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Senin, 21 November 2011

Wild Romance

2 February:

Girls’ Generation‘s ‘ice princess’, Jessica, is seen making out with Lee Dong Wook, in the latest released preview of ‘Wild Romance‘!
On February 1st, the release of preview for episode 10, has caused quite a stir amongst Girls’ Generation fans as Jessica and Lee Dong Wook are seen in the midst of a passionate lip-lock.
The KBS drama has been receiving positive reviews with a great story line, and the actors’ excellent performances, and will be sure to see their viewer ratings peak with this preview!
Find out what really happens by watching KBS drama ‘Wild Romance’ episode 10!

Source: allkpop
21 November:
On November 17, a GNG Production representative revealed that Lee Dong Wook and Lee Si Young were cast as the leading characters in a new drama called “Wild Romance“.

The representative stated, “Because this drama is the product of a famous writer and a producer, both actors did not hesitate to take up the offer.” The writer is none other than Park Yeon Sun (of SBS’s ‘Alone in Love‘), while the producer is Bae Kyung Soo (of KBS’s ‘Seven Famous Princesses‘).
The plot of ‘Wild Romance’ revolves around a tough guard (Lee Si Young), who falls in love with a baseball player (Lee Dong Wook).
“Wild Romance” is scheduled to air its first episode in January of next year. Stay tuned for more updates!
Source + Image: Naver and Maxmovie - allkpop

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