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Minggu, 27 November 2011

Bang & Zelo

27 December:

BANG&ZELO has come up with an impressive performance for the ‘2011 SBS Gayo Daejun‘!
TS Entertainment shared, “BANG&ZELO will be the red carpet opening performance at the ’2011 SBS Gayo Daejun’, which takes place at the Ilsan Kintex on the 29th at 8:50 p.m. KST.”
The two will be performing “Never Give Up“, and considering the fact that SBS usually only gives the opening stage to the strongest rookie debut of the year, BANG&ZELO is off to a good start even before they’ve made their official debut as B.A.P.
After their attendance, they’ll be concluding their activities as a unit group to prepare for their large-scale showcase debut next month. Tickets for the showcase opened on their fancafe this week, and the boys have been receiving calls from even fans overseas that would like to attend. 
Source: allkpop

7 December:

After debuting with their first track, “Never Give Up” the powerful duo of Bang & Zelo are already drawing a strong response from fans both foreign and domestic, and the boys recently released a new picture showcasing their concept and charms.
In the image, the boys are posing on a leather couch, striking charismatic poses that bring out their handsome, boyish features.
Meanwhile, the music video for “Never Give Up” has drawn over 200,000 views. “Although it is a unit project prior to their official debut, we are receiving love calls from both domestic and abroad after just one performance,” commented a representative for TS Entertainment.
Source: allkpop
5 December:
New photos of Bang & Zelo, a new sub-unit group that’s currently promoting “Never Give Up“, have recently been revealed, causing quite the buzz among netizens online.

Bang & Zelo recently made their debut performance of “Never Give Up” on SBS Inkigayo December 4th. In response to their fans’ explosive response, additional photos of them have been revealed online.
In the new concept photo, Zelo’s blonde, curly hairstyle shows off the fifteen year old’s youthful aura, driving nuna fans crazy with his aegyo as he lays on with his head on Bang Yong Guk, biting his thumb. Meanwhile, Bang Yong Guk poses with his hand resting on Zelo’s head like an older brother would to a younger sibling. Fans were happy to see that the duo displayed a strong leader-maknaerelationship.
Fans who saw the photo gave Zelo the new nickname MashiZelo, expressing their love for his adorable appeal and praising his skin that’s as milky smooth as a sweet marshmellow, hence the name,MashiZelo.
Although Zelo is only 15 years of age, he boasts a tall height of 182cm (5’11.5″), and rocked his first debut performance like a pro, surprising the staff members and audience members alike. Zelo has not only received an explosive response from those in the broadcasting industry, but is also receiving high interest from international fans who have high expectations for his next steps as an artist.
The boys have officially launched their promotions for “Never Give Up”, and the two will be debuting within a male idol group early next year.
Source: allkpop
4 December:

TS Entertainment‘s rookies, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, have teamed up to create a new project duo called ‘Bang & Zelo‘ to get their names out before making their official debut with their upcoming idol group.
Their first single, “Never Give Up“, is specially dedicated to those high school seniors who received their results for the university entrance exams. The lyrics of “Never Give Up” encompasses the worries, hopes, and dreams that students face during their teens and young adulthood.
Bolstered by a gospel choir, the boys delivered a performance that really did work to uplift the spirits of everyone watching.
Check out their performance below!
Source: allkpop

1 December:

After teasing fans with photos and short videos, Bang & Zelo‘s long-anticipated music video for“Never Give Up” is finally here!
“Never Give Up” was composed and produced by Kang Ji Won and Kim Ki Bum; the same producers of SECRET‘s hit tracks, “Magic” and “Madonna“. The song falls under the gospel-hip hop genre and features one of Korea’s best known gospel groups, Heritage.
Specially dedicated to high school seniors who received their results for the university entrance exams, the lyrics of “Never Give Up” encompasses the worries, hopes, and dreams that students face during their teens and young adulthood.
Check out the MV down below!
Source: allkpop

28 November:

Recently, power rookie Bang Yong Guk revealed plans to debut in a sub-unit with fellow TS Entertainment trainee Zelo under the name ‘Bang & Zelo‘, before releasing a powerful teaser for their debut track, “Never Give Up“.
Since its launch into the netsphere a few hours ago, the teaser has been drawing tons of attention for its powerful dance moves as well as set design, which was modelled after New York’s Harlem neighborhood. The video was directed by Hong Won Gi, who also directed the video for SNSD‘s “The Boys” and B2ST‘s “Shock“.
Netizens have been expressing strong interest in the duo’s MV, leaving comments like, “They don’t look like rookies, so much charisma,” and “Zelo is supposedly 15 years old, but his moves aren’t a joke.”
Bang Yong Guk and Zelo will debut on December 2nd with “Never Give Up”. If you haven’t seen their teaser already, check it out below:
Source: allkpop
24 November:

TS Entertainment had previously announced that Bang Yong Guk would be returning with a new song called, “Never Give Up“. They also introduced his sub-unit partner, Zelos, who’s said to possess a wide range of talents like acrobatics and dance.
On November 25th, the agency unveiled Bang & Zelo‘s MV teaser, which features a hot cameo fromSECRET‘s Hyosung.
Aggressive and seductive, there’s no doubt that the full MV will escalate the interest surrounding TS Entertainment and their yet-to-debut male group.
Check out the MV teaser below!
Source: allkpop
23 November:
TS Entertainment has just unveiled a picture of ZeloBang Yong Guk‘s partner in his new sub-unit.

Although he’s young (born in 1996), Zelo stands at 182 cm (~ 6 ft) tall and possesses a low voice. His specialty is rap, and he’s said to possess good looks that will definitely snatch hearts.
In the photo revealed today, Zelo covered half his face with a big mask, which allowed him to give the camera an enigmatic, if not intense look. There’s an aura of mystery surrounding Zelo, and expectations are rising high for his debut.
TS Entertainment stated, “Zelo is the youngest out of the members who are scheduled to debut, but he is a talented individual who possesses great potential, as he can rap in addition to performing acrobatics and dance. Zelo comes from ‘Zelos’, the god of rivalry in Greek mythology. He was named so because we saw how hard he tried amongst all the hyungs.”
Bang Yong Guk and Zelo teamed up to create a unit, and they’ll be releasing the music video for‘Never Give Up’ (featuring SECRET’s Hyosung) on November 25th via TS Entertainment’s homepage and various online sites.
Source: allkpop

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