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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


23 April:

Brave Entertainment‘s hip hop trio Electroboyz have announced that they will be making a comeback at the end of the month!
Through their official Twitter, the boys revealed, “Having received much love through ‘Ma Boy 2‘, Electroboyz will be releasing their third single on the morning of April 26th.”
Titled ‘Electrify‘, the single contains a total of three songs written and produced by the boys themselves.
Check out the tracklist below, and stay tuned for more updates!
1. Just
2. Should I Cry or Laugh (Feat. Baek Ji Young)
3. Will You Marry Me?

9 January:

Brave Brothers‘ Electroboyz are continuing their popularity with “Ma Boy 2“, even into the New Year!
On the January 8th episode of SBS‘s ‘Inkigayo‘, fans noticed that “Ma Boy 2″ had ranked in the ‘Take 7′ for the fourth consecutive week in a row. Other than a few performances, the Electroboyz haven’t really promoted the song anywhere else, so both the group and their company were surprised to see how well it consistently fared on the chart.
One industry official said, “This is the first time I saw a digital song maintain its position at the top in the fast changing digital music market. It’s easily explainable because the song is simply very good.”
Electroboyz expressed, “After spending 10 years without getting noticed, we always wondered when we’d be able to stand on that stage whenever watching ‘Inkigayo’ together. Getting into the ‘Take 7′ definitely exceeded our expectations, and we’re glad that we were able to maintain our spot there for four weeks. It’s something worth just as much as a ‘Mutizen’ trophy to us. We’ll repay the love with better songs in the future.”
Source: allkpop

1 January:

The Electroboyz have shared a video wishing fans a Happy New Year!
Dressed in traditional hanboks, the video message showed a softer side to the boys that we normally don’t get to see from them on stage.
The Electroboyz have generated much buzz with their title track “Ma Boy 2″ off their 2nd single, ranking in the top 10 on music programs for 7 consecutive weeks.
Check out their greeting in English below!
Source: allkpop

13 December:

The members of Electroboyz expressed their thanks toward SISTAR member Hyorin who stood on stage with them. The idol lent her voice for the Electroboyz’ track Ma Boy 2 and showed her loyalty by standing on stage with them on a special stage of  SBS ‘Inkigayo‘ on December 11th.
The next day, Electroboyz member Maboos shared the above photo on Twitter and wrote, “I’ve been blessed with women.. with Brave Girls‘ Yejin and vocal queen SISTAR’s Hyorin.. Each day I stand on stage is exciting. Hyorin~ I know that you should rest on your days off, but thank you for making the time to stand on stage with us.”
In the photo, Electroboyz members Maboos1Kyne, and Chakun along with SISTAR’s Hyorin are dressed in all-black ensembles, posing side by side. The four smile at the camera as Hyorin proudly holds their ‘Ma Boy 2‘ album.
Netizens who saw the photos left comments such as, “Hyorin is so loyal to perform on her day off“, “They are truly blessed with women“, “They look close“, “I like the song more and more every time I listen to it“, and more.
Source : Newsen - allkpop

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