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Kamis, 30 Juni 2011

SUKIRA part 2

29 September:

Credit: nkh625 @ YT
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TEUK: So you have received your prize money for winning that competition?
H: Yea.
TEUK: Actually I heard it from Kyuhyun, I heard that you called him, saying ‘Kyuhyun-ah, what are you doing?’ ‘Nothing much, why hyung?’ ‘Let’s go, hyung’s treat’, is it real?
H: Nothing much, just will go drinking with Kyuhyun-ssi, also will joke saying ‘my prize money are still left with a little, I will treat you Ti something’
TEUK: why didn’t you ask me along~
HYUK: Exactly!
Credit: ninghuan |@paperheartsMIN
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26 September:

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Credit: beautifulEUNSIHAE @ youtube

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube

Credit: ELF13km @ youtube

Credit: suesgys @ youtube
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22 September:

Credit:  Super45kg
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20 September:

*After A-CHa finished played*
Leeteuk: The song you all just heard is A-CHA.
EunHyuk: A totally new song~ A song that’s very suitable to be listening to now, SuperJunior’s following song.
Leeteuk: Our PD went to our company directly and got the CD and said it is for playing it as the opening song for today.
Eunhyuk: Yup.
Leeteuk: You cannot hear this song in other radio channel, because we havent gave to out company & hasn’t given them the CD yet. Although we don’t know if the other radio stations gotten it from other sources or not~
(Break Time)
Leeteuk: This song is very nice~ (Then the two of them perform a little of their parts)
Eunhyuk: This time, I’m in-charge of the visuals, the first sentence was ‘Don’t don’t dont’ want…..’ (he means his the first visual voice)
Leeteuk: This time, Eunhyuk-ssi really put his heart into the song
Eunhyuk: Yup, because it’s the first song is really nice, so I want to present it to everyone in the best way.
Leeteuk: In the end, we practiced till 5AM in morning
Eunhyuk: Although it was hard, but I asked members to gather and practice together, hoping to correct it until it’s perfect to the end.
Leeteuk: Didn’t I wrote Rap in (Oops)? and I gave it to Eunhyuk-ssi to check
Eunhyuk: Teukkie hyung wrote (mean) so funny~
Leeteuk: Autumn is here, Eunhyuk-ssi, what do you plan during autumn?
Eunhyuk: Me.. Read books.
Leeteuk: Huh?!
Eunhyuk: What? I’m telling the truth! Didn’t it turn cold recently? I suddenly feel like reading books since the wind is always blowing.
Leeteuk: Aigoo, don’t be like that
Eunhyuk: No, I’m serious, thinking that autumn is here, and after the activites for the following song is over, I’ll read some books.
Leeteuk: At the end, you’ll still go overseas.
Eunhyuk: Ah! Yes! If I have to go on a vacation, then I’ll read it when I’m back. -__-
Leeteuk: In autumn, we shall listen to the very cooling song ‘So Cool’~ (from SISTAR)
Eunhyuk: Kyumin’s ommas song.
Leeteuk: Yes.
Eunhyuk: Our Kyumin’s appa is here.
Leeteuk: Oh? So you’re saying that SISTAR is my wives?
Eunhyuk: Aiya, it’s too much if we’re saying this, we should have stopped before this just now.
Eunhyuk: During broadcast, surprisingly, Teukkie hyung’s sport is so good (referring to Dream Team)
Leeteuk: That show (DreamTeam) isn’t for comedy what
Eunhyuk: Actually when Teukkie hyung went up for challenge, he didn’t won the first place, so when Teukkie hyung break the record, suddenly, there’s some responsibilty, after finishing the challenge, I still want to go once more.
Leeteuk: Me too! Wants to try it again! But when Sungmin-ssi stood behind me and said, ‘Hyung, can I try it one more time? (using a smoothyctone yet gentle xD), so I said, ‘Oh, we shall must see when Eunhyuk won’, at the end, Eunhyuk-ssi didn’t win, and at that time, Eunhyuk-ssi also saw
Eunhyuk: Sungmin-ssi already stood behind and prepare and did stretching exercises.
Leeteuk: I said to him ‘Sungmin-ah, you want to try again?’ He said, ‘Nope’ In the end, we didn’t still win..
(Break time)
Leeteuk: Actually we went to Gangwon for shooting (Dream team), members were really tired, and the new team has already practiced for several days. Initially, we thought we could do it, but Sungmin-ssi just dropped down speechlessly, Donghae-ssi also got hurt, and at that time, we thought we’re finished
Eunhyuk: But thinking of how tought it is was for us to reach there and just finished like this? I got fired up and thought, we must win! So (we) worked hard to complete it .. (YEAh !! ^^)
Credit: 凝幻)
Translated by: @All4Hyuk
Shared by: MelLuvsAnchovy @ SJ-World.net
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19 September:

Credit: mysujuhyuk @ YT
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18 September:

EunTeuk talks about 17 Septemer being known as the “confession day” because 100 days after 17 Sept, it’s Christmas.
Teuk: “My first girlfriend was together with me on 17 Sept. I didn’t know about it until 100 days later too!”

Teuk: “Christmas last year, we were at China, right?”
Hyuk: “Yup. For SS3. This year, for Christmas, it’s a must for me to spend the day with a girl.”
Teuk: “Why not do it with a SUKIRA female staff?”
Hyuk: “Do you want to die? Haha. Just kidding. Anyway, I must spend it with a girl this year.”
Credit: ay2283.tumblr.com
Translated by: sica for @sujuquotes
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Eunhyuk: In the morning at the dorm too…
Leeteuk: Wait, don’t say anymore.
Eunhyuk: I was going to talk about the singing.
Leeteuk: Okay, shoot.
Eunhyuk: In the morning at the dorm we sing too, for other members~ because we are all male, we sing girl group songs to each other. We all sing different ones too. Like Donghae’s “Hug me again~” (Girls Day – Hug Me Once)
Leeteuk: Donghae-ssi “Don’t be like that~ always so nervous~” (APink – I Don’t Know)
Source: 凝幻 
Translated by: minbunny.tumblr.com
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14 September:

7 September:

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6 September:

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5 September:

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube
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29 August:

Credit: mukky1004 @ youtube

Credit: suesgys @ youtube

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube
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23 August:
sukira Cuts

Credit: mysujuhyuk @ YT
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22 August:
KBS 2FM’s ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘ has become a must-see stop for many tourists in Korea. Mainly, because of the two hosts, Super Junior’s Leeteuk and Eunhyuk.

Hundreds of fans gather outside to catch a glimpse of the two DJ’s who also converse with listeners for two hours every night.  While other idols avoid taking on radio schedules due to the killer schedule it usually entails, the two have been going at it for five years, recording the top spot in listener ratings and becoming the pride and joy of radio producers.
Sports Korea recently sat down with the two men for an interview in celebration of their fifth anniversary.  Check it out below!
Q. “Here’s an early congratulations on your fifth anniversary.  Do you still remember your first broadcast?”
Eunhyuk: “I remember it clearly, even up to the clothes I was wearing that day.  The PD must’ve been nervous at the time because I pre-recorded our broadcasts then.  I was nervous, but every moment was a new experience so I was tired out by the end of it.”
Leeteuk: “I remember people telling me that I need to train hard the first week I began so I purposely picked out the ‘harder celebrities’ as my first guests.”
Q. “What kind of celebrities?”
Leeteuk: “People that give one-sided answers or answer in a way you normally wouldn’t expect them to.  The most memorable are seniors like Yang Dong Geun or SG Wannabe.”
Q. “You must feel so attached to being a radio DJ now.”
Leeteuk: “Ever since I was little, I grew up listening to programs like ‘Raise the Volume’ and ‘Starry Night’.  I knew that I wanted to try becoming a radio DJ after I became a celebrity.  Still, I had no idea that I would do it for this long and thought it fortunate if I was even given an opportunity for two to three years.  I think the more I do it, the greedier I get.  I want people to listen to my voice and create their own dreams.”
Eunhyuk: “In contrast to his response, I’ve never listened to a radio prior to becoming a DJ.  It was much later that I realized the charms of radio.  At first, I thought that a DJ’s role was to just laugh and make people have fun, but my perception has changed now.  You have to know a lot of music, be considerate for your guests, and really converse with your listeners.  All of these are hard tasks, which I’m learning.”
Q. “Every time you DJ live, countless fans gather outside.”
Leeteuk: “At first, only our Korean fans came by to visit, but with K-Pop earning popularity in China, Japan, and South-East Asia, the number of foreign fans have increased.  Recently, there have also been a lot of fans from Europe and South America.  I’ve also heard that our open studio has become an actual tourist attraction.”
Eunhyuk: “Sometimes we buy them snacks.  Yesterday, we passed out ice cream for our fans.  I heard that the fans that aren’t able to come translate and listen to the radio.  I definitely feel responsible in raising awareness for Korean culture so I hope that there will come a day where we can do a public broadcast overseas.”
Q. “Did you ever make live broadcast mistakes?”
Leeteuk: “I get the most nervous when connecting calls to the listeners.  I was introducing a story about someone tricking their teacher during April Fool’s Day but the expressions used were so explicit.  I sweated over it.”
Eunhyuk: “I was embarrassed once because of my English pronunciation when introducing pop songs.  I introduced ‘Party in the U.S.A’ as ‘Party in the Yoosa.’”
Q. “There must be some difficulties you’ve faced having to meet with listeners every single day.”
Eunhyuk: “Since I’m a human being myself, it’s hard to smile brightly and have fun in the booth when I’m going through bad or hard times.  Now, whenever I have something bad going on in my life, I try to use the radio to relieve my stress and gain energy from it.”
Leeteuk: “The booth has become my home.  It’s more comfortable and easier to have fun now.”
Q. “Did you ever face any emergency situations?”
Leeteuk: “On April 19th, 2007, the members and I got into a car accident.  I was severely injured then and had to take absence from the radio for exactly 33 days.  While listening to the radio in my hospital room, I realized how important the position of a DJ is.”
Eunhyuk: “I was lonely for Teuk hyung.  Whenever we finish our live broadcast, we greet the staff in front of the stairs before leaving.  That day, I happened to turn away in a rush without being able to greet everyone properly and then the accident occurred.  It felt like a jinx so after the incident, I make sure to always greet everyone before moving out.”
Q. “What do you think is so charming about radio programs?”
Leeteuk: “The TV is uni-directional where as the radio allows for two-way communication.  That’s what makes it fun and I think one of the reasons why people that are lonely or tired listen to it.  It’s one of the only media outlets that can act as a safe place and console you when you need it.”
Q. “August 21st will be the exact day you celebrate your fifth anniversary.  Do you have any plans?”
Leeteuk: “We have a comeback activity scheduled for our fifth album so we’re not sure if we’ll be able to participate in a live broadcast.  If it’s possible, we want to invite our guests in a guerrilla fashion.  Something like, ‘Any celebrity listening to this now, please come to the studio.’  I’ll specially welcome girl groups (laughter).”
Q. “Do you have a particular guest in mind that you’d like to invite?”
Eunhyuk: “Han Ga-In-ssi.  I really like her.  Please come by once (laughter).”
Leeteuk: “I think it’d be fun to invite a DJ from a rival program that airs at the same time as us.  Jung Yeob senior, Younha, and Lee Suk Hoon-ssi, are you watching this?”
Q. “Any concluding comments?”
Eunhyuk: “I want to be remembered as a program that connects heart to heart.  A program that provides strength.”
Leeteuk: “I want to DJ for 10 years.  I’ll have to serve in the army in the middle of it but I hope to be able to return to ‘Kiss the Radio’ afterwards.”
Source + Photos: Sports Korea - allkpop

20 August:
KBS 2FM’s “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio (SuKiRa)” celebrated their 5th anniversary!

On August 21st, the program will be comprised of all the unforgettable memories and stories they’ve collected over the last five years.
The members also plan on talking with their listeners about what each individual feels they are ‘No.1′ or the best at, and what the listeners feel is ‘No.1′ about ‘SuKiRa’.
SuKiRa DJs Leeteuk and Eunhyuk will now also be the first ever idol-group members to hold down a radio DJ gig for as long as five years, surpassing Fin.K.L Ock Ju Hyun’s record of four years.
Loyal SuKiRa listeners congratulated SuJu on their five years as they called in and said, “Already 5 years! Thank you for always being so pleasant and entertaining! We hope you stay on the air for a long time to come“, “I hope to celebrate SuKiRa’s 50th anniversary as well!“, “Everyone including the staff worked so hard,”, “Thank you for being on the radio,” and “I hope you guys never change.”
Their international fans also called in to shar their congratulatory messages. A fan from Malaysia said, “Congratulations! You are No.1 in Malaysia!” Additionally, a listener from Thailand wished them a happy fifth anniversary, remarking, “Congratulations! I know I am all the way in Thailand, but I listen every night and even went to Korea because of SuKiRa. I hope you guys stay on the air for a long, long time!
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

16 August:
Sukira Cut

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: suesgys @ youtube

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube
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15 August:
Sukira Cut

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13 August:
Sukira Full Show w/ Super Junior

Credit:@ youtube
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12 August:
Sukira Cut [ENG SUB]

Credit: beautifulEUNSIHAE @ youtube
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Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube.

Credit: suesgys @ youtube

Credit: beloved7123 @ youtube
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11 August:
Donghae Call on Sukira [ENG SUB]

Credit: beautifulEUNSIHAE @ youtube
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Donghae Call on Sukira

Hee: Donghae-shi is listening to radio right now. Let’s see once
Teuk: Ohh okok let’s try connect to Donghae
(Donghae on the phone singing so weirdly =.=)
Leeteuk: Donghae-shi you’re voice is at broadcast. (something like made Donghae sing then said START
Donghae is Singing lmao
Teuk: Donghae-shi!
Donghae: yes, yes
Teuk: Donghae shi how come you called in?
Donghae: Ah really, i’m listening to radio right now
Teuk: Do you want to come right?
Donghae: I really wanted to go but…
EunTeuk: Yeah and then?
Donghae: Heechul shi.. what are you doing there?
Heechul: Ah just… I just want to be with Eunhyuk and Leeteuk. WOOOOOOHHHH!!!
Teuk: Donghae-shi, did you eat your meal? (점심 드세요?)
Donghae: (could not catch what he said)
Teuk: Donghae-shi, will you come in 5 minutes if this is over?
Donghae: Ah did you say 5 oppas?
(everyone laugh)
Eunhyuk: (Not thinking of politeness when on broadcast and just simply talking to Donghae in informal way) Ah what is that, you sound like a fool.
Credit: nkh625@Youtube || Trans by @mimilovemickyPosted by elf101586 (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Sukira Cuts

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: suesgys @ youtube
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10 August:
Sukira Cuts

Credit: mamiJae0404 & | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Source: @youtube
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Credit: mamiJae0404 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Source: @youtube
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Credit: suesgys @ youtube

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: mukky1004 @ youtube

Credit: shayneknixx @ youtube
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9 August:
Sukira Cuts

Credit: suesygs | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

8 August:
Sukira Cuts

Credit: ELF13km | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: nkh0625 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Good Morning Republic of Korea EunTeuk greetings

Source: @youtube
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7 August:

Hyuk read a listener's story about an elevator then he told a story about the boys.
He said sometimes when boys have schedule until late night, they are already very tired when they go back home. But when they take elevator to go up to dorm, they always make mischiefㅋㅋ Hyuk said "there's one member...i can't say who is he...but he is the one always take part in sukira, by text or phone....the one who is the most free person during 10pm to 12amㅋㅋbecause we stay at level 11 and level 12, so when we have to press 11 and 12 in the elevator. when elevator was going up..this person will secretly press 11 again, so the light will off and it will skip level 11 and go to level 12 directly. Then the member who stay at level 11 have to go down to level 11 again. It's really annoying..Donghae..ah!!!ahh ㅋㅋㅋㅋ"
Hyuk accidentally spoke out Hae's name xDDD then he said Hae really has a lot of kid's behaviors~ for example he did it 7 out of 10 for this elevator mischief xDD and he likes to pull hyuk's shirt when hyuk wanted to step out to elevator lol
Credit: : @Jinn8812elf
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6 August:
Sukira Transcript

Teuk: I’m so tired, I have no energy left.
Hyuk: Then let’s just talk a little bit. Our comeback stage today, today we had a comeback on Music Bank, right? In the middle, before we went on stage, we had a backstage interview.
Teuk: Yes, there was.
Hyuk: We were supposed to talk about our comeback.
Teuk: When we were rehearsing we planned it all out already, during rehearsals the correct thing to say was “The world is waiting for the world’s best idol group’s comeback, Super Junior!”
Hyuk: Then the members were supposed to go ‘waaah~’
Teuk: Then it would be “1, 2, 3, hello, we are Super Junior!”
Hyuk: And then all the stuff we were going to say afterwards was planned too. Afterwards I was supposed to say, “Leeteuk-ssi, what type of song is Mr. Simple?”
Teuk: “Ah, Mr. Simple is a song that wants to tell everyone to relax and live happily, Mr. Simple Simple is the best!”
Hyuk: And then the people beside him were supposed to go ‘ohhhh’.
Teuk: “Shindong, what are you doing?”
Hyuk: “A lot of people have said that they want to hear a little portion of the song, please sing a little part of it for us.”
Teuk: “Of course you have to sing it. 5, 6, 7, 8. Look, Mr. Simple Simple.”
Hyuk: It should have gone smoothly like that.
Teuk: We even rehearsed it three times.
Hyuk: There was a script, seriously. And, the third time that we did it was the best.
Teuk: Because it was a live broadcast.
Hyuk: And we’re very good at those types of things.
Teuk: Right, right.
Hyuk: We seriously did so well then. But then when it was time for the live broadcast, we were a little bit late in putting on our outfits, and we had to run over quickly before the song was over. Because we had to run quickly, Leeteuk didn’t finish putting on his suit, and while he was saying ‘Please give me my suit, my suit’ the cameraman announced that we were starting, and then the camera just came at us like that.
Teuk: Ah, so it just started like that.
Hyuk: So Leeteuk just came in like that without his jacket, just like that. It was a very messy start.
Teuk: After saying, “The world is waiting for the world’s best idol group’s comeback, Super Junior!” my mind went completely blank, my clothes weren’t even on properly, and all the staff members were like “What’s wrong, what’s wrong”.
Hyuk: Because you’re the leader, you’re supposed to say, “1, 2, 3, hello, we’re Super Junior!”
Teuk: Of course I have to say that..
Hyuk: Right, but then two seconds after everyone went ‘ohhhh’, Leeteuk turned to me and said, “Eunhyuk-ssi.”
Teuk: “Eunhyuk-ssi.”
Hyuk: “Eunhyuk, please, um, sing Mr. Simple for us once.” You didn’t even say that well. “Sing a little bit of the song for us”, that was so messy.
Teuk: In a split second all of the members became nervous.
Hyuk: The members became nervous, the writers and stylists, and cameraman all became nervous too.
Teuk: Because it was a live broadcast.
Hyuk: The staff were wearing earpieces, right? They were all saying, “Ah, why is it like this…”
Teuk: “Why is it so quick”, but then if you look, I was supposed to sing too but then I was too nervous and completely forgot to sing, and so that’s why right after the ‘Coming Soon’ bit the camera went away. If you saw my expression it would have been completely blank, like ‘huh? What’s happening?’
Hyuk: Ahahahahaha, that’s funny.
Teuk: The reason that I was like that, there’s no way Eunhyuk wouldn’t know, I met myself with a reporter and did an interview, I had to do it around 5 times.
Hyuk: When, today?
Teuk: Right, it was when Eunhyuk was somewhere else.
Hyuk: That has nothing to do with it, we had already practiced it, but after we went ‘ohhhh~’ you turned to me and said ‘Eunhyuk-ssi’. Oh seriously, this was the best part of the day, seeing Leeteuk’s nervous expression.
Teuk: It was the first time you saw it wasn’t it, this shows how tired I am.
Hyuk: Now everyone’s heard this story, try to find out the wrong things that happened.
Teuk: Try finding them again.
Hyuk: If you look, you can see right away that Leeteuk doesn’t have his jacket on.
Korean to Chinese Translation by 蝉儿
English Translation: giraffesque @ SPL
Shared by: wingsforleeteuk.com
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5 August:
Sukira Cuts

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: mukky1004 @ youtube
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Sukira Open Concert

Source: plzfollowme @ YT 
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3 August:
Sukira Cuts

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: shayneknixxx @ youtube
Credit: delontobekky @ youtube
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2 August:
Sukira Cut

Source: @youtube
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Credit: delontobekky | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: nkh625 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

1 August:
Sukira Cuts w/ Kyuhyun

Source: delontobekky@Youtube
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Credit: SJSAang | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)


Hidden Secrets
Eunhyuk: Today Leeteuk will say things about me (hidden trivia/secrets)
Leeteuk: I won't!
Eunhyuk: You will! Last week you said that I told people things about you so you would tell them something about me!
Leeteuk: I won't, I will chat to the precious audience, I won't talk about you.
Eunhyuk: Really? You haven't?
Leeteuk: No!
Leeteuk's Birthday + Shy Eunhyuk
Leeteuk: EunDJ is really shy. On the night before my birthday till the next day's midnight I did not hear him say Happy Birthday to me. Of course, in the Radio broadcast he said "Happy Birthday to you tomorrow Leeteuk-ssi" for the opening, but after Sukira was over I thought he would say "Hyung, happy birthday" but he didn't say a thing. This kid is so shy! Afterwards, at 00.03 Kyuhyun-ssi called me and said "hyung~ hyung~ happy birthday~ I must be the second one~(aegyo)keke~" I told him "No you are the first~~" Kyuhyun said "Really, I thought I was the second one, whatever, hyung happy birthday~\(≧▽≦)/~" at 00.06 Donghae called me saying "Hyung, happy birthday! See you in the dorm later~"
Leeteuk: Then it was Yesung "Hyung, happy birthday~" then Ryeowook's text message, then Sungmin's. Actually I want to say, Eunhyuk-ssi, even if you don't say I know already, you express it, when you are thankful, or you care, you have to say it. I always express it to our Sukira staff~ Do I not? Okay I think I lied a bit there.
Yesung's Turtles
Eunhyuk: Speaking of tortoises, I think of our member Yesung-ssi. He now has 2 turtles, both land tortoises. Yesung-sii is a very curious person, the first time he got one, we wanted to tell him that they couldn't swim but he put the babies in water! Yesung-ssi is very strange. Because he was so bored, he wanted to get a pet, but dogs and cats were too normal for him and he wanted to raise something special so he got a tortoise, in the end the person who got a pet because he was too bored got even more bored because the turtles kept staring at him and didn't move~ Yesung-ssi is a very peculiar person.
Source: 凝幻 
Translated by: minbunny.tumblr.com
Posted by:  SoulAngel701  (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

YeDJ said that since last winter he had started to break a habit of biting his nails because his 2011 goal is 'Stop biting my nails'. Whenever Yesung brought his finger in front of his mouth unconsciously, Kyu always ran to him the moment Kyu sees it and grabs his hand. Then Kyu and other boys shout, "Grab it again! Grab it again!"
Yesung broke the habit now :D He said "Thanks, Kyuhyun-ssi."
Credit: @the_chess & @KyuhyunBiased | Shared by: SJWorld.net
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30 JulySukira Kiss The Radio – DJeunteuk [FULL] from: 110729
Credit:  @ youtube  | posted  by: PhungELF(sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
26 July: Sukira Cuts

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: suesgys @ youtube
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Credit: nyoco531 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit:  oiinkki & suesygs | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube
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Credit: mukky1004 & kikzzzz | posted & reupload by: nela(sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

25 July: Sukira - EunTeuk singing parts of the new song [5JIB]

you can hear ‘ALL RIGHT’ in the end :D
credit: nkh625 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
23 July:

Sojin and Minah of Girl’s Day often have their vocal talents overlooked, thanks to their status as girl group idols. But when these ladies covered Karina Pasian’s rich ballad, “Slow Motion“, they convinced their listeners on ‘Kiss The Radio‘ that they possessed a rich set of voices.
Though their handle on English isn’t quite perfect yet, it’s a minor detail when you consider how they inflect the right emotions with the right amount of power in their performance.
Check out their cover below!
Source: allkpop

21 July: Sukira Cuts

credit:teukiebiased | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube
Credit: mukky1004 @ youtube

Credit: beautifulEUNSIHAE @ youtube

Credit: suesygs @ youtube
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credit: SJSAang | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

20 July:
Sukira Transcript

Segments about today photo:
Fan 1: Eunhyuk oppa~ The new album's teaser picture is revealed! (You) look like a prince from another country.
Fan 2: Eunhyuk oppa's look in the new album - your hair is covering your eye, what is the reason or motive for it? It looks a little obvious that there is a reason!
EH: Actually we didn't know too. Today when I was excercising in the gym, my trainer suddenly showed me, "Yah! What is this photo about?" When I saw it, then I realized that we were already on the news and reports...
LT: Yes~ I got a shock! I thought that it was accidently leaked out.
EH: A lot of people are curious of the style and genre this time... Anyway, it will just be a very colourful style.
LT: And there are also a lot of people who are curious why is Eunhyuk the first one (for the release of the photo). Actually, the person-in-charge for our album also got a shock at that time and he said, "Why has Eunhyuk became the first one?"
EH: There isn't such a thing~ I said that I was the main!
Source: 大进比进儿大 | Trans @_vera
Taken from http://www.tweetdeck.com/twitter/YesungCenter/~aV4T5

Sukira Cuts

credit: specialT1004 | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

credit: SJSAang | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

credit: hbchicken | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Credit: delontobekky@YT | Posted by: Melody (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: SJSAang @ youtube

Credit: suesygs @ youtube
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18 July: Sukira Cuts

Credit: delontobekky @ YT
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Credit: nkh625 @ YT
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Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube
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17 July: Sukira Cuts

Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube

Credit: SJSAang @ youtube

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube
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Sukira Cuts

credit: suesygs | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: nkh625 @ YT
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[Fancam] Sukira - Open Studio

Credit: 2B-tobaby.com | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
[Fancam] Sukira

Credit: 2B-tobaby.com | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

14 July: Eun Hyuk & Xiah Junsu remain close friend

A Pink’s Bomi imitated JYJ’s Xiah Junsu on Sukira. Eun Hyuk said that he still kept in contact with Junsu as he said he will be meeting him tomorrow in this video.

It’s great to see them remain close friends despite the TVXQ controversy!
Credit:Daily K Pop News
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July 11:
While the song was playing, EunHyuk was practicing his sign. EunHyuk said “Cause we’ll come back soon, we’ll maybe have a fan sign event…”
Eunteuk said that composer ‘Jinu(hitchhiker)’ participates in 5th album. He composed Brown Eyed Girls’ abracadabra, and arranged 太完美, etc.
During today opening, LeeTeuk said “It usually rains lately. I’m worried how hot it’ll be in August. We’ll have to do (5jib) activities..”
July 12:
After opening, a listener asked “When will u come back?”, TeukDJ said “We’ll come back in due time ~ I won’t tell you about the correct date yet.”
CREDITS: @the_Chess
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13 July: Sukira Cuts

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube

Credit: delontobekky @ youtube

Credit: suesygs @ youtube
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12 July: Sukira Cuts
credit: oiinkki | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: nkh625 @ YT
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11 July: Sukira Cuts

aww EunTeuk with little girl ♥
credit: nkh0625 | cut;posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Credit: nkh625 @ YT
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Sukira w/ DJ Leeteuk & Yesung [ENG SUB]

Credit: Kataibates @ youtube
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Sukira Cutsw/ Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: shaynenixxx @ youtube
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7 July: M&D Sukira Transcript

Listener: Heechul oppa is coming today right?
Teuk: That’s right, Our Heechul, after last week’s strong promotions, is finally coming to be our Appa Band’s guest Vocal~
Hee: It rained today, couldn’t let everyone see our extravagant performance~
Listener: Heenim, today’s performance was a little to M18 ah~
All: Hahahaha
Hee: What~ It’s because of the lyrics, so I want to show that many girls are seducing me, but I feel that “Ah, it’s so annoying, annoying” And after that I go look for the girl I like to Kiss.
Teuk: You kissed?
Hee: But the girl was too afraid, so she avoided it~
All: Hahahaha
—M&D sings live—
Hee: Actually the greatest pressure I feel from doing M&D is that even though I’m M&D’s Kin Heechul, but I’m Super Junior’s Kim Heechul as well, so in case anything goes wrong……Our Super Junior singing skills are really excellent ah~
—Heechul sings a little of “My love is around” and got praised—
Teuk: You know what? (Heechul) sings non-stop at 3/4AM in the morning.
Hee: Hahaha~ Actually we practiced a lot (of songs), like Apink’s “I Don’t Know” ah~ and IU’s “Good Day”
Listener: Heechul oppa’s favourite girl group is WG right? Actually you just like Sohee?
Hee: Ah~ This is our group’s secret actually~ Sohee-sshi ‘s presence is like oxygen.
Teuk: My life.
Hyuk: Just like breathing.
Hee: Even though I don’t specially think of her often, but it’s really like oxygen.
Hyuk: even above breathing.
Hee: Hahaha~
—Heechul sang a little of So Hot Live—
—Heechul Live “Waiting days…Wiping days”—
Hyuk: Woah~ Singing this kind of sweet song, don’t sing all those bad man songs anymore~ This kind of innocent and kind songs suit you more ah~
—Heechul sings a small part of an unknown song—
Teuk: Does our Jungmo wants to sing a song as well? You have been playing instruments and music for the whole time.
JM: Actually I have already performed a little guitar on Sukira, today too….
Hyuk: Today you going to perform a long piece?
—Jungmo solo TVXQ’s Mirotic http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KKZOVRl6Tzc —
All: Kim Jung Mo! Kim Jung Mo! *chants*
Hee: A PABO(stupid/fool) who knows nothing other than guitar!
JM: I have sunken in a long time ago…
Hyuk: As a member of the same team, Heechul-sshi what are your thoughts?
Hee: Ah, I didn’t choose the wrong person.
—Official photo taking—
Teuk: Heechul-sshi, anything you want to say before you leave?
Hee: Later when our SJ is going to comeback, we are going to go on Sukira as well, I don’t want to go to that segment (Friday’s “What we do after MB”) I must come to this segment! This segment is so interesting! (Thursday’s “Appa Band”)
Hyuk: Donghae-sshi seemed to have listen to yesterday’s live as well, today he sent me a short message “You laughed too much yesterday, cut down a little today.” So I replied “The most free artist from 10pm-12am Lee Donghae sent me this message.”
Teuk: So what was his reply?
Hyuk: he hasn’t replied.
Teuk: Ah our donghae-sshi loves our Sukira so much, our Donghae is also a family member of Sukira as well.
Please do not attempt to change or take out without proper credits and make it seems like it is yours
Please give proper credit to the original translator and us.
Please note that there may be inaccuracy in this Trans as it is being translated from Chinese to English.
Translated from Korean to Chinese by 凝幻 in Weibo Sina
Translated from Chinese to English by @ampburger of @heechulfacts
Credit: 凝幻 in Weibo Sina
Sukira Cuts w/ DJ EunTeuk & Heechul

Credit: nkh625 @ youtube

Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube

Credit: shayneknixxx @ youtube
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Sukira - Eunhyuk talking about Donghae's twitter pic & his revenge [ENGSUB]

Credit: Chinese subs: hotkorea07 || Eng subs amylin1983 || Video alicooljojojosuju.
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6 July: Sukira - DJ EunTeuk phone call w/ Henry

Begins at 2’48” ㅡ the beginning only sees Leeteuk saying he’s nervous, and then they speak in “English”, so you don’t need that! ^^
Eunhyuk: oh, hello?
Henry: yeah
Eunhyuk: excuse me..
Henry: oh, I remember Korean!
Eunhyuk: yeah, speak Korean please Korean-
Henry: I remember.. ah, ah.. uh- kam- kamsaey- kamsaeyhamni- (♯ㅡ he’s pretending to not remember how to say/pronounce kamsahabnida, which means thank you)
Eunhyuk: ok, we-
Leeteuk: stop~
Eunhyuk: stop please, stop please~ now, shall this person introduce himself?
Leeteuk: please introduce yourself first
Henry: …what? I mean what? I mean- I mean- what!
Eunhyuk: we said to introduce yourself in Korean right now!
Henry: ah I- I- can stop acting now~?
Leeteuk: please stop~
Henry: hello I’m Super Junior M’s Henry
Eunhyuk: aah Henry ssi
Leeteuk: aah nice to hear from you
Henry: YO~ nice to hear from you, nice to hear from you
Leeteuk/Eunhyuk: hahaha yo nice to hear from you what’s that-
Eunhyuk: truthfully it’s the first time our Henry ssi is on sukira, it’s the first time he introduces himself here. You’re in Taiwan right now Henry ssi, right?
Henry: yes, right now I’m Siwonie hyung (♯ㅡ the way he pronounces it sounds more like Siwonie hyAng)
Leeteuk: ah you’re with Siwon ssi
(♯ㅡHenry is still talking, but Leeteuk can’t keep his mouth shut~ I think he says he’s at Siwon’s filming location)
Eunhyuk: we- ah- yeah-
Henry: -he’s doing so well!
Eunhyuk: for the people who are listening and who don’t know Henry ssi, while I was doing activities in Taiwan, doing activities in the name of the sub-unit Super Junior M, he’s a member of that group~
Leeteuk: right~
Eunhyuk: Henry’s a friend~
Leeteuk: Henry ssi?
Henry: yes yes
Leeteuk: I heard that in order to continue your studies, you’re going to attend Berklee college again. Is it true?
Henry: ..what? (♯ㅡsentence is too complex, Henry doesn’t understand it)
Leeteuk: I heard you’re going back to Berklee college to study music again, is it true? (♯ㅡhe asks in more simple Korean)
Henry: uhmmm- I still need a bit more time so I still.. I- I want to go but now- yeah- that- I have to look at my schedule then- (♯ㅡHenry gets cut off again)
Leeteuk: check the schedule~
Eunhyuk: aah you look at your schedule-
Leeteuk: right. There’s something I always wanted to say. Henry ssi?
Henry: yeah yeah yeah?
Leeteuk: not long ago we composed a song together~
Henry: yes~
Leeteuk: you think it came out well?
Henry: our- the song we wrote together?
Leeteuk: yeah~
Henry: ah- ah- I don’t know, hyung what- hyung-
Leeteuk: all the boys at home like it~
Eunhyuk: Henry ssi?
Henry: yeah yeah?
Eunhyuk: one of Henry ssi’s hopes.. (♯ㅡbaram joong ae) we-
Henry: ..womanizer? (♯ㅡbaram doongi)
Eunhyuk: no! Not that!
Leeteuk: womanizer!!
Eunhyuk: amidst Henry ssi’s wishes, there’s one-
Leeteuk: wish (♯ㅡpronounced Korean-style.. WISHI)
Henry: oh yeah yeah
Eunhyuk: ..is that you want to come visit and communicate with our Korean fans much more, while doing activities
Henry: yes yes yes yes yes
Eunhyuk: can we ask you, at last, to greet our fans in Korea and to all our sukira listeners?
Henry: right now?
Eunhyuk: yes yes yes
(♯ㅡthey talk over Henry’s voice)
Eunhyuk: yes to our fans
Henry: if it’s not a byebye way of greeting-
Leeteuk/Eunhyuk: yes byebye greeting
Henry: byebye greeting?
Eunhyuk: yes
Leeteuk: yes byebye greeting
Henry: oh, yeah, today it’s the first time I come out on su-su-sukira-
Leeteuk: yes that’s right
Henry: -coming out on radio, so it was super very- it was extremely nice. Please give me a lot of love! Because I extremely loved uh- Korean fans, Korean people, Korea.. I love you! So please give me a lot of love~
Leeteuk: aah alright, thank you!
Eunhyuk: Henry ssi thank you!
Henry: hyungs too- please give hyungs’ new album a lot of love too!
Leeteuk: aaaah thank you Henry ssi!
Eunhyuk: aaah yeah!
Henry: yes~ daebak, yeah!
Eunhyuk: see you later!
Henry: see you!
(hangs up~)
Leeteuk: Henry ssi.. (Eunhyuk: yes yes) is not Korean, but he cherishes and loves Korea more than anybody else.
Eunhyuk: that’s right.
Video Credit: delontobekky @ youtube
Translated by. @pastakyu for @sjworld ㅡ please credit when taking out.
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[Fancam] Sukira - Leeteuk

credit: Teuk Bar | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Leeteuk & Eunhyuk eating ice cream at Sukira [Fancam]

Credits: 2B-Tobaby
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Sukira Cuts w/ Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Credit: shayneknixxx @ youtube
Credit: teukiebiased @ youtube
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Credit: nkh625 @ YT | posted by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

[Fancam] Sukira - Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Credit: Teuk Bar | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

5 July: Sukira Cuts w DJ EunTeuk

Credit: suesygs @ youtube

Credit: shayneknixxx @ youtube
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Super Junior’s Leeteuk (Park Jung Soo) astonishes fans with his ageless face.

Recently on the homepage of KBS’s Cool FM ‘Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio‘, Leeteuk posted a birthday picture holding a birthday cake from his fans. The cake was specially made with edible figures featuring 9 different Leeteuk transformations. However, the most apparent aspect of the cake was the candle placed in the middle, indicating Leeteuk’s age.
Leeteuk was born on July 1st, 1983, and turned 29 (Korean age) this year.
However, it was surprising to many people because of his young face. In the picture, next to Leeteuk was Eun Hyuk who was pointing at the “29″ candle while covering his mouth, with a shocked expression on his face, making everyone laugh.
When seeing this picture, netizens said, “Eun Hyuk’s facial expression is so cute,” “I can’t believe Leeteuk is 29 already,” “His face is so young, I’m so jealous,” and “He has the ultimate young face!“‘
Source & Photo: Nate via allkpop

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk and Leeteuk apparently have become acquaintances with Justin Bieberthrough their meeting in Thailand… enough to give him a direct phone call on the July 5th edition of their radio program, “Kiss the Radio“.
Well, they almost had their listeners fooled as it turned out that it really wasn’t Justin Bieber. Eunhyuk and Leeteuk were actually calling a member of their own sub-group, Super Junior M’s very ownHenry Lau who was acting like Justin Bieber.
After giving up their awkward phone call in English and switching to Korean, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk went on to interview the member, who is currently in Taiwan with Siwon. Siwon is wrapping up filming for his upcoming drama “Extravagant Challenge“.
Source: allkpop

3 July: [TRANSCRIPT] KBS Kiss the Radio w/ Leeteuk, Heechul, Eunhyuk
The handsome guy wearing black, beside Jungmo who plays the guitar is our Kim Hee Chul-nim! Ah~ couldn’t get a front view ah, Close Ur Mouth’s 1st Live was awsome~ They are going out now, but they kept on walking around, comming in and out.
Teuk: Hee Chul-sshi, how do you feel comming to Sukira?
Hee: No doubt Sukira’s camera settings are real good ah~ We can’t have such effects on YS.
Teuk: Why did you come to Sukira all of the sudden?
Hee: Cause it our LeeTeuk-sshi’s birthday tomorrow! (said something but the chinese translator could not catch it)
Teuk: Say something to Sukira’s listeners
Hee: Our Sukira listeners, Hello!, I’m here to see whether our M&D could have another album, it’s a little embrassing, puh
(After Heechul left the broadcast room)
Teuk: Thanks to our Heechul-sshi!
Hyuk: Our Heechul-sshi’s surprise visit~
Teuk: I really got  a shock ah~ Now our Heechul-sshi is walking about.
Jungmo: Keep on turning around.
(Heechul suddenly rushes into the room)
Hee: What what, talking about me? (runs away)
Teuk: Aigoo, our Heechul-sshi is always walking about like that.
(After Nam Changhee and JungMo sang Kim Bumsoo’s Last Love)
Beige: EunHyuk-sshi, your eyes are red, you cried?
Hyuk: No…I’m just a little tired.
(Teuk DJ is showing off the newspaper with the advertistment ELFs put up for him)
Hee: Later after 12am, is LeeTeuk’s birthday, come over and give him a BBANG, later at the hostel he will get a BBANG too! (BBANG means to hit? or smash with cake? something along that line)
Hyuk: When we went to italy for holiday, we planned a schdule already, but it kept on getting cancelled.
Teuk: Yeah, a lot got cancelled~
Hyuk: Actually me and Kyuhyun-sshi already planned and schdueled everything, but LeeTeuk-sshi kept on nagging at the side, non-stop! Going ” Ah~ why is it so tiring ah~” So we kept on cancelling plans.
Teuk: Most importantly is that I took the most photos~
Hyuk: Most intersting is that you said ” Hmm~ even though it’s tiring i’m still very happy~”
Hyuk: 5 minutes later is LeeTeuk-sshi’s birthday already.
Teuk: Thanks~
Hyuk: Congraulations~
Teuk: It’s my last birthday in my 20-s, and after meeting Eunhyuk-sshi in my teens, we’ve been together till now.
Hyuk: Ah…irritating
Teuk: What irritating?!
Hyuk: You are too cheesy…i’m tired of it…aigoo…(jokingly acts disgusted)
Teuk: Hey~ Kiss family, let’s meet again tomorrow, on LeeTeuk’s birthday!
Please do not attempt to change or take out without proper credits and make it seems like it is yours
Please give proper credit to the original translator and us.
Please note that there may be inaccuracy in this Trans as it is being translated from Chinese to English.
Translated from Korean to Chinese by 凝幻 in Weibo Sina
Translated from Chinese to English by @ampburger of @heechulfacts
Credit: 凝幻 in Weibo Sina
Our hearts are together
EH: It’s the last birthday in your 20s. How do u feel? any difference?
LT: Nothing special~ But the one thing I’m sorry is…Our members weren’t together. Cause each of us started getting so busy…
EH: But Our hearts are always together ^^
Credits : @the_Chess
All My Heart
EH: ‘All My Heart’ was played just now, the song Leeteuk-ssi composed.
LT: Yea, I wrote it in my room~
EH: The RAP part in this song is the key point ~ (main part)
LT: Yea, you’re right.
EH: Really?
LT: Yea. During recording I pleased Eunhyuk-ssi to rap his part smoothly. I wasn’t satisfy when Yesung-ssi recorded, but when it was Eunhyuk’s turn, I told him his part is really important, and he did really well~
Eunhyuk thinks All My Heart is one of the best 5 songs of Super Junior
EH: ‘All My Heart’ is one of my best among Super Junior’s songs.
LT: The song reached that ranting? Are you trying to make me happy just because its my birthday?
EH: I will say those tomorrow.
LT: I have wrote a new song this time, it would be great if its included in 5th album
EH: I prefer ‘All My Heart’ better.
LT: Oh really — —;
 Leeteuk says he doesn’t want a child
LT: My mum told me “Try having a son like you (Leeteuk), you will then know how tough it is to raise a child!”
EH: True
LT: So I decided not to have any child
EH: Don’t say things like this~
LT: For real, I thought about this yesterday night!
EH: You will find out when the day comes..
Marrying with someone you have dated since school time
LT: Marrying with the one who you have been with since high school or secondary is something romantic, don’t you think so too Eunhyuk?
EH: Yea~ It’d be romantic too if we meet each other again now after long time and get married. Or meet at gathering and say “Ah~ we have been together for 10 years” and married, is also consider romantic~
When Leeteuk and Eunhyuk first knew each other
LT: My first meeting with Eunhyuk was, during Eunhyuk’s secondary 3, and when I was in the second year of high school
EH: No, I was in secondary two that time!
LT: Ah, yea right, time passes so quickly. Next year we will have known each other for… Ah, let’s not think about next year
Age is the traveling speed in life
LT: They say age is the speed in life. So I am now traveling in 29km~
EH: I feel like the time in my life passes faster than any other 20′s, maybe its because of my job as an artist, all the time we have activites, time passes fast like this.
1st day of July is ending…
EH: There’s not much time left until the end of today, how do you feel Leeteuk-ssi?
LT: Received a lot of greetings, feel really thankful.
EH: The last birthday is your 20′s, there’s really nothing special??
LT: Yea, not really anything. The one and only sympathize is, its been long our members haven’t gather all together, we are all having busy schedule individually…
Happy Birthday, Park Jungsu!
LT: There’s really a lot of fans who came today!
EH: Yea, Leeteuk-ssi kept walking in and out the studio today. All he wanted to do is to get closer to the window, and see events than fans prepared.
[Open Studio of Sukira, ELF sang Happy Birthday song for Leeteuk]
LT: When broadcast ended I will go out and greet everyone, just sit and wait for me..
EH: Its ending so quickly… such a pity
LT: Pity right?
EH: It feels like there’s not much thing had been done yet…
Korean to Chinese translated by : 凝幻
Chinese to English translated by : ALLRISEUNHAE
2 July: Sukira Cuts w/ Eunhyuk and Leeteuk
Credits: yiyi6788 @ YT
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[Fancan] Sukira - Leeteuk & Eunhyuk

Credit: Teuk Bar | posted & reupload by: nela (sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
29 June: Sukira Cuts w/ DJ Eunhyuk & Leeteuk

Credits: suesygs @ YT
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Credits: nkh625 @ youtube
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