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Selasa, 29 November 2011

MAMA 2011

Reupload and Repost by Hyeri
6 January:
Credit: elfish & Donghae’s Baidu Bar | Photo by smiley
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Credit: elfish & Donghae’s Baidu Bar | Photo by smiley
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5 December:

4 December:
Credit: 海世代 Onlyhae | Photo by 仪
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Credit: 海世代 Onlyhae | Photo by 仪
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3 December:

Once again, the joint effort of Viz Pro International, a representative from Singaporeand CJ Media with Mnet Korea ended successfully for the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA). Over six hours of live streaming from the red carpet event to the main awards ceremony was held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, 29 November 2011. One of the hottest nominees and for the loudest cheers, Super Juniorreceived three awards, making it a hat-trick in one go event:
Album of the Year: Mr. Simple
Best Male Group Award
Singapore’s Choice
The unbeatable 5-year-and-running boyband from SM Entertainment with at present 10 members for this activity, state that they would share these awards with their ELFs and their members who are not able to join them as they are serving the national service.
“We couldn’t have done it without our fans. We will always do our best because our fans deserves only the very best,” remarked Choi Si-Won, the member who is known to have tall, prince-like and handsome feature.
A few members who has Twitter has expressed their gratitude and happiness, tweeting their pictures with the MAMA trophy and giving a shoutout to their fans.
The MAMA 2011 show was also streamed live via the Chinese website Sohu.com for Chinese fans. Super Junior leader Lee Teuk commented on this that “fans all over the world has been with us and supports us no matter where they are. They grow everyday and that’s how we grow as well.” The band did their usual greeting in 4 different languages during their press conference: Korean, Chinese, English, and Japanese, showing how global they are today.
The specially presented for MAMA 2011 in Singapore was definitely the performance of  Super Junior’s“Sorry Sorry”, and 100 dancers, at the segment entitled “Mr. Simple Clone.” There were 100 boys and girls of Singapore through open calls to take part of this exciting stage, dancing to the famous song. “It was the idea from the Phillippines prison where they all danced to our song. And the additional input from the MAMA organizers and so we did it,” recalled Lee Teuk.
The boys who are veterans in the K-pop idol industry always have their hilarious tricks up to their sleeves, when members Shindong and Sungmin  grabbed the spotlight after everyone had the group shot, and in the end Shindong was left, making a peace sign. They were amicable and their natural ability to make everyone be in good mood certainly creates the different colors of the 10 members of Super Junior.
“We are sorry to all the press that cannot ask the questions today as we don’t have all the time, please send the questions to our Twitter,” remarked Eun-hyuk, which caused laughter among the media and press present.
Source: Korea 
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Credit: elfish & Donghae’s Baidu Bar | Photo by smiley
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Credit: elfish & Donghae’s Baidu Bar | Photo by smiley
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2 December:
Credits to: @loversoul23
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Credit: as tagged
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1 Desember:
2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards has finally drawn down its curtains, earning much satisfaction from viewers around the world with the outstanding performances from the artists. At the end of the event, Super Junior managed to claim three trophies.

The boys went for a press conference after the ceremony and was questioned on how the three trophies will be divided among the members.
While their leader Leeteuk answered, “If the MAMA trophy is made of real gold, we would share it but it is not”, “And this award is presented not to individuals but to Super Junior as a team”, fellow members Shindong and Eunhyuk found a better, hilarious solution—by attempting to break the trophies apart with a microphone. Unimpressed with their idea, Leeteuk assured, “So we’ll definitely share it but not by physically breaking it apart.”
Leeteuk then continued, “We are going to display it at the company where there is this room where they display all the awards the artistes receive.”
Funny people. Congrats on winning the awards, Super Junior!
Credit: Ningin
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Super Junior’Leeteuk attended a press conference prior to the ‘Mnet Asian Music Awards‘ (MAMA) held on November 29th, where he expressed his concerns for fans over the high ticket prices for ‘Super Show 4‘.
The singer shared his thoughts on the high prices of concert tickets, and talked about how it’s an issue that all artists and concert organizers should show concern for.
Leeteuk revealed that he had personally requested to the organizers to keep the prices for tickets at an affordable price for their fans. He said, “I have actually checked the prices of the tickets for the concerts and some of the various events overseas and find that it is sometimes exorbitant.”
Leeteuk continued, “It is justified if the level of quality of the performance is up there, but if that’s not the case, I feel that some of the fans cannot afford it or will be put off by the high prices of the tickets.”
Credit: Ningin
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Credits to: @secret8823 
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Credit: 4inmin
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Credit: Mnet Kakaotalk via @lynchae1106
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30 November:

Super Junior participated in this year's Mnet Asian Music Awards, where they answered several interview questions before the event kicked off.
The session started off with in a tongue-in-cheek manner, when a reporter asked if they were mobbed while having lunch at a Korean restaurant in Singapore the day before.
Member Eunhyuk cheekily explained that he had, along with groupmates Sungmin and Siwon, gone to a Korean restaurant for lunch because they needed something substantial to give them the energy for their upcoming performances.
Super Junior was also asked for their opinion on the secret behind the Hallyu Wave's success, a remarkable phenomenon that has fans learning a new language just to understand Korean song lyrics.
Leeteuk answered, "We're very thankful for all the support given to us despite the cultural differences. It's not easy to pick up a foreign language, so we really appreciate all that effort."
Credit: koreaboo
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A press conference was held after awarding ceremony. Super Junior grabbed the grand prize in 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA).
In the presscon, Super Junior's leader said, “We've been through bittersweet during our path as singers. There are times that we got hurt but it made us stronger and firmer. As for today, we cried not because of sorrows or sadness but because of of happiness and joy."
Super Junior Sungmin expressed his gratitude towards his fellow members and said, “We cried to thank each other. We've been through hard times but we keep our bond together to keep going forward."
Siwon added, “We're very grateful that Super Junior won this award. We believe that our fans deserve the best of the best. By this, we will do our best to give them best music and performances.”
Super Junior grabbed 2 awards in 2011 MAMA, Singapore Choice Award, Best Male Group and Album of the Year award.

Credit: Cherish407203
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Credit: mysujuhyuk @ YT
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29 November:

Credit: kimberlyte@justintv | reupload by:sjissj2011
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Mr. Simple

Credit: tomozuki1for13 
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More than 170 press members came to cover the the press conference for “2011 MAMA (Mnet Music Asian Music Awards).” SNSD and Super Junior did not attend any MAMA events in the past three years (first appearance for SuJu) due to the conflict between SM Entertainment and the show’s host, Mnet.
“We are looking forward to it since we haven’t appeared in the MAMA for a long time. I hope you all enjoy it,”Taeyeon said. Lee Teuk said, “This is our first time coming to MAMA. We’ll return the love with a great stage performance.”
The SNSD girls received a lot of questions from both Korean and foreign media. When asked if there was anything they wanted to do aside from acting, Taeyeon said, “It’s different with all the members, but we’re already all involved in acting, musicals, and MC-ing. But I’d like to try new things when the right opportunity arises.”
She also talked about the stage SNSD will put on for MAMA. “We’ll show you a slightly different ‘The Boys’ for the MAMA. Also, we’re planning to come up with a different side of SNSD for our Singapore concert in December.”
Tiffany was asked about the popularity of their English music video, and she responded, “In order to get closer to our overseas fans, we’ll release more English music videos and albums.” She also said it takes about two to three hours to finish makeup for each performance, as many fans were curious about their beauty style.

As for Super Junior’s performance, Lee Teuk said, “We saw a lot of YouTube clips by fans from around the world singing our ‘Sorry Sorry.’ So we prepared our performance under the concept of world peace. For today’s performance, we imagined what it would feel like not to be able to listen to music. It’s going to have the peaceful message of living together in the world, so please look forward to it.”
When asked about all the foreign fans showing love, Lee Teuk responded, “It must have been difficult to learn a new language, so we really feel thankful…if given the chance, I would like to perform in Germany one day.”
There were also a lot of interest in the show being live streamed through the web. “We know the 2011 MAMA will be live broadcast around the world through YouTube. We’re excited since the whole world will be able to see us. We’ll do our best to show the best performance,” Taeyeon said. “If there are people looking for us, we’ll be there. We’re just really happy to be on today’s stage.”
The “2011 MAMA” will be held at the Singapore Indoor Stadium on November 29. Some of the most popular musicians from around the world, including Super Junior, SNSD, 2NE1, and miss A, as well as Black Eyed Peas’ Will.I.Am, Dr. Dre, and Snoop Dogg will attend the event. The 13th MAMA will be shown live in 13 countries (Japan, Singapore, Thailand) while seven countries, including the U.S., China, and France, will air recorded versions.
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Credit: www.weibo.com/mnetcn 

Credit:  CJ E&M via Newsen 

Credit: @xinmsn_en 

Credit: @kourier_co 

Credit: @GADISmagz
Credit: @Kokokoreano 
Credit: heraldm.com 
Credit: DJ Ah Ken of Radio 1003 ‘s Facebook

Credit: toyinyuetaikoreamusic @ weibo

Credit: @bianca_roque 

Credit: @teukables
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Red Carpet

Credit: Mukkys1004 
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Credit: Kim (sjissj) 
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Credit: Kim (sjissj) 
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MAMA-Super Junior winning the Popularity Award

Credit: Mukkys1004 
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