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Rabu, 14 Desember 2011


MBC’s ‘Music Core‘ is back once again with another fun and exciting show!
MCs Yuri and Tiffany brightened the set with their cheerful banter and cute aegyo while they guided the program.
Additionally, ‘Music Core’ interviewed a few artists on what they thought ‘Sharing’ meant as part of their promotions for the upcoming ‘Sharing Concert’:
Bang & Zelo and Trouble Maker made their debuts, and M-Signal made their comeback. Meanwhile, Happy Pledis delivered a special stage.
Other performances from today’s show include Wonder Girls, T-ara, SNSD, RaNia, A Pink, M.I.B., Norazo, Lee Ji Hye, X-Cross, LEDApple, A-ble, Wink and J-Cera.
Check them out below!
< M-Signal > **Comeback Stage**
< Trouble Maker > **Debut Stage**
**If the audio doesn’t work, try watching from the channel!
Wonder Girls >
T-ara >
RaNia >
< M.I.B. >
< A Pink >
< Norazo >
< A-ble >
X-Cross >
Source: allkpop
On December 10th’s episode of ‘Music Core‘, After School and a few members of the Pledis Boyscame together to perform a holiday tune called “Love Letter“.
Their charming performance instantly the excitement of Christmas to the crowd, and fans couldn’t get enough of seeing their favorite idols on stage.
Be sure to check out their adorable performance below.
Source: allkpop
TS Entertainment‘s rookies, Bang Yong Guk and Zelo, have teamed up to create a new project duo called ‘Bang & Zelo‘ to get their names out before making their official debut with their upcoming idol group.
Their first single, “Never Give Up“, is specially dedicated to those high school seniors who received their results for the university entrance exams. The lyrics of “Never Give Up” encompasses the worries, hopes, and dreams that students face during their teens and young adulthood.
Bolstered by a gospel choir, the boys delivered a performance that really did work to uplift the spirits of everyone watching.
Check out their performance below!
Source: allkpop

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