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Minggu, 27 November 2011

KBS 2TV ‘Star Life Theater'

12 April:
Singer Eru opened up about how the beginning of his career was difficult for him because of his famous father.

The April 11th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘ showcased Eru’s father, legendary trot singerTae Jin Ah.
During the program, which focuses on the day-to-day lives of stars, Tae Jin Ah visited his son Eru, who is preparing for a comeback with a new album.
Eru commented, “A lot people said that my debut came easy for me because I had such a famous father. I wanted to break that unfair prejudice. I wanted to step above it and become acknowledged. Trying to overstep my father’s fame and reputation is unthinkable.”
Tae Jin Ah also shared his own thoughts saying, “No matter where Eru went or who he met, they would always talk about me. I felt really badly about this.”

Source: Etoday - allkpop
24 Mar:
On the March 23rd episode of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, 2AM‘s Changmin sat down for an interview and honestly discussed his experience with weight loss.

After spending the day with 2AM, reporters noticed that while the other members freely ate ramen as snacks between meals, Changmin would insist on snacking on chicken breasts or sausages.
Changmin explained, “I used to weigh over 100 kg. I lost 18 kg in three weeks and about 30 kg in six weeks. I only ate two blocks of tofu and ran six hours a day. After that, I ate healthily and exercised often to keep the weight down.”
He continued, “As a singer, showing myself to the public is a part of the job. The stage is not just about your song, as it’s actually a combination of visuals and sounds.”
For the past four years, Changmin wakes up at 6:30 a.m. on his own and makes sure to get daily exercise into his busy schedule.
Netizens commented, “30 kg in six weeks? He must’ve worked really hard,” “He could accomplish anything with that determination, makes me reflect on myself.”
Source + Photos: Review Star via Naver - allkpop

20 Mar:

2AM‘s Jo Kwon opened up and revealed his honest feelings about his 8-year period as a trainee.
The March 19th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘ featured 2AM. During the program, member Jo Kwon confessed, “While I was a trainee, I countlessly heard the question, ‘When are you going to debut?’
He added, “Every time I heard that kind of question, my self-confidence disappeared and I was so embarrassed that I wanted to hide in a hole. So I lied and answered, ‘I’m going to debut next month’ or ‘I will debut in the beginning of next year’. However, that fact shook me to the core.
Also, fellow member Seulong revealed, “Jo Kwon was a trainee for a very long time. Whenever he would say, ‘I really want to die’ it really felt like he was being truthful, so I was very upset.”

Source: Newsen via Nate  - allkpop
On the March 19th episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, 2AM revealed their ‘un-celebrity-like’ dormitory that they’ve been living in for the past 3 years.
The members explained, “This is the house the Wonder Girls used to live in. After they left for the U.S., we ended up moving in and have been living here for the past three years.”
Changmin then expressed his discomfort with the furnishing by saying, “The TV is really old. This TV was also used by the Wonder Girls.” The members then went on to complain that whenever the members try to watch soccer on TV, the field grass always appears to be the color purple. “It’s better to just watch it on the computer,” he said, causing viewers to laugh.
The producer then questioned the members, “Is this really the house of a celebrity?” to which the members hilariously replied, “Nobody will realize it’s a celebrity’s house until we tell them it is.
In addition to this episode, Jo Kwon proved to be a “macho man” after cameras got a glimpse of his unique mouse pad, given by a fan, and his desktop wallpaper.

Source: TV Daily via Nate  - allkpop

19 Mar:

Former SES member Eugene couldn’t stop her tears as she talked about her little sister.
On March 16, KBS‘ ‘Star’s Life Theater‘ featured Eugene and her sister who flew to Korea after her car accident in Guam.
Eugene talked about her relationship with her younger sister Kim Yoo Kyung saying, “We only have one year of age difference so that made us even closer. Our mom and dad worked at the restaurant so there were a lot of times when it was just the two of us.
She continued saying, “Even if we fought, we were always together. My friends also became her friends.”
Eugene’s sister expressed the hardships she had of being away from her sister when she debuted with SES. Eugene’s sister shed tears while saying, “We used to do everything together so I was lonely.” She continued, “I went to the restaurant with my parents and stayed with them until nighttime. I couldn’t stay alone…
Eugene couldn’t hold back her tears as she talked about how she first found out about how her sister was lonely. She said, “When I think back to those times, I was really absentminded. I only found out about Yu Kyung being lonely when my mom told me. I was really sorry. I was so busy that I didn’t think about how lonely my sister would be by herself.”
Eugene’s younger sister said, “She’s not just an older sister. Sometimes she’s like a parent and sometimes she’s like a friend. Even though I don’t ask her, she knows and does things for me so I am grateful for that. She is my one and only sister and I hope we continue to rely on each other.”
At her sister’s tears, Eugene said, “It’s really nice that you’re my little sister. I think the reason why we become sensitive and tear up at just the thoughts is because we’re family.”
Eugene’s touching moments from the program is included below:
Source: TV Report via Nate - allkpop
15 Mar:

We felt that disbanding at the height of our popularity would be best.”
On the March 13th broadcast of KBS2′s ‘Star Life Theater‘, actress Eugene opened up about the reason that S.E.S disbanded.
On the show Eugene said, “Our five year contract was over.  After a lot of thinking, we all decided that it would be good for each member to pursue their own dreams and walk their own road.”
She continued, “It is not because we fought, or because our popularity fell,” and refuted the various rumors that had come up regarding the issue.
Not only this, but Eugene showed off a friendship ring that she has with her former members and showed the close friendship that the members still share.
S.E.S was comprised of EugeneBada, and Shoo and debuted in 1997 with the song, ‘I’m Your Girl‘ and later with Fin.K.L became the greatest girl groups.  S.E.S disbanded in 2002 after 5 years together, which brought sadness to many fans.

Source: e2news - allkpop

13 Mar:

Former SES member Eugene explained why she chose to marry her husband, actor Ki Tae Young.
On the March 12th airing of KBS2‘s ‘Star Life Theater‘, Eugene hand made chocolates for her husband, who in turn, gifted her with roses.
I don’t like vulgarism or delinquent players, and my husband does not reflect those kinds of characteristics at all,” she said.
He’s like that in real life, too. He seems to have lived a disciplined life up until now, and that’s why I chose to marry him,” she continued. “He’s more than what I could have asked for.”
Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate  - allkpop

4 January:

On January 3rd, multi-talented entertainer Psy shared his story on how he became a singer through KBS2TV‘s ’Star Life Theater‘.
“Debuting as a singer was like fate, it found me,” he said. “Originally, my company had no plans to debut me, but at a company outing, the president saw me having fun and singing, and told me ‘Let’s make a song from the dance you just did’. With that we quickly wrote the song ‘Bird‘, and that’s how I debuted on television.”
Psy debuted in 2001 with “Bird”, and became an instant sensation because of his ‘bird-like’ choreography, which you can revisit below:
The following year, “Champion” became a huge hit, and Psy got to write tracks for other artists, such as Lee Seung Gi‘s debut song, “Because You’re My Girl“.
Psy has since signed with YG Entertainment and became a sensation once again thanks to his latest hit, “Right Now“.
Source: Mydaily - allkpop

14 December:
Wonder Girls Lim showed off a perfect split on the December 12th broadcast of KBS‘s ‘Star Life Theater-Wonder Girls‘.

The show gave a glimpse of the girls practicing in their rehearsal room. Not only did the girls show off their diligence, but also their beauty. Lim explained, “We knew about the filming up until yesterday, but we forgot about it today… I just packed my hat in a rush.
Sunye also relayed, “Today is our choreography practice, it would feel weird to have makeup on while I’m sweating… I didn’t wear makeup because it would seem like my skin is rotting.
What attracted more attention was the girls’ unique stretching practices, as they each had their own styles. Lim was featured as she did a perfect split in front of a large mirror, resembling a ballerina with her extreme flexibility.
Sunye explained, “We each stretch our bodies on our own. No one stretches us out.
Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

28 November:

On November 24th, KBS 2TV ‘Star Life Theater‘ aired and featured the second episode of ‘Introducing the 9 distinct colors of SNSD, discussing the ladies’ past and future plans while revealing what their everyday lives are like.
In response to a question about SNSD’s future dreams, Taeyeon remarked, “We want to continue being SNSD“.  The idol continued, “This is normal, but when people think of SNSD, we hope that we will be remembered in a positive light“.
The documentary also showed the girl group’s past moments where viewers could directly see the difference between then and now.  Four years ago, SNSD were young girls who went to High School with light make-up.  Now they have matured into world class idols, befitting the title, “Asia’s number one girl group”.
Check out the subbed episode below.
<Part 1>

<Part 2>

<Part 3>

Source: Hankooki via Nate - allkpop
24 November:

On the November 23rd airing of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Star Life Theater – SNSD‘, the dressing room of theSNSD ladies were revealed for their fans to see.
The members were seen busily preparing themselves to go on stage for a music program. The girls who have recently been photographed exhausted and drained due to their busy schedule were more than ecstatic when they saw their staff bring snacks into the room.
In an instant, a buffet table was spread out for the members to feast on. The girls had copious amounts of ddukbokki, fried foods, kimbap, chips, beverages, and the like.
We are always eating. We need to eat to survive“, Tiffany remarked with a laugh. Seohyun added by saying, “We definitely eat more than three meals a day“.
We probably eat something like five meals a day“, Tiffany said, surprising the ‘Life Theater’ staff members.
When asked if they go on diets regularly, Tiffany responded, “We don’t diet. I mean we do sometimes, but it’s just to maintain our figures“. Hyoyeon added, “If we gain a little weight, we diet, and if not, we eat“.
This episode especially garnered attention as Tiffany recently began starring in musicals while Hyoyeon and Sunny have been making appearances on variety programs more regularly.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop
23 November:

On the November 23rd airing of KBS2 ‘Star Life Theater‘, the ladies of SNSD revealed what their everyday lives are like off-camera.
SNSD’s Tiffany showed her soft side as she shared a story about her family. She began by revealing that when she joined the group, she was only 16 years old. “It had only been two years since my mother had passed away, and I didn’t know it at the time but I was lost and a little rebellious. The only thing that made me happy was music.”
And the more I worked, the further my relationship with my father suffered. I thought about it, and I realized I have spent very little time with him. It breaks my heart“, she admitted, unable to hold back her tears.
But on the same episode, Tiffany was able to put on her first successful musical performance, earning the high praises and cheers of the audience members.
Source & Image: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop
21 November:

On November 21st, KBS 2TV ‘Star Life Theater‘ aired a ‘Introducing the 9 distinct colors of SNSD‘ special, starring the ladies of SNSD.
The program revealed footage of the girls who were waiting to perform their comeback stage on ‘Music Bank‘.
Backstage, Taeyeon who was suffering from a sore throat croaked, “I’m a little worried because I don’t know what kind of sounds my throat will produce today“.
I become highly sensitive and get put on edge when I catch a cold or my throat doesn’t feel good“, she explained.
The episode of ‘Star Life Theater’ also revealed the day-to-day college life of members SeohyunYuri, and Sooyoung. The girls opened up about what it’s like to be flocked by fellow students wherever they go and how they would like to be normal students. The show also followed the girls in New York City for their SMTOWN concert, check it out below.
Source: Nate + 2 - allkpop

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