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Rabu, 22 Juni 2011

A CUBE Entertainment

9 Feb:
Cube Entertainment has announced some very exciting news for its international fans!

On February 9th, the agency revealed that they’ve endowed ‘official fan site’ status to 46 global websites dedicated to their artists. These fan sites come from 24 different countries such as Chile, the United States, Russia, the Philippines, and more.
According to Cube, 4minute will have 15 global fan sites, B2ST will have 21, and G.NA will open 10.
The agency reviewed over 150 fan sites for eight days, starting from January 17th. Officials examined reports submitted by each site regarding member activity and future management plans before deciding on a final list.
These official fan sites will help pave the way for Cube’s future plans to enter the global market, while simultaneously creating a closer relationship with their supporters from all over the world.
Check out Cube’s Facebook link here to see the full list of official fan sites!

Source: allkpop
1 Feb:

Cube Entertainment‘s new 7-member boy group has adopted an unprecedented strategy by making their first public appearance on a sitcom.
Part of the group is currently starring in JTBC‘s sitcom ‘I live in Cheongdamdong’ as trainees dreaming to become the next big idol group.
They’ve been going by the name ‘Invincible Cheongdam’ for the sitcom, and wowed viewers with their acrobatics, vocals, and acting abilities.
It comes as no surprise that they’ve already become the most popular term on Korean search portals, especially after their performance of “I Stole Those Lips”, the actual title track from their upcoming debut album.
This group will make their debut in March, but until then, check out their fictional debut below!

Source: allkpop

26 December:

On December 26th, Cube Entertainment held their ‘Cube Entertainment Vision Briefing‘ press conference at the Lotte Hotel in Seoul, and unveiled their plans for 2012.
To start, officials announced that B2ST will embark on a 21-city tour. They’ll be kicking off the tour in Seoul on February 4th, followed by Germany (Berlin), England (London), Spain, America (New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco), Canada (Vancouver, Toronto), Singapore, Japan (five cities), Thailand (Bangkok), China (Shanghai), Taiwan, Indonesia, Hong Kong, and the Philippines.
Thus far, 14 countries and 21 cities have been confirmed, with Brazil and Argentina still in discussion.
Over $20 million USD is being invested in the tour, and Cube hopes to attract at least 200,000 fans in total. They’ll be taking the tour to new heights by bringing in LED screens, the best video equipment, and 3D effects.
Yoseob stated, “I’m proud that B2ST is able to perform all over the world, and not just in Korea. We promise to work even harder next year.” Another official added, “2012 will be the year that B2ST expands out of Asia and into the rest of the world. They’ll receive a lot of love right alongside the K-Pop boom.”
In addition, the CEO Hong Seung Sung stated, “From February to the end of April, B2ST will be releasing three singles. The January release will be ballad, hip hop in February, and medium dance in March. From April to May, they will have a Korean comeback. 4minute will make their comeback in January, followed by ‘Birth of a Great Star‘ contestant Noh Ji Hoon‘s solo debut.”
Later, the CEO revealed that they will be debuting a seven member boy group next year. He stated,“We’re currently looking at a debut date of either the end of January or mid-February. Five of the members are currently starring in a jTBC TV show with Jo Kwan Woo, while the remaining two are currently rehearsing and recording songs.”
4minute also talked about what makes K-Pop so special. “K-Pop has a lot of genres and the members all have such strong individual charms. It has something that can’t be found in other countries, and there are a lot of groups that differentiate themselves from anything in the norm. K-Pop is music that you ‘see’.”
G.NA added, “I also think they like the concept of aegyo culture in Korea.”
The girls added, “We’re currently working on our new album. As opposed to going with something mainstream, we want to find our own color, and all of the members want to try something new. It’s going to be an album where we can confidently say that we’re the first to do so.”
Gayoon continued, “We always tell this to our fans, but what 4minute aims for is not to be the best, but to be the only. We want to be acknowledged for a color all our own, and only after that will we aim to become the best.”

2 November:

It was revealed earlier today through the Thailand media and Twitter that Cube Entertainment artistsB2ST4minute, and G.NA donated roughly $45,000 to the people in Thailand currently suffering from the current flooding crisis.
Their donation through the Korean Red Cross was wholly voluntary and a means for them to partially repay all the love they have been receiving from Thailand as artists.
Grateful Thai fans commented, “We are truly thankful for such a heart-warming and generous gesture. Thank you K-Pop.”
4minute is currently preparing to release their newest song in Japan in early December. The entire Cube family will also be heading to London and South America soon for their United Cube Concertseries.
Source: Star News - allkpop

8 September:

It’s just been revealed that Cube Entertainment will be opening a ‘Cube Public Relations‘ marquee at the “Mayor’s Thames Festival” in London!
The Mayor’s Thames Festival, which will be held on September 10th and 11th at the Bernie Spain Garden, is known to be one of London’s largest outdoor arts festivals.
Through the ‘Cube Public Relations’ corner, visitors will be able to view photos of their favorite Cube Entertainment artists, listen to their songs, and watch their performances. Fans will also have a chance to purchase the artists’ CDs, posters, and other products. An additional event will allow K-pop fans to participate in a Noraebang (or karaoke) experience and sing their favorite K-pop hits.
Cube Entertainment hopes to reach out to K-pop fans in London through this event, and get a feel for how strong the popularity of K-pop is in London before they hold their United Cube concert at the city’s Wimbledon Arena on November 19th.
Source: allkpop

B2ST and Cube Entertainment were filing a lawsuit against theMinistry of Gender Equality and Family for banning the song “Rainy Days,” from their 1st official album as “harmful media.”
It seems that the parties involved were able to come to a conclusion as Cube Entertainment stated,“Last month on the 25th at Seoul’s administrative court of justice, the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family was given a suspension of their decision that [the song] was harmful to minors, and on the 5th, the court passed the suspension request.” Seoul’s court of justice commented, “In order to solve the loss experienced by the plaintiff, we decided that a quick decision was needed.”
The song “Rainy Days” was originally banned in July for the lyrics, “You must be drunk, I think this is a good time to stop,” as the Ministry claimed it would encourage minors to drink alcohol. Cube Entertainment will be dropping their lawsuit against the Ministry as the ban against the song is being suspended.
Source: allkpop

28 August:

Following in the footsteps of SM EntertainmentCube Entertainment has filed their own lawsuit against the Ministry of Gender Equality and Family for the banning of B2ST’s “Rainy Days“.
On August 29th, representatives of Cube revealed, “On August 25th, we filed a lawsuit against the MOGEF requesting that they nullify the ban on B2ST’s first official album.  One of the tracks, ‘Rainy Days’, was banned for lyrics containing a reference to alcohol.  The lyrics did not intend to glamorize drinking nor encourage it.  The song is not about drinking at all, but rather a love story.”
They continued, “Considering the fact that the MOGEF has failed to ban other songs that contain strong lyrical content talking directly about topics that are more harmful to the youth, B2ST’s ban is a violation of equality.”
CEO Hong Seung Sung added, “I hope that they’ll continue to lend their ears to the rumbles in the music industry. They need to take in the opinions of not only the people in the industry, but the fans as well.”
Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

26 august:

7-member girl group A Pink is experiencing some cyber issues after several fake A Pink accounts appeared on Facebook.
On August 26th, a representative from A Cube Entertainment stated, “Fans found fake Facebook accounts for all seven members and have reported them to us. The A Pink members do not have Facebook accounts.
He added, “We asked Facebook to delete them, but we did not receive a response, so we are using our official company website to put up the communities the members actually use. We do not want fans to be victimized anymore.
A Pink debuted last April with their debut album, ‘Seven Springs of A Pink‘. The girls are currently preparing for their second mini-album.
Source: Star News via Nate - allkpop

4 August:
Cube Entertainment has just revealed to allkpop that G.NA will be making her comeback on August 16th!

The “Black & White” singer will be coming out with her second mini-album, whose title has to yet be officially revealed. Ahead of its release, the agency posted a teaser image on their United Cube‘ Facebook page, with a text that promised, “Coming Soon 2011-08-16″.
Her teaser photo is drawing major attention, as G.NA is seen sporting a fresh, new look for her mini-album. Leaving behind her ultra-feminine image from her previous promotions, G.NA is looks more casual and bubbly with her sneakers and sequinned tank top. The overall effect gets a bright touch with her coral-colored hairbow and accessories.
G.NA’s second mini-album is said to be full of dance numbers that are infectious and sure to captivate the listener’s ear with just one listen. The MV for her lead track has also been described to be something to look forward to, as it will be both innovative and fun.
G.NA’s newest work is due to be released through both online and off-line shops on August 16th.
Source: allkpop

19 July:
B2ST’s Lee Kikwang has been caught up in a smoking controversy.

On July 19th, photos were posted online with the caption, “Photos of Lee Kikwang smoking. Real or not?“. Though the photo quality makes it difficult to determine 100% whether or not the man seen is truly Kikwang, netizens have had a field day because of the topic’s title alone.
Kikwang’s agency, Cube Entertainment, responded to the controversy with, “We’re not sure whether it is Kikwang in the picture. Even if it is, he is of legal age to smoke in Korea, so we fail to see the issue.
Quite frankly, we’re more impressed with the fact that Cube Entertainment released such a bold, yet true statement about the issue (if it is indeed Kikwang with smokes in his hand).
Source: Kuki Media via Nate via allkpop

12 July:
Cube Entertainment has informed allkpop that on July 7th, Marlon Saunders, the vocal director forMichael Jackson, Mariah Carey and other world class pop stars, visited Cube Entertainment to give special lessons to its artists and trainees.

Marlon Saunders is globally recognized as a former member of the world famous vocal group, Bobby McFerrin, as well as being the vocal director of world class stars such as Mariah Carey and Michael Jackson. A professor of voice at the Berklee College of Music, he’s currently traveling as a special guest speaker for various institutions.
Trainees of various nationalities including already qualified trainees such as Noh Ji Hoon and Yoon Gun Hee received focused vocal training sessions from Marlon Saunders.  The trainees impressed the trainer and brought about applause by showing their exceptional vocal and rapping skills.
Along with other trainees’ improvised performances, Noh Ji Hoon’s stable vocals received a lot of attention, while Yoon Gun Hee’s humor brought up the mood of the session. On top of that, Yoon Gun Hee performed a special freestyle rap which Marlon Saunders praised greatly.
Marlon Saunders is a world renowned vocal director with the motto of ‘creating artists with an attitude to strive with music for the long run‘.  The director also shared his episodes as a director and performed live singing and rap performances with the trainees. Additionally, one of the artists from Cube Entertainment received special vocal training from Marlon Saunders.
After the special lessons, Marlon Saunders commented, “I was surprised by 4minute, B2ST, and G.NA, but I was even more surprised by how talented all the young trainees are. I confirmed that kids have the potential to perform in Asia in the near future.”
Trainee Yoo Jae Hyuk (20) stated, “Although it was a short time, I know that I changed dramatically after the lesson.  It was a special session in that it was not just a vocal lesson, but a valuable session that made me realize my attitude and determination as an artist.”
Photo: Cube Entertainment via allkpop
5 July:

It looks like the artists from Cube Entertainment are about to fly high – literally!
The Korea Airports Corporation named 4minuteG.NA, and B2ST as official ambassadors for their world-class Gimpo International Airport, which handles domestic and international flights alongside Incheon International Airport.
“The dynamic image of Cube’s Hallyu stars match well with the soaring image of Gimpo International Airport,” the KAC said in an official statement.
“Especially at this point when Asian stars go on to become world stars, it’s very meaningful that our artists will become ambassadors for the nation’s airports,” a representative for Cube remarked.
The next time you fly into Korea, keep your eyes peeled for these superstar ambassadors!
Source: allkpop

22 June:
Artists from Cube Entertainment recently took part in a project with the Korean National Police Agency to create a series of video clips aimed to promote crime prevention amongst teens.

A variety of possible scenarios were acted out by the members from B2ST4minute and G.NA on what to expect and react when they happen.
Check ‘em all out below!

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