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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


13 December:
Actor So Ji Sub has made a complete transformation into a cold-hearted employee for his newest movie.

The movie ‘Employee‘ has drawn great attention since its planning stages due to So Ji Sub’s action scenes, and after four long months of filming, the last scene was shot on December 6th.
‘Employee’ is an action film about a hitman named Hyungdo (played by So Ji Sub) who works for an entire company dedicated to murderous services. He’s a professional assassin and was the most promising out of the team, but suddenly he himself becomes the target.
At the end of the movie, a highly intense action scene takes place in which Hyungdo, who has until now dedicated his life to his company, goes head to head with a colleague to fight for his own life. This particular scene is the most pivotal, with explosive action moves that are sure to win the praise of the viewers, and So Ji Sub has reportedly worked hard to perfect this one scene.
When filming for the movie came to an end, So Ji Sub remarked, “I can’t believe the filming is really over. I really loved the title and concept of the movie ‘Employee’ and I decided to take the role as soon as I finished reading the scenario. I’m somewhat sad it’s over. I can’t wait for the movie to be released.”
Director Lim Sang Yoon hinted with confidence, “You will be able to see fresh new actions scenes as well as a completely different side of So Ji Sub in ‘Employee’.” The movie airs sometime next year.
Source & Image : OSEN - allkpop

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