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Jumat, 23 Desember 2011

2011 MBC Entertainment Awards

30 December:

The ‘Best Male Entertainer Award‘ at the 2011 MBC Entertainment Awards‘ went to none other than MC Yoo Jae Suk.
Yoo Jae Suk was awarded ‘Best Male Entertainer Award’ under the variety show category.
For his award speech, he stated, “I’m sorry that I won the award this year as well, and I’m really thankful. I want to thank my staff members and my ‘Infinite Challenge‘ cast members. I also want to thank Kim Won Hee who has been with me for ‘Come To Play‘ and has never once picked a fight with me.” Yoo Jae Suk also thanked DJ DOC‘s Lee Ha Neul.
My gratitude towards the viewers cannot be expressed in words. Thank you for always sending your applause and support. I will work to bring you bigger laughs in the next year,” he continued.
In related news, the ‘Best Female Entertainer Award‘ went to Park Mi Sun, who received her award with tears.
Source: DongA via Nate - allkpop
29 December:
On December 29th, the ‘2011 MBC Entertainment Awards‘ honored this year’s outstanding talents at the MBC Dream Center in Ilsan.

Unfortunately, the awards ceremony met with some difficulties that persisted throughout the show, earning criticism and dissatisfaction from its viewers.
The chain of mistakes began with the hosts, as MC Park Ha Sun stumbled through several speeches. Instead of recovering from her mistakes, she was seen covering her face with her hands, saying, “What do I do” into the mic. Viewers had hoped that Yoon Jong Shin would carry on the show, but he only mumbled and shied away from his usual witticisms.
More than anything, viewers were dissatisfied with the way MBC freely gave out awards, adding in categories that many felt were unnecessary. Most of the awards given out that night were ones that anyone could have won simply for attending.
MBC had also implemented a new system that would award TV shows, not an individual MC or comedian. This change was made largely due to the criticisms they received last year for giving out too many co-awards, which many felt dropped the value and prestige of the award.
Furthermore, MBC came under fire for giving the ‘Program of the Year’ award to the ‘I Am a Singer‘ team.
While many agreed that ‘I Am a Singer’ had created a ripple effect in the industry, they felt that ‘Infinity Challenge‘ was far more deserving of the award.
The show must continue, however, so check out the results below!
★ Excellence Radio MC Awards
- Jung Yeob for ‘Blue Night’
- Younha for ‘Starry Starry Night’
★ Best Radio MC Awards
- Yang Hee Eun (Female) for ‘Women’s Time’
- Kang Suk Woo (Male) for ‘Women’s Time’
★ PD Award
- Yoon Jong Shin (Male) for ‘Radio Star’, ‘I Am A Singer’
- Kim Won Hee (Female) for ‘Come to Play’
★ Best Couple Award
- Park Myung Soo and Jung Jun Ha
★ Friendship Award
Lee Kyung Shil, Jo Hyung Ki, Jo Hye Ryun, Sun Woo Yong Nyeo, Kim Ji Sun, Kim Shin Young for ‘Quiz To Change The World’
★ Distinguished Services Award
C’est Si Bon Friends
★ Special Award (Current Affairs/News Division)
- Oh Sang Jin (Male)
- Go Eun Joo (Female)
★ Special Award (Singer Division)
- Super Junior
★ Special Award (Program Division)
- Kpop Concert (represented by TVXQ), KOICA
★ Special Award (Show/Entertainment)
Lee Sun Hee, Yoon Il Sang, Park Jung Hyun, Yoon Sang, Lee Seung Hwan for ‘Birth of a Great Star 2′
★ Special Award (MC Division)
- Yoon Jong Shin, Kim Gook Jin, Kim Gura, Kyuhyun for ‘Radio Star’
- Tiffany and Yuri for ‘Show! Music Core’
★ Scriptwriter Award
- Yeo Hyun Jun for ‘I Am a Singer’
★ Popularity Award (Singer Division)
- Kim Bum Soo (Male)
- Park Jung Hyun (Female)
★ Popularity Award (Sitcom/Comedy)
- Ahn Nae Sang for ‘High Kick 3′
- Baek Jin Hee for ‘High Kick 3′
- Jo Kwon for ‘All My Love’
- Jung Sung Ho for ‘Laughed and Laughed’
★ Popularity Award (Show/Entertainment)
- Jung Jae Hyung (Male) for ‘Infinity Challenge’
- Jessica Gomes (Female) for ‘Dancing with the Stars’
★ Rookie Award (Sitcom/Comedy)
- Go Young Wook (Male) for ‘High Kick 3′
- Jung Myung Ock (Female) for ‘Laughed and Laughed’
★ Rookie Award (Show/Entertainment)
- Kim Heechul (Male) for ‘Radio Star’
- Ham Eunjung (Female) for ‘We Got Married’
★ Excellence Sitcom/Comedy Awards
- Park Ha Sun (Female) for ‘High Kick 3′
- Yoon Kye Sang (Male) for ‘High Kick 3′
★ Excellence Awards Show/Entertainment MC Award
- Park So Hyun (Female) for ‘We Got Married’
- Kim Tae Won (Male) for ‘Birth of a Great Star 1′
★ Best Sitcom/Comedy Awards
- Yoon Yoo Sun (Female) for ‘High Kick 3′
- Kim Kap Soo (Male) for ‘All My Love’
★ Best Show/Entertainment MC Award
- Park Mi Sun (Female) for ‘Quiz That Changes The World’, ‘We Got Married’
- Yoo Jae Suk (Male) for ‘Infinity Challenge’
 Entertainment Daesang
- I Am A Singer (Sunday Sunday Night)
Source: Korea Times via Nate - allkpop

23 December:
The ‘2011 MBC Entertainment Awards‘ has kicked off with the release of its eight ‘Best Couple Award’ nominations!

On December 22nd, MBC opened up their official homepage for the ceremony and uploaded the votes for the ‘Best Couple’ nominations. In the list are couples from ‘We Got Married‘, ‘High Kick 3‘, ‘Infinity Challenge‘, and even ‘I Am a Singer‘.
Fans were amused to see the unlikely couplings from their favorite shows and expressed anticipation over the results.
Check out the full nominations below:
1. Kim Won Joon & Park So Hyun – ‘We Got Married
2. Lee Jang Woo & Ham Eunjung – ‘We Got Married’
3. Leeteuk & Kang Sora – ‘We Got Married’
4. Seo Jisuk & Park Hasun – ‘High Kick 3
5. Yoon Kye Sang & Baek Jin Hee – ‘High Kick 3′
6. Kim Tae Hyun & Park Jung Hyun – ‘I Am a Singer
7. Park Myung Soo & Jung Junha – ‘Infinity Challenge
8. Jung Hyung Don & Jung Jae Hyung – ‘Infinity Challenge’
Source + Photos: Star News via Naver - allkpop

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