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Rabu, 22 Juni 2011


18 October:
On October 18, F.T. Island‘s Jong Hoon tweeted mutiple selcas revealing his adorable side. Though simple and captioned with just a smiley face, the photos are charming fans with his cute yet handsome looks.

Fans commented, “oppa <3 I want to kiss you oppa your lips sexy <3 You are a handsome<3″, “Oppa why are you so cute?!!! :-D”, “Aww, thanks for making me smile! I love u! :-) <3″.
F.T. Island is currently promoting their title track “Like The Birds” on a variety of shows.
Source + Image: Twitter - allkpop

4 September:
On September 2nd and 3rd, F.T. Island‘s Jong Hoon revealed two sets of pictorial-like photos during their stay in Toronto, Canada for the ‘CONCERT FOR JAPAN‘ concert.

Simply captioned “Canada 1day” and “Canada 2day”, fans not only got to see their handsome and stylish idols, but also the beautiful scenery of the places they stayed at.
Fans commented, “Wow, so amazing!”, “There’s such mood and depth to these photos”, “I hope you had a great time, hope to see you soon”, and “Did you enjoy your time in Canada?”
As previously reported, F.T. Island performed alongside 18 different bands from all over the world in front of a 30,000 member crowd.
Source + Photos: Chosun via Naver - allkpop
22 June:
F.T. Island’s leader and guitarist Jonghoon snapped a picture with A-list actress Kim Ha Neul.

On June 21st, Jonghoon tweeted,
I’m Kim Ha Neul’s (Sky-nuna’s) younger brother :) Nuna I love you
In the photo, Jonghoon is found standing besides his “You’re My Pet”  co-star, Kim Ha Neul. Fans could feel the closeness between the two stars, as they smiled brightly for the camera.
Fans commented, “I’m proud of my oppa” “So handsome ^^ and she’s so pretty” and “You two look like real sister and brother.
Source: Jonghoon’s Twitter (@FtGtJH) via allkpop

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