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Senin, 21 November 2011

Beautiful Concert

21 November:

Recently, the Wonder Girls guested on MBC’s music-talk show program, ‘Beautiful Concert‘, where members Sunye and Ye Eun delivered a solid cover of “When You Believe“.
The song was originally sung by Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston for the ‘Prince of Egypt‘ OST. Ye Eun and Sunye performed entirely in English, blowing everyone away with their pronunciation and strong vocals.
The Wonder Girls also performed their new song, Be My Baby, so check out both stages below:
Remember to watch the rest of the concert’s performances here!
Source: allkpop

On November 20th, MBC aired a new episode of their music-talk show program, ‘Beautiful Concert‘, which saw performances from the Wonder Girls4men & MiMighty MouthLim Jeong Hee,WinkScene of Riding Bicycle, and Kim Sura.
The Wonder Girls performed their new song, “Be My Baby“, while members Ye Eun and Sunyecovered the popular ballad, “When You Believe” — both of which you can check out here.
4men & Mi did a cover of “Only Hope” from the OST of ‘A Walk to Remember‘, in addition to their new song, “That Man, That Woman“.
Mighty Mouth kicked up the tempo with “Energy“, and Lim Jeong Hee impressed once again with her smooth vocals in “Clockwork“.
Check out some of the performances below!
< 4men & Mi >
< Mighty Mouth & Soya >
< Lim Jeong Hee >
Source: allkpop

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