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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011


14 December:
Actress Jun Ji Hyun has confirmed her casting for director Ryu Seung Wan‘s $10 million USD film, ‘Berlin‘.

On December 12th, representatives of CJ Entertainment (the company in charge of the movie’s investments and distribution) commented, “We were still in discussion when producers contacted us saying that Jun Ji Hyun’s casting has been confirmed.”
The film is a highly anticipated one, as it will succeed his previous crime film, ‘Unfair Dealings‘. ‘Berlin’ will use Berlin as its backdrop with a plot primarily centered around a North Korean gang member, played by actor Ha Jung Woo, who successfully manages to infiltrate into a South Korean gang. Issues escalate when he is abandoned by North Korea and is forced to betray his gang. Jun Ji Hyun will play the role of his wife.
100% of the filming will take place in Germany, which will begin early next year.
Others cast include Han Suk Gyu and Ryu Seung Bum, who play a South Korean gang leader and a murderer of North Korean gangs respectively.
Source + Photos: OSEN via Naver - allkpop

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