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Senin, 28 November 2011

Our Youth Roly Poly

5 January:
Girl group T-ara member Hyomin admitted to having a kiss scene with actor Lee Jang Woo in the ‘Roly Poly‘ musical.

During the ‘Roly Poly’ press conference that was held at the Seoul Press Center on January 4th, Hyomin remarked, “In the script, there is a scene where Lee Jang Woo and I confirm our mutual feelings for one another and share a kiss. He is currently married to fellow member Eunjung on MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘, but she doesn’t know about the kiss yet,” which caused everyone in attendance to explode in laughs.
It’s a bit uncomfortable knowing that he is my ‘brother-in-law’,” she continued. “I don’t know if I should have received permission from Eunjung unni.”
When asked what the most difficult part of rehearsing was, she remarked, “The hardest thing was that we had T-ara promotions at the same time, so there was never enough time for practice. We would rehearse in our dressing room and in our van… It was easier because members Jiyeon and Soyeon are in it with me. We were able to practice our lines together and talk about the musical. It was fun“.
‘Roly Poly’ is a jukebox musical that was created with T-ara’s hit song, also titled “Roly Poly”. T-ara members Jiyeon, Hyomin, and Soyeon will be featured in the musical as well as actor Lee Jang Woo, and a few musical actors including Park Hyemi.
The musical opens at the Sungnam Arts Center Opera House on the 13th, and will continue until the 25th. When the performances in Seoul come to an end, the musical will travel to ten different cities across Korea as well as to Japan.
Source & Image: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

T-ara leader Soyeon shared her thoughts on being in a musical for the very first time.
The T-ara members were at the ‘Roly Poly‘ Musical press conference held at the Chinese-Korean Press Center on January 4th, musical star Park Hyemi was also present, as well as singer Jang Hye Jin.
Soyeon remarked, “I am honored that our song “Roly Roly” has left such a strong impression on our fans and the public that it has now become a musical. I am determined to do my best, as I feel a strong sense of responsibility.”
I have always been interested in musicals since I studied Theater & Art in school,” she continued. “I dreamed of being a part of such a large-scale project such as this.”
I know that I am still a rookie, and I have a lot to learn. I am worried that this will cause me to inconvenience a lot of my seniors,” she added. “I will work hard as to not trouble them.”
‘Roly Poly’ is a jukebox musical, based off the MV of T-ara’s hit song also titled, “Roly Poly”. The musical is the joint effort of ‘Midas Touch’, Core Contents Media CEO Kim Kwang Soo & Culture Act, who produced ‘Mother‘, and ‘Really Really Like You‘.
The musical opens at Sungnam Arts Centers for the first time on January 13th.
Source: StarNews - allkpop

4 January:
T-ara‘s Soyeon confessed that she thinks having a crush isn’t as great as people make it out to be.

On January 4th, the idol appeared for the premiere of the ‘Roly-Poly‘ musical at the Press Center, where she stated, “I think a crush is definitely a sad thing.”
When asked, “Have you ever had a crush?” Soyeon thought back to her days as a student and said,“Whether it was a church oppa or a school sunbae, I think I had many crushes. When it comes down to it though, I think it’s good when both sides love each other; to have a crush is a very sad thing.”
She added, “When I was a student, my dream to become a singer was very big, so I think I am similar to my character on ‘Roly Poly’. If there is one thing I regret, I think it would have been nice to have a close ‘family’ like in the musical.”
The ‘Roly-Poly’ musical stars musical diva Park Hae Mi and ‘I Am a Singer‘ star Jang Hye Jin, along with T-ara’s JiyeonHyomin, Soyeon, and actor Lee Jang Woo.
Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

23 December:

T-ara‘s hit song “Roly Poly” is being made into a musical, and the official preview has been released.
“Roly Poly” The Musical will tell the stories of seven older women who grew up in the 80′s including their past experiences with love and friendship. The musical will star T-ara’s very own HyominJiyeon, and Soyeon, as well as Davichi‘s Kang Min Kyung, ‘I Am A Singer”s Jang Hyejin, musical starPark Hyemi, and MBC ‘We Got Married”s Lee Jang Woo.
Roly Poly opens at the Sungnam Art Center Opera House in Kyunggido starting on January 13th. Check out the preview below.
Source: allkpop

16 December:
Actor Lee Jang Woo further proved that he is a loyal husband to MBC We Got Married‘ wife, T-ara‘s Eunjung.

In order to display his loyalty to his wife Eunjung and his T-ara ‘in laws’, Lee Jang Woo has agreed to play a role in their upcoming musical, ‘Roly Poly‘.
The musical will tell the stories of seven older women who grew up in the 80′s including their past experiences with love and friendship. Singer Jang Hye Jin and actress Park Hyemi have also been cast for the musical, as well as Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung and T-ara’s very own JiyeonSoyeon, and Hyomin.
Actor Lee Jang Woo who is currently playing the role of the ‘bad guy’ in KBS 2TV‘s ‘Man of Honor‘ will be making a complete transformation into a romantic gentleman for ‘Roly Poly’.
‘Roly Poly’ opens at the Sungnam Art Center Opera House in Kyunggido starting on January 13th.
Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate - allkpop

28 November:
T-ara members Jiyeon, Hyomin & Soyeon will be starring in the ‘Our Youth Roly Poly‘ musical along with Davichi‘s Kang Minkyung.

Even before production of the musical, producers knew they wanted to perform the musical on stages all across Asia. International fans’ expectations for ‘Our Youth Roly Poly’ are higher than ever as it is being put on by Hallyu stars T-ara and Davichi’s Kang Minkyung who has previously showcased her acting skills in a drama series.
The musical will tell the stories of seven older women, and their past experiences with love and friendship. T-ara and Kang Minkyung will be playing the roles of the women in their youth, but the characters who will play the roles of the older women have yet to be revealed. The staff remarked, “We assure you that the cast to play the middle-aged women will be just as glamourous as the girls who will play the younger roles“.
In the musical, the cute and sassy schoolgirls grow up and turn into women of society. They become mothers, wives, and professional career women. We hope everyone will look forward to the cast members that will be fulfilling the latter roles“, they continued.
Twenty new actors and actresses were selected at the second round of auditions which took place on the 14th and 15th, and official practice for the musical begins on the 24th.
‘Our Youth Roly Poly’ will be performed at the Sungnam Art Center Opera House starting January 13th 2012 through February 25th, 2012.
Source & Image: TVReport - allkpop

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