News - allkpop

Earlier this evening, we reported that Big Bang‘s leader G-Dragon had been arrested and warned by the Seoul police for smoking marijuana. As the story progresses, more details are being released about the circumstances surrounding his case.
“On June 15th, there was a search-and-seizure done on G-Dragon,” said a representative for the police.“The original urine tests came out negative, but a hair test performed in July, the results came out positive,” he said.
YG Entertainment had no immediate reaction. “It’s a shock,” said CEO Yang Hyun Suk“We will make an official statement when everything has been verified.”
“There has been an emergency meeting,” revealed a YG insider. “It appears necessary to change our plans for Big Bang as well as GD&TOP,” he said. “G-Dragon is undergoing self-reflection as well.”
This latest incident is expected to have negative effects on G-Dragon’s scheduled comeback later this month, as well as GD&TOP’s promotions in Japan. YG’s standing on the KOSDAQ, Korea’s stock index, is expected to take a hit, as well.
Source: StarIn via Naver - allkpop

29 August:

Big Bang’s Daesung has received a ‘not guity’ verdict for his involvement in the vehicle accident that killed motorcyclist Hyun. With all eyes on Daesung, many fans began vocalizing their wish to see Daesung reunite with his groupmates for promotions. However, YG Entertainment has firmly stated that Daesung will not be returning to the fold for the rest of the year.
On August 29th, YG Entertainment stated, “Regardless of his ‘not guilty’ verdict, Daesung does not have any activities planned for the rest of this year. Instead, Daesung will continue to focus on going to church.” Daesung has been attending church regularly to focus on his religious life due to the severe distress and heartache he felt from the situation.
The verdict ends a case that’s been dominating headlines since late May. After careful review, prosecutors decided that there wasn’t enough hard evidence to determine whether or not the motorcyclist had been alive or deceased before Daesung ran him over with his Audi vehicle.
Prior to Daesung’s accident, the motorcyclist had already sustained severe spinal injuries from a collision with a streetlamp, and was intoxicated with a blood alcohol level of 0.186%. Therefore, the nine members of the citizens’ prosecution committee all voted to drop the prosecution against Daesung altogether.
Source: Star News - allkpop

26 July:

YG Entertainment has made an announcement that’s gaining major public interest! They’ve announced that they are currently in the works of putting together a charming and talented girl group; one that will be like SNSD, but with some YG flair.
During his recent interview with StarInYang Hyun Suk stated, “We have plans to debut new artists before the third quarter of next year.” He added that of those new artists, one will be “an attractive and talented girl group like SNSD, but with some YG flavor.”
YG Entertainment is home to major artists like Big Bang and 2NE1, and they’ve established themselves as one of Korea’s major entertainment labels. Before he went on to talk about his new girl group, Yang Hyun Suk revealed his process on how he chose which trainees to debut.
When it comes to selecting the members, the ones who performed the best looked the most appealing, that’s all! (laughs)”. He continued, ”I think these days, there are a lot of young people who are extremely talented, and are also very attractive. …It took five years before Big Bang was able to make their first debut, but because these kids are so talented these days, and since all the studios have state-of-the-art technology, I believe it’ll be possible to produce a new group within two years.”
YG Entertainment currently hosts about 30 trainees, and he plans on debuting a few rookie groups towards mid-year 2012, one of which being the ‘YG SNSD’.
He assures, however, that the new groups will be different from anything YG has ever done, and that their style will not be anything like that of Big Bang’s or 2NE1’s.
He continued, “I like to try out new things that others have yet to, and if you take a look at all the groups that YG has produced (such as Big MamaGummySe7en, Big Bang, or 2Ne1), all of their styles are unique. It’ll be no different for these new artists.”
Yang Hyun Suk was at one point one of the members of the legendary “Seo Taiji & Boys“. When asked if he missed being on stage, he replied, “I actually don’t miss it… I enjoy seeing our groups on stage more and working behind the scenes to make the stage possible for them. This is more me.”
YG smiled contently as he ended with, “I love each of our YG groups; they’re like my own children. Everyday I ponder upon how I can “raise” them better and how I can create the next best idol group… it’s fun.”
Source + Photo: StarIn News via allkpop
11 July:
On July 10th, the family of the deceased motorcyclist involved in Daesung’s car accident was contacted for an interview with Dispatch News, and it’s been revealed that both the family and YG Entertainment are finding it difficult to reach a compromise.

Family member ‘A’ said, “It’s as if our child is being killed twice. I can only cry.”
Thus far, YG Entertainment contacted the family only twice. The first time was when YG Entertainment delivered their side of the story.  It wasn’t until the second time that both parties were able to share their respective sides. Because of the clash of opinions that resulted during the second meeting, the two parties are currently not keeping in contact with each other.
‘A’ continued, “At first, they said that they would do everything they could.  They asked us to trust them, as they would cover for all the funeral costs and hand us funds for compensation. Because they had the name of ‘YG Entertainment’, we believed them.  Now that we are actually taking the formal steps to be recompensed, everything has changed.  I feel as if we are being ignored.”

The two parties are currently clashing on three points, the biggest being how much the total for the settlement money should be. The family suggested an amount that’s standard for deaths related to car accidents, while YG Entertainment prepared an amount “enough for consolation”. Unfortunately, the difference is inevitably vast.
‘A’ said, “What is a settlement money?  It’s money that’s being traded for our child’s death.  What could we possibly ask for with that money? The amount that YG is offering to us, we can’t just accept it indifferently. They offered an amount that makes our child’s death so regrettable; it just isn’t enough.”
The second issue lies in YG’s changed attitude.  With tears, the family members expressed, “Money is not important.  If our child comes back alive, then none of that matters. What we want is an honest heart.  All YG Entertainment did was contact us in a one-sided manner with how much they were willing to settle for, and that makes us feel humiliated.”

‘A’ said, “They asked us whether or not we saw SBS’s ‘We Want to Know the Truth‘. They claimed that Daesung did not hit a normal passerby, that someone was already dying.  I wanted to get up from that seat and leave the scene.  Yes, our child is responsible for the situation, but is that really something to say now?”
‘A’ continued, “The police have already stated that the reason for his death was because of Daesung’s accident. But YG is using what was broadcast on television to raise another point.  I felt so dark after hearing that.  I wondered if YG was not believing in what the police was saying.”

For now, it seems that a compromise between the two parties is out of the question. The family said that because YG is not being active in the pursuit of a compromise, it will be hard to reach one.
The family expressed, “We’re not even sure anymore whether they really want to settle the issue with us. This isn’t some kind of trade.  We cannot accept how they just dropped a sum on us and told us to contact them if we agreed. We’re so confused as to what they’re actually thinking.”
The family also revealed a shocking statement made by YG Entertainment that made them question whether or not the company even cares for Daesung at all. They said, “YG told us that they had nothing to lose. Even without Daesung, Big Bang is promoting just fine, and they said that they had time because it would take a while for Daesung to return anyway. They said they weren’t in a rush.  If they’re like this to Daesung, what must they feel for our child…?  I could not find an ounce of respect from them.”
Dispatch contacted YG Entertainment for a statement, and representatives responded, “We are doing our best for the compromise.  There aren’t any particular differences in opinions. We are mediating and balancing each other’s sides.”
Source + Photos: Dispatch via Nate via allkpop
10 July:

On July 9th, London reflected the power of the Hallyu wave, thanks to a flash mob event asking for YG Entertainment to bring their artists over for a concert.
Amazingly, the person behind this large-scale event was none other than an 18-year-old Korean girl,Katy.  Impressed by her passion, reporters from Star News sat down for an interview with Katy to hear her thoughts on the K-pop wave.  Check it out below!

Q. “Why did you decide to open a flash mob event?”
Katy: “I was in charge of running a K-pop contest at our Culture Center. I noticed that the most performed songs were from YG Entertainment artists.  After finding out that there was a Big Bangfanclub in London, I decided to prepare this event.”
Q. “Was the recent SM Entertainment concert in Paris an influential factor?”
Katy: “I mustered the bravery to start my own after seeing SM. I heard that there were talks of inviting YG artists at a world-famous cultural festival, so I wanted to hurry up and start one to raise awareness.”
Q. “Realistically, how many people listen to K-pop in London?”
Katy: “Koreans talk about it a lot to their friends. Before, it was usually listened to by people who switched from listening to Japanese music to Korean music, but now that videos like 2NE1 are featured on YouTube’s main page, the number of listeners is growing at a faster pace. People my age look at YouTube, Facebook, and other Hallyu sites for K-pop.”
Q. “What is so captivating about K-pop to fans there?”
Katy: “They think that English music has been here for such a long time and that it’s becoming repetitive.  Korean music carries a new language and a new style, so it’s exciting when you encounter it. From performances to visuals, we feel that they exceed English artists. Everything that goes into one album, like the fashion, is really charming. There are bands here, but no idols.  It’s difficult to see a group like Big Bang where five members are dancing together.”
Q. “Were the dress code and other details for the flash mob all your ideas?”
Katy: “I collected ideas and opinions on the songs and themes, and made a decision from there.  We were only going to do Big Bang and 2NE1’s songs at first, but there were also a lot of 1TYM fans.  We also recently found out about MBC’s ‘Infinity Challenge‘ songs, so we included those as well.”
Q. “What do you think is so charming about YG’s music?”
Katy: “I think that there’s a nice musical balance.  It’s not Western, it’s not Eastern, it’s just a nice blend.  2NE1’s ‘I Am the Best‘ and GD&TOP’s ‘High High‘ are both popular songs. They call Big Bang’sTaeyang ‘Taeyang-nim’.”
Q. “The language is obviously different, so what makes people fall in love with it?”
Katy: “It may be unfamiliar because of the language, but I think that’s what makes K-pop all the more charming.  We’re also able to learn the Korean language while listening to Korean music.”
Q. “What about competition from other genres or artists?”
Katy: “Fans here aren’t fans of just idols, but the entire YG label. From Teddy to Jinusean, and even 1TYM, we’re all fans of them.  The popularity of other artists is also growing.”
Q. “What do you think is necessary to raise awareness about K-pop to the general public in England?”
Katy: “Having Korea CDs available for purchase in record stores and not just online will be of great help. We’re very open to new cultures. There aren’t books or CDs here, but the potential is still definitely there.”
Q. “Are you planning any other projects to spread K-pop?”
Katy: “If the concert actually happens, I want to work as a promoter.  If Korean artists try just a bit more, I think we can make a big wave.  Big Bang even recorded a video for their fans here, and it’s gestures like that which touch the hearts of international fans.”
The fans also remembered to support Big Bang’s Daesung by singing “Baby Don’t Cry” in unison.
Source: Star News via Nate, Mydaily via Nate via allkpop

8 July:

It’s been revealed that the much-loved GG combo (or Park Myung Soo and G-Dragon) will be reunited once again at 2NE1’s Nolza concert!
On July 8th, YG Entertainment announced that the duo will participate in the concert as guest performers on August 27th and 28th.
Apparently, the 2NE1 members had personally extended an invitation to Park Myung Soo, asking him to perform as a guest. The comedian accepted their invitation, and now fans can look forward to a live performance of “I Cheated” from MBC’s “Infinite Challenge” with G-Dragon and Park Bom. Park Myung Soo will also perform his past hit “Naeng Myun” with one of the 2NE1 members.
Source: TV Daily via Nate via allkpop

6 July:

YG Entertainment recently addressed the rumors of potential European concerts. They recently announced, “There are no specific plans at this time, however, we’ve received many offers and we’re reviewing them enthusiastically”.
There were talks about YG fans in Europe planning to gather for flash mobs and protests for a concert, and rumors were quickly spread on the Internet that YG Entertainment was planning an international tour around South America, North America, and Europe.
Excitement was building quickly as specific locations such as Chile, Argentina, New York, Canada, the Netherlands, and other places were mentioned, but it looks like those rumors are turning out to be false.
Seeing the success of SM Town in Paris, it should be only a matter of time before other entertainment agencies start holding concerts in places such as Europe.
Source: MoneyToday via Naver via allkpop

29 June:
Get ready to add another album to your collection, VIPs, because GD&TOP will re-release their first album with a brand new cover next month. YG Entertainment updated their fans on their decision to change GD&TOP’s logo on their official website with a news posting on June 29th.

The post reads:
“Hello. This is YG Entertainment.
We thank you all for supporting GD&TOP’s first album, which was released back on December 24th of last year.
GD&TOP’s logo, as stated before in many interviews, was designed combining a rabbit, in recognition of the year of the rabbit, and a fist holding up a V-sign that stands for victory.
It was based off of Playboy Enterprises International Inc.’s rabbit design logo.
However, our company didn’t receive permission from Playboy, who has trademark rights for their rabbit logo, and we’re not involved with Playboy in any shape or form.
Therefore, to prevent any confusion, we’ve accepted Playboy’s polite request and have decided to stop using GD&TOP’s rabbit logo.
We will suspend sales for GD&TOP’s album, and release a NEW COVER version starting in July.
Please show your love and support for the newly designed ‘GD&TOP First Album New Cover Ver.‘ (all songs will be the same).
Thank you!!”
The new logo features GD&TOP in the shape of a heart.
Source: YG Entertainment via allkpop

24 June:
Popular idol group Big Bang’s future activities have become the center of attention after theconfirmation that the motorcyclist’s death was from Daesung’s collision.

YG Entertainment made a statement on the 24th, “It’s been so hectic that it’s hard to make a statement about anything. The police stated that they will send the case to the prosecutor’s office, so we will wait for the prosecutor’s investigation… For now, it seems that there will be no problems with Big Bang’s activities in concerts, albums, or CF shoots because they have no important schedules planned out.”
After Big Bang finished their concert in Japan late May, they’ve officially been given a rest period. They planned to release a new album in the 2nd half of 2011, but an exact date was never set.
With that said, it seems that Daesung’s accident will not bring too much change to Big Bang’s activities.
However, Daesung will not be present at the promotion and its related mini-concert on the 25th, along with a few other scheduling dates.
YG stated, “As they were a promise to the fans, the schedules that are already set will go on without Daesung.
However, it seems that there will be problems with Daesung’s individual activities away from the group. As the case with most idol groups, Big Bang’s members usually have individual activities set when they’re not promoting as a group. As for Daesung, he’s on SBS “Night After Night” as a permanent panelist and finished filming a drama, “What’s Up“.
The producers of “Night After Night” stated, “We will choose our position after the police report is announced”, standing at a troubling position. They continued, “There will not be any episodes airing in the upcoming week because of special programming, so there aren’t any problems for now.”
As for “What’s Up”, they’ve already wrapped up filming but currently there’s no scheduled date for the drama to air at the moment.
Yang Hyun Suk, the CEO of YG Entertainment stated, “Daesung’s in a state of enormous shock”, and revealed, “He will refrain from any activity and have some time off for self-reflection. Because it’s been so hectic, I have nothing to say about the future activities of Big Bang.”
Source + Photo: Yonhap News via allkpop

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