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Selasa, 22 November 2011

Youtube Kpop Award 2011

22 November:

Super Junior, 2NE1 and 4Minute's Hyuna were given special awards at the "2011 Youtube K-Pop Awards" held in Seoul, South Korea today. On November 22nd, Google Korea gave special recognitions to the Korean artists whose music videos deemed most popular on the video sharing website.
The awards came after Super Junior's "Mr. Simple" video on Youtube received 26.94 million hits, while 2NE1's "I Am The Best" was second with 22.09 million hits. 4 Minute's Hyunah followed in third place with 21.66 million hits. It was further mentioned that 2NE1 also had two more videos in the top ten list with their track "Lonely" and "Hate You" also making the cut.
Super Junior's Leeteuk represented the group for the event and was quoted saying, "This award is all the more valuable because our fans from all over the world have helped create it. We'll continue to spread Korea's great culture to the world. I myself have clicked on our own music video about 10 times. Also, after we hold concerts overseas, there are always video clips uploaded right after which makes us realize how great the power of media is."
Thanking Google Korea for the award, 2NE1 also sent in their thoughts by saying, "We'll continue to upload lots of cool videos. Please support us. We worked hard on our music video for "I'm The Best", so there'd be lots of cool stuff to see, so that's probably why so many people watched it."
Meanwhile, Hyuna, who was shocked by the sudden popularity of her previous track "Bubble Pop", was quoted saying, "I was surprised to know I had so many hits on YouTube. I've seen that so many people have made and uploaded videos with my song [Bubble Pop]. I was inspired because many of them were even better than me."
Google Korea also announced the top ten K-Pop Music Videos of the year, with counting accumulated views from January 1 - November 16, 2011. Only the top three artists were called to attend and receive the award.
1. Super Junior - Mr. Simple (26,940,000+ Views)
2. 2NE1 - I'm The Best (22,009,000+ Views)
3. Hyuna - Bubble Pop (21,650,000+ Views)
4. Girls' Generation - The Boys (19,370,000+ Views)
5. 2NE1 - Lonely (18,470,000+ Views)
6. Big Bang - Tonight (16,310,000+ Views)
7. KARA - Step (15,220,000+ Views)
8. Big Bang - Love Song (13,450,000+ Views)
9. 2NE1 - I Hate You (10,730,000+ Views)
10. f(x) - Pinocchio (10,680,000+ Views)

Source: KBS GlobalJoinsMSN and BigbangUpdates, koreaboo
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