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Rabu, 07 Desember 2011

Channel A -- K-POPCON: Korean Pop Concert

18 January:

The ladies of Nine Muses are back to conquer with their latest release, “News“!
The girls on January 17th to put on a exhilarating performance that is out-and-out sexy on K-Pop Con. They’ll be definitely be making some headlines with their fierce new concept, which has been garnering the girl group quite some attention.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop

Fat Cat is back with a new music ‘Is Being Pretty Everything‘ on K- Pop Con.
The music tackles the age-old proverb, ‘Don’t judge a book by its cover’, but in this case, taken in the case of love. Fat Cat asks whether beauty is the only quality necessary to become loved, and does it in a video that stuns with its visuals.
Check out the performance below!
Source: allkpop

Girl group T-ara brought the house down with their debut performance of “Lovey Dovey” on tonight’s episode of ‘K-Pop Con‘!
The girls hinted that they would be using the ‘shuffle dance’ in their choreography, but fans weren’t expecting the group to bust out a 360-degree, left-to-right movement that transformed the stage into a real dance floor.
Check out their performance below!
Source: allkpop

Korean pop duo As One made a comeback recently. Comprising of members, Crystal Chae and Lee Min Young, the duo have certainly come a long way since making their debut in 1999. The girls have finally stepped back on stage.
Check out ttheir performance below!
Source: allkpop

18 December:

Channel A has introduced their own music program called ‘K-Pop Con‘.  This week, they’ve brought on a bevy of high-energy artists to showcase their talents.
Led by MC Lee Tae Sung (who’s acted in popular dramas like ‘Playful Kiss‘), the show broadcasted performances by SECRET, Son Ho Young, Lee Ji Hye, MYNAME, Chocolat, RaNia, X-5, AA, Boyfriend, IU, Seo Young Eun, and BoM’s Jisu.
Check out some of their fun stages below including Dance Battles between Rania & Chocolat as well as X-5 & AA!
< Top 10 >
< RaNia vs Chocolat >
< X-5 vs AA >

< IU >
< SECRET (Shy Boy – JP Ver.) >
< Chocolat >
< Son Ho Young >
< Boyfriend >
< RaNia >
< X-5 >

 Source: allkpop

10 December:

Channel A has introduced their own music program called ‘K-Pop Con‘, and this week, they’ve brought on a bevy of talented artists to showcase their talents.
Led by MC Lee Tae Sung (who’s acted in popular dramas like ‘Playful Kiss‘), the show broadcasted performances by IUDynamic DuoElectroboyzNoelLady JaneBeigeBoMJo Kyu Chan,Park Ki YoungCrispi Crunch, and X-5.
Check out their fun stages below!
< Wonder GIrls, “Be My Baby” > **Winners**
< Dynamic Duo, “Until The Sun Rises (Girl) + Burning Friday” >
< IU, “You & I” + “Teacher” >
< Electroboyz, “Ma Boy 2″ >
< Crispi Crunch, “Goldfish” >
< Noel, “I Miss You” >
< X-5, “Dangerous” >
Source: allkpop

7 December:

Channel A, a new sub-channel of the Joint Organization Channel cable network, recently aired the first episode of its music program ‘K-POPCON: Korean Pop Concert‘.  Hosted by actor Lee Tae SungK-POPCON will provide weekly ‘Top 100‘ ranks of the hottest K-pop tracks.
The program will broadcast a mini-concert of the top three K-pop songs.  The show will also provide information on K-pop songs placed 6th to 20th on the ‘K-Pop Board 100‘.
In addition, K-POPCON will reveal a weekly ‘Global Chart‘ which ranks popular K-pop songs from a global perspective based on the top viewed music videos on YouTube.  There will also be a ‘Global Pickup’ corner, that will reveal video footage of K-pop artists promoting overseas.
As reported earlier, rookie group Chocolat made their comeback with new single “I Like It” to much fanfare.

ZE:A who ranked #3 on the show’s Daily Daily Global Chart, performed “The Road” and “Heart for 2” in addition to having a short interview with the host.

In addition, Rania performed their latest single, “Pop Pop Pop“.

Other performers on the show include: balladeer TimBrave GirlsB.o.MSon Ho YoungSeo In Young, and Barbara.  We will update with additional video clips when available.
K-POPCON airs every Saturday at 10:30PM (KST)
Source: Channel A - allkpop

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