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Sabtu, 31 Desember 2011

Super Junior 2012

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30 September:

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12 September:

Who knew that Super Junior will become the main representative K-Pop? When the 13 member idol group first debuted, there weren’t very many people who believed Super Junior would succeed. They received a lot of media coverage just because of the fact that they were a group from SM Entertainment. However, there were too many of them in a single group and most of them were pretty old to be idol group members. Some even thought that they were just a group of random trainees who were thrown into the sharks as a test. Even their name, Super Junior seemed to lack in originality.
Regardless of those doubts, these men fought through the laughter and became the best male idol group of K-Pop. Like all idol groups that debut, Super Junior experienced a lot of hardships but made it through strong without any serious problems. Even though they received a lot of help from SM Entertainment, the efforts of each member was the greatest factor in their success. To find out about their secret to success, the members of Super Junior were interviewed.
When they were asked to explain how they were able to become the best male idol group, Eunhyuk stated, “I think it’s because we’re good looking” and joked around. Leeteuk then added, “We are always grateful for the unbelievable amount of love we receive from our fans. When we are called Hallyu stars, a lot of our foreign fans felt distant from us but we always want to approach our fans with love and care. I think we’re very popular because our music is global.”
Soon after their Korean debut in Korea, Super Junior began their promotional activities in foreign countries in addition to their schedule in Korea. In 2006, Super Junior went to the music market in Thailand, and then headed over to Taiwan as well as other countries in eastern Asia to eventually become today’s best male idol group of K-Pop. In Taiwan, Super Junior remained in first place for approximately 100 weeks with “Bonamana” and “Mr. Simple.”
Leeteuk continued, “I think K-Pop grew and matured with Super Junior. Honestly, when we first went to foreign countries, the word ‘K-Pop’ didn’t even exist. Once we started getting big, the word ‘K-Pop’ was created. We take pride in being responsible for the growth of K-Pop.”
Super Junior’s pride is not arrogance. Super Junior has reasons to feel that way because of their influence in K-Pop and its fans in Hallyu. Parodies of Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” has been created by fans in countless nations around the world, not to mention their concert in Japan that sold out within minutes after they went on sale.
Yesung stated, “When we perform with foreign artists, they all say things like ‘It feels like we’re guests at Super Junior’s concert.’ Honestly, there are no other groups who are more popular than we are in East Asia.”
Super Junior didn’t forget to be modest and gave the honor to the artists who came before them that helped them become successful. Members exclaimed, “According to TVXQ, it was very hard to go abroad in 2000. The reason we were able to be so successful in East Asia is because of the artists who made it easier for us to go abroad. They opened many doors for us and we were able to become this successful because our timing was right.”
Without a doubt, each member of Super Junior played a big role in leading their group to success. Since there were so members, it was more difficult for them to dance and sing in sync with one another. Even with the difficulties they must have faced while getting all the members together in one room and looking at the same thing at the same time, they were always perfectly in sync with each other on stage.
Siwon revealed, “The members argued a lot. Some arguments even led to fist fights since we’re all guys but every single member doesn’t like making others uncomfortable so we always solved everything quickly. Now all the members are closer than family.”
Since the members are so close, it was inevitable for their family members to become close as well. When they have concerts overseas, the parents of the Super Junior members travel to the country and watch the concert together. One time, the members didn’t tell their parents about a bonus they received but one member who didn’t know told his parents, which meant that all the parents found out about their bonuses since the parents all communicate with one another.
Even though they are at the top of their game, their efforts won’t stop here. East Asia is where idol groups gain more skills and experience and Super Junior members are getting older as time passes. There’s no such thing as a constant best in the entertainment industry, which is the reason why Super Junior is constantly working hard. Regardless of their success, each member has additional schedules appearing on TV programs and being part of musicals.
Leeteuk commented, “The present is here because there was a past. We have to work hard without a doubt. The reason Super Junior is so well known is not only because of our music but because of our appearances in variety shows. Just because we gained popularity we can’t always try to look cool and handsome. We’re not looking for a 3 to 4 year career but a 10 to 20 year career.”
Leeteuk continued, “We have to try harder. We want to become Korea’s representative idol group. We want to continue like that for 10 to 20 years.”
When Super Junior was asked what they plan to do for their international schedules, the members gave a very thoughtful answer. Leeteuk stated, “Asia’s number 1 becomes the World’s number 1 these days. We’re not concerned about going to the United States or Europe but want to focus on becoming Asia’s number 1. Then we will eventually become world’s number 1.”
Super Junior members also mentioned that they are open to performing in South America and North America, as well as areas in the Middle East. They even added that they want to perform in Africa as well.
Super Junior concluded, “We want to be the faces that represent Korea as well as the group of musicians that represent Korea. We want to continue striving to go further without stopping. Super Junior will become a group that never stops trying.”
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1 September:
@Tonyhong1004: While supporting Kim Janghoon-hyung for his appearance on Strong heart(, I took) a picture with Suju ㅎㅎ my kind-hearted dongsaengs

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31 August:

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17 August:

On August 17th, BoA showed her support for Super Junior‘s ‘S.P.Y.‘ by sharing a new selca taken with members Siwon and Eunhyuk.
Playfully posing as her bodyguards, BoA is seen posing confidently and leisurely beside the two members while writing, “I love S.P.Y.! You guys worked hard today as well.”
Eunhyuk responded with adorable jealousy to the picture by writing, “How could you dance with another man right in front of my eyes”, in reference to BoA performing with EXO-K‘s Sehun on the August 17th performance of “Only One” on ‘Music Bank‘.
The two had performed as a couple a week prior on ‘Inkigayo‘, making Eunhyuk’s jealousy all the more cute to netizens who commented, “How adorable”, “BoA’s so popular”, and “Your couple dance was amazing!”
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10 August:

@AllRiseSilver: Euaaaaaaaeooooack!!!!!! Park Juyoungㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
@GaemGyu: Really feels like my tears are about to come ㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ Republic of Korea!!!!!!!!!!
@AllRiseSilver: Koo Jacheolㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
@AllRiseSilver: Ahhhhh I’m really going to cry really daebak this is crazy ah the tears are coming. Thank you to the players aahhhh what a priceless medalㅜㅜ More sparkling than a gold medalㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ You worked hard, thank you, ah I’m really so happyㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ
@Himsenkangin: Really the best. In my eyes, the Republic of Korea’s bronze medal in soccer is, more than gold — No, more than that, I see it as a medal that there’s only one of in this world, that no one else has seen. You worked hard, thank you for making my heart feel so warm…
Credit: Eun Hyuk (AllRiseSilver) | Kang in (Himsenkangin) | ChoKyuHyun (GaemGyu) 
Translated by: Jo_♔ (AllRiseXiahtic) 
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13 July:

Credit: Seul1985 @ youtube
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11 July:

Since the release of Super Junior’s sixth album, “Sexy, Free & Single”, the title track has crowned the championship at Taiwan’s number one online music channel, KKBOX; the track has been ranked number one on the TOP 100 chart since the first week of July. They are creating another legendary after “Mr. Simple”, this proven their continuously rising popularity in Taiwan.
Super Junior has some awesome record at KKBOX; the title track of their forth album, “Bonamana” was number one for 63 consecutive weeks on the chart, followed by the title track of their fifth album, “Mr. Simple”, which recorded to have 46 consecutive weeks ranked at number one on the chart. Now, with their sixth album, “Sexy, Free & Single”, it also topped number one on the chart, the three songs altogether has an accumulative of 110 weeks at the first place. Starting from June of 2010, they have been holding tight onto the championship for three years, with this amazing record, no doubt that they became very popular and well known worldwide.
In addition, this album has not yet signed a formal agreement with Taiwan, until this point, all of the albums sold in Taiwan are imported from South Korea, despite the fact, the sales of this album still made it to include in the Taiwan’s KPOP and JPOP album sales statistics charts and ranked number one from July 2nd to 8th and receiving the enthusiastic attention from Taiwan fans.
Super Junior is currently very busy promoting their sixth album “Sexy, Free & Single”.
Credit: Korea Star Daily | Kpop Fighting, Yahoo! Philippines
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Letter From Hyukjae to Sungmin :

And Sungmin’s Reply:

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8 July:
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2 July:
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27 June:
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24 June:
Painting of Super Junior at '2012 K-pop Star Entertain Art Show

Credit: Newsis
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21 June:
@special1004; just so handsome~^^..as expected(,) why is Eunhyukkie this handsome!!…I thought about it…his eyes are covered!!!thats right your eyes have to be covered~^^ㅋㅋㅋㅋ http://pic.twitter.com/6LgYjfB3

@allrisesilver@special1004 without a doubt(,) its a flower boy flower!boy
@siwon407@allrisesilver only the eyes^^?
@allrisesilver@siwon407 The teasers this time are released in a sequence of handsome boys
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20 June:

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Super Junior and SHINee had a Special Meeting with an American Girl ‘Donika Sterling’!

SHINee had a special meeting with a terminally ill girl ‘Donika Sterling,’ who loves KPOP music.
Donika visited S.M.Entertainment in Cheongdam-Dong on the 20th (today) at 11:30 p.m. and met SHINee in person.
With the support of Herbert Black, the CEO of American Iron & Metal Company Inc. in Canada, Donika could come to Korea on June 16th. Donika has said that she wanted to meet SHINee and Super Junior since she was nourishing her hope in life by listening to KPOP music.
On this day, Taemin, a member of SHINee, said “I was very glad to hear that Donika came to Korea to meet us. I was deeply impressed when Donika said that she gets encouraged by our music and I hope she can cheer up,” and Key said “I’m so happy that we had a special time with Donika today and we would like to invite her if we hold a concert in New York.”
Donika also said “I’m really excited now. It is nice to meet SHINee of my dream and very glad that I gained a great experience,” and she impressed Taemin, Donika’s favorite member, by giving a letter to him.
Also, SHINee brought gifts for Donika including a doll, albums, photo book, pictures, etc., even Taemin gave his own bracelet to Donika. After that, SHINee sang ‘Ring Ding Dong,’ Donika’s favorite song, for her and created a warming atmosphere.
Meanwhile, Donika also met Super Junior at the music video shooting, which was held in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do on the 17th.  Super Junior members gave Donika a specially prepared gift and album and performed ‘SORRY, SORRY’ for her.

Credit: 슈퍼주니어(Super Junior)
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15 June:

An unusual art exhibition showcasing K-pop entertainers will be on display at the Kintex in Ilsan from June 23 until Aug. 19.
“The exhibition is for both domestic and international fans of K-pop and will show just what happens when K-pop meets magic art,” said a spokesperson for the exhibition.
The exhibition relies on the trompe-L’oeil effect which involves the viewer to partake in poses that make it look like the artwork and the spectator are interacting.
Acts like TVXQ, Super Junior, f(x), Wonder Girls, 2PM, KARA, CN Blue, Beast, and Jay Park are among the 19 acts to be featured in some 110 artworks.
“Hallyu fans will be treated to a world where fantasy and reality collide,” said the exhibition’s spokesperson.
Source: Korea Joongang Daily, en.korea
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13 June:

From June 29 to July 29, foreign tourists in Korea can shop to their hearts content through the Seoul Summer Sale. An annual event, the Seoul Summer Sale allows foreign tourists to receive tax refunds and various discounts on purchases made in participating stores.
This year, Super Junior has been named as the ambassadors for this event. All tourists who sign up for this event at the Incheon Airport will receive a discount card with Super Junior’s picture and a free small writing pad with the group’s image.
Aside from shopping discounts, the Seoul Summer Sale will also host an online gift drawing. The prizes include plane tickets to Korea and Super Junior autographed CDs. Registration for the first round of drawings will take place from June 1 to 15.
Source: Korea Star Daily, Koreaboo
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6 June:

The DSME Marine Robot Pavilion is the largest pavilion at the Yeosu Expo. The pavilion is dedicated to showcasing the latest in robotic technology.
While the pavilion features many different kinds of robots, including a life-like robot capable of expressing realistic human facial movements, netizens were intrigued by a group of dancing robots.
The robots were programed to dance to different songs, including a medley of Korean songs. The robots can be seen mimicking some of Korea’s most iconic dance crazes including 2PM’s “Again & Again”, Super Junior’s “Sorry Sorry” dance, and Brown Eyed Girls’ sexy hip dance in”Abracadabra”, as well as SHINee’s “Ring Ding Dong”, After School’s “Ah” and Clon’s “Choryeon”.
Credit: Nyxnalia and http://www.gokpop.com 
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“a-nation”, Japan’s biggest music festival, will begin in August. The line up for the festival has been revealed.
The main part of “a-nation”, the so-called “a-nation stadium fes.”, will begin in Osaka on August 18th and 19th with big name artists such as EXILE, AAA, Do As Infinity and Acid Black Cherry performing. The festival continues in Tokyo on August 25th and 26th with headlining artists such as Ayumi Hamasaki, TVXQ and Super Junior performing.
In addition, “a-nation” will be holding a new event in Tokyo the week before the main part of the festival titled “music week”. Many artists are scheduled to perform.
Check out the line up for all of the shows below!
a-nation stadium fes.
August 25th: Do As Infinity, Shonan no Kaze, Sonar Pocket, Super Junior,TVXQ, and more.
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Credit: Frappe051106 @ youtube
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5 June:

Credit: ELForLife @ youtube
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Every year, Japan’s biggest record label, avex Entertainment, brings together the best stars in Japan that year for a nationwide tour. The concert is something of a dream stage for singers in Japan and the performers for this year tour have been revealed.
In the past, a few Korean artists have performed in any given year but this year features many of Korea’s top groups in TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, A-JAX, U-KISS, and SHU-I.
< ‘a-nation music week‘ >
For the August 3rd performance at 14,000 seat Yoyogi National Gymnasium, 2NE1 will be performing. For the August 9th performance at the same venue, U-KISS, SHU-I, and A-JAX will be performing.
< ‘a-nation stadium fes.‘ >
For the August 19th performance at the 50,000 seat Nagai Stadium in Osaka, TVXQ will be performing.
For the August 25th performance at the 50,000 seat Ajinomoto Stadium in Tokyo, TVXQ and Super Junior will be performing. The following day (August 26th) at the same venue, Big Bang and U-KISS will be performing.
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TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang and U-Kiss’ participation has been confirmed for this year’s “a-nation” concert. U-Kiss has previously been confirmed back in May.
On June 4th, Avex Entertainment released an additional list of participating artists, which included TVXQ, Super Junior, Big Bang and U-Kiss. The concert will be held for a span of several days throughout Japan on August 18th and 19th in Osaka Nagai Stadium, and August 25th and 26th at the Tokyo Ajinomoto Stadium.
On the first day (18th), artists Every Little Thing and EXILE will be performing, while the 19th will see AAA, Acid Black Berry, Do As Infinity and TRF, as well as duo TVXQ.
TVXQ will also appear in the Tokyo concert on the 25th alongside SM Entertainment labelmate, Super JuniorBig Bang and U-Kiss will be performing on the 26th in Tokyo.
“a-nation” is a concert held by Avex Entertainment, who annually holds this music festival concert with several well-known artists. Since 2002, Ayumi Hamasaki has been known to perform the closing of the concert. However last year, TVXQ performed the ending performances for the first time in her place, greatly surprising the music industry.
Other K-Pop acts who will be participating in this year’s a-nation include SHU-I, A-JAX and 2NE1, who will all participate in a-nation’s “Music Week.”
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28 May:

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk revealed that Super Junior’s sixth studio album will be released before he goes away to serve his two-year mandatory military service.
On May 27th, during Super Junior ‘Super Show 4‘ in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, Leeteuk went on stage and surprisingly revealed, “Our sixth album will be released before I go to serve my military service“.
SM Entertainment confirmed through a phone conversation with Osen, “It is true that Super Junior is currently working on their sixth album“.
Super Junior released their fifth album ‘Mr. Simple‘ in August 2011, which garnered much love both domestically and internationally, therefore many fans are highly anticipating Super Junior’s sixth album.
Meanwhile, Super Junior held their ‘Super Show 4′ encore stages in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium on May 26th and May 27th. Super Junior who has toured 10 cities and performed 24 times for ‘Super Show 4′ to a total of 400,000 audience members.
Source: Osen - allkpop

26 May:
w/ Shin Ji Soo
Credit: Shin Jisoo’s Twitter
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23 May:

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Credit: Seoul Tourism Board | Video by: 
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10 May:

The most popular groups in the Korean music scene will join together to perform at a concert series during the Korea Expo 2012 in Yeosu. With seven shows total, the “K-pop Big Wave Concert” will begin on May 12th and will run until August 11th.
The shows are split up among the various performers, and an official from CJ E&M, the show’s promoter, stated, “We felt that these artists will meet the expectation of all the attendees at such a meaningful and global event.”
The Korea Expo 2012 Yeosu will be featuring twenty-four United Nation agencies that will hold exhibits and events, raising public awareness on marine and environmental issues.
Check out the full list of performers below:
May 12th: Wonder Girls and Ameoba Hood, featuring Dynamic Duo and Simon D
June 15th: Busker Busker, Jung-in, and Leessang
June 19th: 2AM and B1A4
June 26th: SHINee and Infinite
July 5th: 2PM and miss A
July 21st: Super Junior and CNBLUE
August 11th: FT Island and ZE:A
Source: 10Asia | www.koreaboo.com 
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@ryeong9: D-2 Super Show 4 in Tokyo Dome >< Trying to act prettyㅋㅋ But it doesn’t suit me.. But nothing suits me ☞☜ Have a good day today too~ http://t.co/yCHjfwuc
@AllRiseSilver: Ah… How hypocritical… That’s right, even if you put it that way, you still did it right.. “@ryeong9: D-2 Super Show 4 in Tokyo Dome >< Trying to act prettyㅋㅋ But it doesn’t suit me.. But nothing suits me ☞☜ Have a good day today too~ http://t.co/yCHjfwuc

@ryeong9: Hypocrisy part 2 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Let’s have fun at Tokyo Dome-ing ^^ http://pic.twitter.com/PHPWLChx

@AllRiseSilver: Ack both of these irk me so much “@ryeong9: Hypocrisy part 2 ㅋㅋLet’s have fun at Tokyo Dome ^^ http://pic.twitter.com/PHPWLChx”
Source: @ryeong9@AllRiseSilver
Translated by: @AllRiseXiahtic
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23 April:

Super Junior will hold one more Super Show in Seoul.
Super Junior will hold Super Junior World Tour-Super Show 4 in Seoul Encore at the Gymnastics Stadium at Olympic Park on May 26 and 27.
Starting from November last year, Super Junior have been making a concert tour all around the world. The response to Super Show 4  this year was particularly enthusiastic, so Super Junior decided to hold another concert in Seoul.
In this concert, the audiences will be able to enjoy Super Junior’s hit songs, individual performances, and fancy stage effects.
The ticket sales for this concert will begin on April 26 at 8:00 p.m. on G Market.
Travel agency SM Town Travel will also start selling the concert package on April 24 at 8:00 p.m.
Super Junior will continue their world tour in Jakarta, Indonesia, from April 27 to 29, and in Tokyo, Japan, from May 12 to 13.
Source: TV Report
Translation by: eternalc2h | Korea.com
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Super Junior has announced that they will be holding an encore concert in Seoul for their ‘Super Show 4‘ world tour.
On April 23rd, SM Entertainment revealed that the boys will be holding ‘Super Show 4 in Seoul Encore Concert‘ at the Oylmpic Gymnasium on May 26th and 27th.
As expected of their tour, the boys will be performing all of their hit songs as well as unique individual stages all planned and performed to perfection. Pre-sales for tickets will open on April 26th through G-Market.
Concert packages specially for international fans will also go on sale through ‘SM Town Travel‘, a business service that combines other tourist stops and options with the concert, which will open for sale on the 24th.
In related news, Super Junior will be continuing their tour through Jakarta and Tokyo on April 27th through 29th, and May 12th through 13th.
Source + Photos: Sports Kyunghyang via Naver and Allkpop
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21 April:

For overseas ELF:Basically, the girl’s boyfriend doesn’t let her go for the SJ concert and she ends up breaking up with him. Her boyfriend says that SJ is just a bunch of guys who take off their clothes on stage, shaking their butts, seducing girls. So her friend said to not insult their idol, saying that SJ is professional, they dance and sing all at the same time. He then questions her boyfriend whether he can do that as well. And the girl also tells her boyfriend that SJ is her idol, none of his business.
Translated by @lovechokyulate
Credit: lily9339
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17 April:

What happens if Super Junior crosses over with D2O’s style of music? Hmm… Well you just have to wait and see~^^
Hahaha Super Detour~
Well look forward to it Soon~
Credit: Peter(Team Onesound) (onewaypeter) 
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13 April:

Super Junior‘s 5th album ‘Mr. Simple‘ has set a record for selling over 500,000 copies.
According to Gaon on April 13th, ‘Mr. Simple’, which was released August 3rd, 2011, sold about 502,830 copies by the end of March 2012, which proves Super Junior’s immense popularity.
Super Junior’s half-million record sales have only been achieved by 2 other artists, namely Kim Gun Moin 2003 with his 8th album ‘Hestory‘, and TVXQ in 2008 with their 4th album ‘MIROTIC‘. As soon as ‘Mr. Simple’ was released, it not only dominated the music charts in Korea, but also in Taiwan, Thailand, Philippines, and other countries. Super Junior also set a record in Taiwan for their track “Bonamana“, which held the #1 position on KKBOX’s chart for 63 weeks straight. “Mr. Simple” is following in its footsteps by holding the #1 spot for 34 weeks straight now.
Super Junior, who is currently on their world tour, have already toured Asia 3 times before, uniting over 500,000 fans and evidencing their popularity not only through their album sales, but also through their concert ticket sales. On the 6th, they performed in Paris, France, which made them the first Korean group to hold a solo concert in France. After successfully completing their concert in Paris, Super Junior is continuing on their world tour to perform in Shanghai, China on the 14th, and in Jakarta, Indonesia, on the 28-29th.
Credit: Herald Business via Naver & Allkpop
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12 April:
Credit: Super Junior’s Facebook
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5 April:

Idol group Super Junior has been selected as the single artist that best fits the part of a Korean language instructor.
Kyunghee University conducted a poll from March 26th to the 31st, asking K-Pop-related questions to a total of 524 foreign international students and foreign working professionals living in Korea.
22.1% of the foreigners from 65 different countries including the US, England, France, China, Japan, Mexico, Brazil, Uganda, and more selected Super Junior as the best celebrity to teach Korean to non-Korean speakers, and trailing behind Super Junior were TVXQ (14%), Girls’ Generation (12.5%), andBig Bang (9.6%).
When asked who would serve as the best tour guides for international visitors, 37.7% of the participants selected Girls’ Generation, 20.2% selected Super Junior, 10.2% selected 2PM, and 8.6% selected Big Bang.
24.1% of the participants also credited YouTube to introducing them to the K-Pop phenomenon, while 23.3% credited television broadcasts within their own country, 17% selected Korean programs, and 10.5% said Facebook opened their eyes to K-Pop. But 58% of all participants admitted that their interest in all things Korean grew after being turned on to K-Pop.
Kyunghee University’s International Education director Kim Joong Seob remarked, “It was an opportunity to better understand foreigners’ true thoughts on the K-Pop phenomenon that’s taking the world by storm. It is evident that the foreign fans who love K-Pop are also as a result developing a greater interest in the Korean culture and the Korean language.”
Kyunghee University will also be holding a K-Pop themed ’15th Annual International Korean Language Competition’ on May 17th.

Source: Segye via Nate - allkpop
4 April:
Super Junior‘s Ryeowook has shared a photo proving he attended Wanted’s concert, ‘Back to Vintage‘, with fellow member Eunhyuk!

On April 1st, he wrote on his Twitter, “I’m infinitely moved by them. Ha Dong Kyun senior’s emotions,Jaesuk senior, who’s also the junior to my church leader, and his explosive high notes, and Jun Sang Hwan senior’s witty remarks and surprise event. Wow, I’m a Wanted-holic. You thought I was joking because it’s April’s Fools, right? I really did attend it. Today is also the live broadcast of ‘Kiss the Radio‘.”
Wanted previously held their two day concert at the AX Korea hall to celebrate the release of their third studio album.
Fans replied, “Take us, too,” “Wanted and Super Junior, fighting to both,” and “I was there as well! Exciting to think we were all there together.”
Source + Photos: Ryeowook’s Official Twitter - allkpop

30 Mar:
Credit: SMTown Official FacebookReupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

28 Mar:
at ShinHwa Concert
Credit: @erikaloveloveReupload & Posted by: supergirlRain (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

27 Mar:

Just two years ago, chances of seeing a K-Pop related video on the front page of Youtube was so slim that it was considered ‘lucky’ just to see one pop up every three months.  That’s not the case anymore.  It’s mind blowing how immensely popular K-Pop has become.  K-Pop music videos appear on the home page weekly now, not to mention the tens of millions of views accumulated by several of them.
You know you’ve achieved something great when you become the first current male K-Pop group to collect over 40 million views on the internet on one video alone.  That day has come for one of the most well-known male groups in the K-Pop industry– Super Junior!
On March 25th, Super Junior’s hit track, “Mr. Simple” surpassed the 40 million view mark, becoming the first current male K-Pop group to achieve such a high level of view status on just a single video (rather than a combined total spread over various uploaded versions). They have also achieved this feat in less than eight months with the video having been released in August of 2011.
ELF have been rejoicing over this accomplishment in the comment boxes, leaving comments like: “Super Junior fighting!“, “Congratulations“, and “Let’s keep at it until we reach 100 million!

Source: allkpop
24 Mar:
Donghae & Ryeowook attending ShinHwa Concert
Credit: 李东海吧ELFISH 
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13 Mar:

Via tokyohive:
Super Junior has revealed that they will be releasing their new Japanese single, “Opera“, on May 9th. This dance number has already been performed during the boys’ live concert tour, “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 4′“.
For it’s coupling track, the single will include a Japanese original song called “Way“, which has the themes of “departure” and “bonds”. The limited edition will come with a DVD containing the music video and its making-of footage. Meanwhile, the regular edition will come in 9 different jacket covers.
Furthermore, Super Junior will hold “SUPER JUNIOR WORLD TOUR ‘SUPER SHOW 4′ in TOKYO” on May 12th and 13th at Tokyo Dome.

Source: Oricon - allkpop

8 Mar:

There is no better way to enjoy music than to enjoy it as a game.
In the past year, a series of iPad, iPhone, and iPod games featuring top K-Pop artists hit the Apple store. dooub media, the developer of the Super Junior SHAKE has already revolutionized the mobile game market amassing over 2 million users around the world in a year. Super Junior SHAKE, the company’s very first “SHAKE” application, won the “Best Mobile Game of the Year 2011″ during the Mashable Awards winning over popular games such as “Angry Birds.” The company has applied their unique brand of musical “tapping and shaking” game for a slew of other popular K-Pop artists including teen sweetheart IU, girl group stars T-ARA, superstar band CNBLUE, indie-rock band Guckkasten and hard-rock band AXIZ.

Publicity photos from the Apple store and dooub media official websites.
The “SHAKE” games, developed for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod, are part of dooub’s “Musician SHAKE Project” which focuses on creating rhythm-action games for individual artists. Since the company is based in Korea, they initially focused on K-Pop artists. However, they plan to expand their development to independent artists as well.
The “SHAKE” games feature a Card Desk System where users can collect, combine, and create new cards with exclusive photos of the artists. Game features include the “Tap and Shake” style gameplay and the “Shake Wheel” which enables a player to feel like a DJ scratching a turntable. The game also allows players to make their own notes and create new content.

The various “SHAKE” games have been given an average rating of 3 to 4.5 stars in the Apple stores with fans expressing enjoyment while others report problems with the updates. Due to the popularity of the games, there were clamors for android versions of the “SHAKE” games. The developers have heeded to these request through the recent release of the first android version of the “Super Junior SHAKE.”
Take your K-Pop experience to another level by giving these “SHAKE” games a try.
Credit: Yahoo Philippines 
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2 Mar:

 @special1004@ShinsFriends Director Shin, please also work with me for your next project..
@ShinsFriends@special1004 For the next project I’m planning to picture about the farewell between 2 men.. Alright.. Teuki, I’ll make a liaison with you and we’ll shoot tomorrow… Till you come to Shindong’s cafe tomorrow.. Period!!^^ http://pic.twitter.com/gaTWhX39

@special1004@ShinsFriends We’ll release it to the world at the same time, right? I’ll just trust Director then…
@ShinsFriends@special1004 Of course!! Ah, but the copyrights will be turned over to twitter.. and to Me2Day… It makes me worried… I also keep running the Facebook.. Aaah… Even before the movie is released.. it will be huge, Leeteuk!! I’ll make you a world star!! ㅎㅎㅎㅎ
Credit:@special1004 & @ShinsFriends
Translated by:@sujunesia
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1 Mar:

Argentinian ELFs managed to make Super Junior invade one of the most important local radios!
An Argentinian DJ made a bet with local ELFs where they had to make their request trend in Twitter and he will start sharing Super Junior’sMr. Simpleon his show.
The bet was won by ELFs making the song be part of the playlist of Las 40 Principales which is one of the most important radios in the country and actually in Latin America.
Congratulations Argentinian ELFs for making this come true!
Source: gokpop
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28 Feb:
Super Junior’s Shindong and Sungmin revealed a sexy female outfit photo which catches the eyes of all.

In the photo, Shindong was dressed up as Korea’s sexy idol 4 Minute’s Hyuna while Sungmin was dressed up as Hollywood’s sexy icon Marilyn Monroe.
Shindong’s brown curls and the expression of when slightly looking down perfectly transformed into Hyuna. Sungmin’s gold locks, white skin and the mole at the corner of the mouth perfectly transformed into Marilyn Monroe.
This photo is revealed as one of the first for Show Champion on the 28th. The pretty looks of MC Shindong and Sungmin caused a fiery reaction from fans.
The reactions from netizens who saw the photo include “revealing such a cute photo, daebak”, “Sungmin’s big eyes are so cute”, “Are there any other photos?”, “anticipating photos to be revealed from time to time in the future”.
Korean to Chinese Translation: 音悦Tai-SuperJunior饭团
Chinese to English Translation: yourblacksmile @ perMINent.net
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27 Feb:

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25 Feb:
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We all knew they were nice guys, but fans were super excited to hear that Super Junior‘s Sungmin and Shindong were doing the good deed of donating their blood.

After putting their fears aside, the boys posted a picture on me2day with the message, “As blood donation advertisors, we command you!! Donate blood!! hehe.” The photo, which you can see above, shows the pair with big smiles and red crosses on their cheeks, indicating that they had already given blood.
Netizens were pleased with what they had done and complimented, “Wow~ you two did it so I should donate blood as well!“, “I will do it for sure~“, and “I just donated today!”
Credit: Ningin
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On February 24th, Super Junior’s Siwon and Ryeowook graduated from Inha University, where they both majored in Theater and Cinema.
After attending the graduation ceremony, Ryeowook headed to his Twitter account to share the happy news with fans. He wrote, “I’ve graduated! I’d like to thank my professors, assistant noonas, seniors, and juniors. Because I wasn’t active on campus, I feel that I don’t have the confidence to say that I’m a qualified graduate. However, I have always been an Inha University student at heart. Lastly, I’d like to thank my professor for his memorable words at the end. I will never forget it.”
Congratulations to Siwon and Ryeowook!
Source: Ryeowook’s Twitter, Ningin
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24 Feb:
Graduation Siwon & Ryeowook

All Images, Reupload & Posted by: uksujusid (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)
Credit:  琳心_Chaelim 

Credit: 티니(r* _*)r -♥우로빠 (tinee48) 
Credit: Jeong Yun Lee (layla417) 

Download… HERE 57p Gorgeousness.. thanks to 최미소~* (mesochoi)
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21 Feb:
Kim Janghoon's Concert Congratulatory Message - Leeteuk & Eunhyuk 

Credit: Salleeteuk @ youtube
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7 Feb:

Super Junior on a Italian magazine!
Finally the magazine arrived(Name of the magazine: “Ragazza Moderna”)!! It’s a really good article,even if there are some imprecision. I put some photos but since I think most of the ELFs won’t be able to understand it, I’ll try to do a translation to English of the first 2 paragraphs^^ I hope you will understand even if I do some errors, please forgive me, I’m still learning English^^
-Count to 13, and you’ll have an Idol Group to discover!
1,2,3.. how many members can a band have? Between the editorial stuff we’ve never posed the problem, but when we discovered the Super Junior, Korean Idol Group that at first it had 13 members, we asked ourselves, aren’t they too many? Well, it seems not. Doing some research we realized that in Asia, groups with a lot of members aren’t rare – just think about “AKB48” the Japanese band of 59 girls- But it seems that SuJu doesn’t really fear competition. The band, that has been created by S.M.Ent in 2005, it’s active in a big record production and with name that says a lot about its succes, in the last years has overcome the borders of Korea, winning praise and international awards.
Since the debut, they have stood out not only for their (multifaceted talent) many talents, but also for their dedication in searching new styles and new music genres to propose to fans, the ELF(EverLastingFriend). To reach this goal, some members have started performing in subgroups – Super Junior-M, Super Junior-T, Super Junior-K.R.Y. and Super Junior-Happy- all are assigned to reach a precise musical market. After the first successes and the record sales of their 3rd album, “Sorry Sorry”, the career of Leeteuk, Heechul, Han Geng, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook, Kibum e KyuHyun has become unstoppable. Our boys are in thousand of projects, promotions, live tour, radio broadcast -like “Kiss the radio”, now is conducted(hosted?) by Sungmin and Ryeowook, instead of Leeteuk and Eunhyuk- and dramas. Too many engagements? It seems not, since SuJu has just started their first world tour, the Super Show 4, denying the rumors that said they were close to the dissolution, after the legal action started by Han Geng against the S.M.Ent, the enlistment of Kangin and Heechul in the military service, and the solo career of Siwon, Donghae(!!??) and Kibum. Narrow escape!
The other paragraph was about the Italian ELFs who want SS4 in Italy, and all the Flashmobs and activities we did :’) There were 3 others little paragraphs, one was about Siwon, that he’s the first Korean star that has 1 million followers on Twitter, the other was about the awards they win this year and the little black part under the photo says: Almost complete, one of the band with the highest number of members on earth, Super Junior.

Credit: http://kpopitalia.net  and Shen Billedo (_irshelf) for the heads up
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6 Feb:
at Restaurant
Credit: Chen Monew 
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3 Feb:
South Korean Group Super Junior will be having their concert for 4 consecutive days beginning today, where 40,000 tickets of theirs have already been completely sold out for a long time. They are the first Korean artists to hold a performance in Taiwan in the year of the dragon, and from February to May, on average there would be 3 South Korean male groups or solo artists who would be ‘reporting to’ Taiwan every month to snag profits.

Super Junior came to Taiwan this time in separate batches. Leader Leeteuk had first landed in Taiwan yesterday night with his fellow members Yesung, Donghae, Eunhyuk and Super Junior-M’s Henry, and because it was the Winter holidays the airport was crowded with more than 400 fans who welcomed their arrival. Another batch of members, which includes Sungmin, Shindong, Ryeowook, and Kyuhyun, will be taking the airlines with the flight number CI421 today, and will be arriving in Taiwan at 11am. Siwon, on the other hand, will be taking the flight TG634 on his own, and will be arriving at 11.55am.
On the other hand, Kyuhyun’s father will be starting a Korean language tuition centre in Taiwan, and had decided that the opening ceremony would be held a day after his son’s birthday on the 4th of February. A part of the Super Junior members will also be gracing the event and will hold a fansign event at the same time. They will be giving their autographs to the first 300 fans who registers for classes.
Note: Parts not related to SJ have been omitted.
Source: Liberty Times
Translated by eternalsnow @ SJ-WORLD.NET

29 January:

Ranking of dancers in Super Junior members was revealed through Mnet’s musician interview program ‘MIC’.
When asked ‘If Kyuhyun, you were to form a unit group, what kind of unit group would it be?’ and Kyuhyun said, ‘Because I am 5th best dancer in the group, I want to form a group that is more performance focused.’ He also added confidently, ‘Eunhyuk would be best and then Donghae, Shindong and Sungmin. 5th used to be Leeteuk, but seeing how he is doing these days, I am 5th.’
Meanwhile, Leeteuk revealed a side story of the ownership of Super Junior’s unique greeting ‘We are Super Junior’. Leeteuk said, ‘Boom allowed us to use this greeting. This deal was formed through a fair trade. He gives Super Junior the greeting and I have to sacrifice myself for the members as a student of the Boom Academy.’
Also, he revealed an episode that happened because the group had a lot of members.
Shindong remembered, ‘I went to a bathroom of a restaurant in Junjoo, and the van left without me. I tried to run after it, but some fans that were there followed me and started to run with me. In the end, I was able to catch up to the van and ever since then, the managers started to head count every time they started the van.’
When leader Leeteuk was asked of his thoughts on ‘Idol’, he answered, ‘An Idol is an idol of the fans and great singers such as Jo Youngpil is still an idol of the fans. I want to be an idol to those who love us even through the ages.’ Leeteuk also hinted the success of Super Junior by saying ‘In 2012, surprising things will happen to Super Junior.’ Leeteuk also added, ‘Personally, my goal is to work and be active until my body breaks and then enlist without any regrets.’
Source: sports world 
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Super Junior Eunhyuk and Leeteuk showed some disappointment after the broadcast.
Last 28th, Eunhyuk and Leeteuk had a conversation over twitter and said, ‘Script, whatever, hyung I don’t think I should be on shows anymore. What if it’s funny, I became a mean person.’
To this, Leeteuk tweeted, ‘What do you mean a mean person. You worked so hard! It wouldn’t have been the same without you. Everybody said that they saw it because of you~ Don’t worry about it. Your agility and sense is the best! If somebody says something, bring them to me!’ ‘You were the one that did this. If it was script, everybody would be nice people and everybody would be happy and it would end. That’s just a fairy tale, not a show. You did well! Keep your chin up! You’re the best! Hyung is jealous of you.’ and encouraged Eunhyuk.
To this, Eunhyuk replied, ‘No, even I think I was mean. But when it comes to teamwork, it’s EunTeuk! I’m most comfortable when I’m with you’. To this Leeteuk tweeted, ‘If you have any problems, ask me or throw the stones at me. It was me that lead the situation and set the setting as it was and the guests were acting the best way possible during the situation. Rather than saying who is good and who is bad, I hope you can just enjoy the show. It’s all my fault.’
These tweets could be understood by relating to the episode of MBC ‘We got Married’. On the episode of We Got Married, Super Junior’s Donghae, Eunhyuk, Sungmin and Kyuhyun had a blind date with Lee Sena, Shin SoYul, Son EunSeo and Jung YeonJoo.
Lee Sena and EunHyuk showed interest in each other until the midpoint, but later Eunhyuk chose Son EunSeo, who was a couple with Donghae, and earned the ‘Bad Boy’ character. To this, Lee Sena shed tears and had to leave the set briefly, leaving an awkward moment.
Later, Eunhyuk’s transformation to a ‘bad boy’ received much attention from the audience and some netizens even commented bitterly, becoming a hot issue online.
Source: tvdaily 
Translated by Jee (www.sup3rjunior.wordpress.com)

Super Junior’s Heechul and Donghae cheered Eunhyuk on as he has recently started his musical performance.
On January 28, Heechul uploaded pictures on his Twitter account with the comment, “Eunhyuk’s musical was really fun. His voice was amazing. Go! Fame!”
Donghae also uploaded a picture with the comment, “I watched Eunhyuk’s Fame. Eunhyuk, I think it’s always good to challenge.”
In the pictures, Super Junior’s Donghae, Kyuhyun, Heechul, and Eunhyuk are in distinctive poses and looks. Eunhyuk, smiling with a V-sign in costume for his musical performance, is especially attracting attention.
People responded: “Nice pictures! You guys look great! Super Junior is the best! I wish the musical Fame success, too!” “Wow, the pictures are so lovely! Thank you!” “Eunhyuk! Cheer up! I want to watch Fame, too.”
Eunhyuk is currently acting in the musical Fame. Heechul has been working as a public service worker in Seongdong District Office since September last year.
Source: Starnews ,Korea.com
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26 January:
After the 26th Golden Disk Awards that were held in Osaka, Japan earlier in the month, IlganSportscaught up with Super Junior to discuss their second ‘Daesang‘ they received, their second after previously winning the award back in 2009.

IlganSports shared the interview with the public on January 26th, check out the interview with the members below!

▶ Leeteuk:

-Congratulations on winning ‘Daesang’ for your album.
Thank You. I really can’t believe that we have won two Daesang to date at the Golden Disk Awards, it really does feel like I’m dreaming. We’re so thankful to have won four awards. We know that is only possible because of all our ELFs, and our beloved fans all over the world.”
-Your performance was really amazing tonight.
Actually, we started last year’s world tour right here (Osaka Kyocera Dome). We saw that a lot of our fans who came to that last year were here for us now. We were so touched and excited that I think we were able to put on a better performance. There was also the fact that we were performing at the Golden Disk Awards, and that carried a lot of weight.”
-How do you feel about IlganSports coining you the next Kang Ho Dong?
I saw the article, and of course I was excited. Part of me feels like it’s unmerited, while I also feel a new sense of responsibility. Just so thankful.”
-Seems like you’ve found your place on shows like ‘Star King’ and ‘Strong Heart’.
It’s a relief. To be honest, it was really bad when Ho Dong hyung left and the ratings were at an all-time low. There was also talk about changing the MCs and whatnot. So Boom hyung and I decided that we needed to work harder, and things seem to be much better on set now.”
-You have to enlist in the military this year.
Yes, it’s true. I need to go this year. I think maybe around the fall time. I want to do as much as possible before then. Maybe that’s why, but, I truly value everything I do and everything around me.”
-What are your dreams and goals for the future?
I would like to plant Super Junior schools all over the world.”

▶ Choi Siwon:

-This reminds us of our interview with you back in 2009, when you guys also won the ‘Daesang’ for your album.
Yes, I remember. We received the Daesang back then and you interviewed us at an eatery in Apgujeong. Can’t believe that time has passed so quickly already. I think Super Junior began receiving more love and support after we won the Daesang that the Golden Disk Awards that year (laughs).”
-How did your scandal with actress Kim Yunsuh come about?
It really doesn’t make any sense. If there is someone I really like, I’m usually very straight forward about it. My father who never calls me about work-related things was so shocked that he called me right away. He asked why I didn’t tell him ahead of time (laughs).”
-Then why do you think the rumors started?
We filmed maybe three scenes together for ‘Poseidon‘. And there was a time when we went to go cheer on Park Sung Gwang hyung for his new musical along with Lee Sung Jae, and some other actors. We took a photo there together with everyone in it, but the photos were edited to look like we took the photo alone. I think maybe that’s why the rumors began.”
-It must have been hard for you to lose both your grandmothers in the past year.
Yeah, I lost both my grandmothers in one year. I lost my grandmother on my father’s side in July, and my grandmother on my mother’s side on the 6th. This award ceremony was a little harder because it took place so soon after she passed away. I miss her even more today.”
-What will happen to you guys once Leeteuk enlists in the military?
There are a lot of different routes that we can take, but I think we will mostly promote as various units.”
-You have the most followers on Twitter, surpassing Lee Wae Soo.
Yeah, that happened towards the end of last year. I think with 1,100,000 followers, I surpassed senior Lee Wae Soo. Right now I have about 1,300,000 and I hope to surpass 3,000,000 by the end of this year. And I hope that collectively, we will have over 10,000,000 followers as a group.”

▶ Yesung:

-Watching your performance tonight, it seems like you have the most Japanese fans within Super Junior.
I’m embarrassed. The other members are really popular too. But it seems like my looks appeal to them the most (laughs).”
-Why do you think that is?
They like they eyes without the double eyelid. Just kidding (laughs). I think it’s because of our ballad unit, K.R.Y. I think because we seem more familiar to them, they like us a little better.”
-You’re known as the best vocals of the group.
I can’t say that myself, it will seem like I’m bragging! I sang a lot in our song “Sorry Sorry”, but they seem to remember me more for my ‘Cinderella‘ soundtrack, “It Has To Be You.
-You came out on top twice on ‘Immortal Song 2′.
When I went out by myself, I made a promise with the other members that I would. I was glad I could keep that promise. If I ever get the chance, I’d like to be on the show again.”
-We are looking forward to your World Tour, ‘Super Show 4′ at the Tokyo Dome.
Me too. We will perform at the Tokyo Dome for two days on May 12th & 13th. There is a lot to prepare before then.”

▶ Eunhyuk:

-Your dance performance tonight was amazing.
It’s a high level dance called Freeze. While I was rehearsing, my arms couldn’t carry the weight of my body, so I fell a lot. I had to consistently work out.”
-Did you guys gather in Leeteuk’s room after your performance like always?
Of course. We have this habit of gathering in his room after all of our overseas performances. Nothing special, we just like to tell teach other that we all worked hard and plan for the future.”
-What did you guys decide today?
We made a promise to one another. We pinky-promised that we would promote as Super Junior 20-30 years from now.”
-You can’t seem to tolerate alcohol very well.
That’s why I am cheering with my carbonated beverage. The ones that drink the best are Siwon,ShindongRyeowook, and others, and the ones that can’t even handle a single drink are me and Donghae. We still know how to have a good time being sober though (laughs).”
-You were recently selected as the ugliest member of Super Junior…
Who told you that (laughs)? They only say that because it’s simply not true. I know I’m not the best looking, but I think there are at least three behind me (laughs).”
Eunhyuk shared a photo of himself from the ceremony on his Twitter page that night writing, “Mom I’m the champion!”, causing his fans who saw it to explode in laughter. It must be true that he knows how to have a good time, even without drinking.

▶ Donghae:

-How do you feel about winning the awards tonight?
I don’t need to tell you how happy we are, that’s obvious, but I really missed my father tonight. He passed away, but I thought about how happy and proud he must have been for me.”
-We hear that of all the members, you have the widest circle of friends.
No way, Heechul hyung who is currently in the military has the widest circle of friends. I know a few people that he introduced me to (laughs).”
-We hear that you are the most popular amongst the female fans.
That hasn’t been proven. I don’t think I’m that popular when it comes to girls.”
-What was it like to be on ‘Match’?
There were a few people that chose me, but I didn’t become an actual couple with anyone. We filmed the entire day, but choosing someone within that short amount of time was difficult.”
-Any last words on what the award ceremony meant for you?
That’s something the leader should answer… first of all, I’m just glad that Super Junior has been widely acknowledged in Korea as well as overseas, and I’m so glad that the members trust one another and have been together for this long. We hope to see IlganSports at the Golden Disk Awards next year as well.”
(ShindongRyeowookSungmin, and Kyuhyun were unavailable for interviews.)
Source & Image : IlganSports via Nate, Ilgan Sports via Nate - allkpop

22 January:
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21 January:
Seoul Music Awards
Credit: Snowdrop8611
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Super Junior Themed restaurant in Taiwan
Credit: ┣SuJr13┫ 
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16 January:

Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk wrote lyrics to As One’s new song.
Brand New Music, As One’s agency, announced that As One are releasing their new song, “Only You,” on January 16. “Only You” is especially attracting attention because Donghae and Eunhyuk from Super Junior, one of the most popular idol groups in Korea, wrote lyrics to the song.
A spokesperson for Brand New Music said, “As One has recently moved to Brand New Music, to which VerbalJint and SKULL belong to, in order to be more active in their music career. The best Hallyu idol group Super Junior’s Donghae and Eunhyuk wrote lyrics to As One’s new song, ‘Only You.’ Donghae was even featured as a singer in this song.”
He also said, “As One and Donghae are close friends. They’ve talked about working together for a long time but couldn’t so far because of various circumstances. And finally they worked together for As One’s new single,Only You, this time.”
About the song, he said, “As One has impressed many people with beautifully harmonizing voices for more than ten years. ’Only You’ is a song that reflects such a style of As One’s. With collaboration from Donghae, As One could create a very polished song.”
After the new single album’s release, As One is going to start preparing for a new mini album.
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@esnathesinge: Big thanks to Donghae for helpin me release my 1st song in Korea and As One for makin the song sound amazing! Donghae and I wrote the song and Eunhyuk helped w/the lyrics and D20 arranged the song for us.Had a blast workin on the song ^^*
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KanFun Magz. Vol. 37
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w/FTV staff
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12 January:
Super Junior GDA History

*2006 (2) Rookie award, MV Popularity award
*2007 (2) Popularity award, Disk Main award (=Bonsang)
*2008 Because of activities of SJ-M & SJ-Happy, there’s no SJ’s album
*2009 (3) YEPP Popularity award, Disk Main award, Disk Grand award
*2010 (2) Asia Popularity award, Disk Main award
*2011 (4) Popularity award, MSN JAPAN Popularity award, Disk Main award, Disk Grand award
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10 January:

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Well, a week after Super Junior’s Leeteuk was crying thanks to Ryeowook, it looks like the leader has found someone to take his ‘revenge’ on and that someone just happens to be Donghae!

Super Junior is currently in Japan for the special Athena: Goddess of War concert and after the concert, some of the members went out for cola and ramen. Leeteuk made mention in one of his previous tweets that Donghae’s phone quality is lacking in brightness just like Donghae is. Donghae then tweeted, “@special1004 Hyung looks like my phone camera is not great ㅜㅠ looks like i have to change my phone ㅜㅠ”
Leeteuk then tried to “cheer” his dongsaeng up by replying, “@donghae861015 You should wipe the camera!” But that didn’t cheer Donghae up and he wrote, “@special1004 No ㅜㅠ Everything will be faulty when they are in my hands ㅜㅠ”
Leeteuk then replied, “@donghae861015 Minus’ hand (means hands that always destroy things)…Hyung is working…Tired..Keke. Play, with hyung’s share too!!!^^Perform with full of fighting tomorrow!!!”
Oh, you two crack me up. Hah, Donghae is lacking in brightness, hah.
Source: Donghae’s TwitterLeeteuk’s Twitter, Ningin
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8 January:

Super Junior’s hit ‘Mr.Simple’ has climbed to the top above many other nominees once agian! After winning the ‘Album of the Year’ award at the Mnet MAMAs, the 13 member group is at it again, sweeping through the finalees with 538,174 votes. With support of ELFs everywhere, they have taken the golden prize! Even with absences of Heechul, Kibum, and Kangin, the remaining nine members (Heechul included) are still climbing charts worldwide. Following were Jay Park’s “Abandoned” in second with 531, 092 votes, and fellow labelmate f(x)’s “Pinnocchio (Danger)” in third with 18,649 votes. Though missing members, the group never fails to please its audience. Fans are already looking forward to Kangin’s return while being satisfied with any news of Kibum and Heechul.
Leader Leeteuk tweeted, “ The South Korean boyband beat 36 other Korean acts to nab the MSN International Award,” In English surprisingly! With much happiness, fans replied, “SUPER JUNIOR IS THE BEST, FOREVER!! See you next month Leader ♥ nitez” and “You must be really proud. Congrats! Going to continue to support ☺ Fighting”.
There is no doubt, the group is quickly spreading their fame!

Source: Leeteuk’s Twitter & http://entertainment.xin.msn.com/en/hallyu/golden-disk-awards/
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Recently, a website hold a top 10 rating through which they would choose the singers to perform on the opening ceremony of London Olympic Stadium. Website hold an audience choice poll where every person can vote for the wanted singers. And currently, South Korean bands are leading the Top 10 poll.
Super Junior ranked the highest beating famous singers like Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber followed Big Banggot on the second position. Shinee who have previously rocked London with there successful concerts are sixth position and Girls’ Generation are on tenth.
Super Junior member Donghae, when came across this news, he playfully tweeted, “This one. Now we have to go London!”
The comments on the website regarding their voted singers are also quite interesting where they are praising them, Super Junior were described in these words, “Super Junior is the mix of everything! They are not just pretty Korean boys. Although this name will be unheard for many people don’t be tricked because every single member is very talented. Fighting Super Junior!”
while Big Bang’s fans wrote, “Big Bang has American and Asian music style. They are unique among all. It’s not there looks but their music that we love. They should be the one performing”
For Shinee fan wrote, “There’s no one can escape from SHINee’s charm! They have excellent singing ability, superb dancing n choreography, unique personality at such young age! They’re talented and we will never regret choose them!
Source: Top Ten and Donghae’s Twitter | korea.com
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@donghae861015: @special1004 Hyung looks like my phone camera is not great ㅜㅠ looks like i have to change my phone ㅜㅠ
(note: donghae is sulking? xD in relation to teuk’s tweet 120107 Leeteuk Twitter Update: Fighting Junior together )
@special1004: @donghae861015 You should wipe/clean the camera!
Source: @special1004; @donghae861015
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7 January:
In the evening on January 5, Super Junior’s Siwon tweeted a photo under the comment: “My funny friends…^^.” The photo was taken and posted on an online site by an unknown fan.
In the photo, Super Junior’s Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk were exquisitely captured as if they are wearing impish grin with their eyes fixed on the behind of a female guest to a year-end award.
Arrows are drawn which follow their eyes up to the behind of a woman, which is said to evoke big laughs among people who know their characters.
People who saw the photo left various responses: “Kyuhyun and Eunhyuk, you seem to be mischievous.” “You guys must be guys.” “I’m really curious about who the woman is.”
Source: Starnews, korea.com
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1 January:
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Siwon shared a new photo on his Twitter.
The members of Super Junior posed together at the backstage of MBC Gayo Daejoon.
They said goodbye to 2011 and countdown with fans on the show.
It is already 12am in Korea,Happy New Year everyone!!
Source: dkpopnews.
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Recently, Super Junior conducted an interview and expressed, “This year we went out of Asia and performed in places such as Paris in France and New York City in the United States. We received our fans’ love and support, and thus looking back, 2011 is a year that we are thankful for.” This year, Super Junior performed in Paris, Tokyo, and New York City in June, September, and October respectively with their fellow artists from SM Entertainment as part of the SMTOWN World Tour. Super Junior also began their Super Show 4 with stops in Seoul and Osaka.
Additionally, the group’s 5th album, “Mr. Simple,” exceeded 300,000 copies sold this year. When asked about the fact that new idol groups are being created at a quick pace nowadays, Super Junior, as seniors in the industry, expressed, “In the past, idol groups were usually only active for five years, so everyone always says that idol groups only last for five years. This mentality does make us feel uneasy, but it also motivates us to be a stronger team. We need to protect our team. There are junior idol groups that express worries and tiredness, but we always tell them that perseverance leads to success.”
Super Junior’s next goal is to continue to expand globally. In regards to this, Super Junior once said, “When we were performing in Malaysia, we walked by a VIP room and heard that there was someone high-rank from Pyongyang inside. We seem to be close to each other, and therefore should be performing there first, but from a different perspective, it may be the place that is furthest away from us. We are hoping we can perform as Super Junior at a stage in Pyongyang and create some warmth for each other through the performance.”
Source: Wen Wei Po, koreaboo
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@ShinsFriends: Today is Gayo Daejejeon! All the singers have also been rehearsing at Kwang Myeong since dawn today. Ah!! And, Darth Vader general came infront of my friend’s house. What? Heol~~ What is this? Envious! I want to have that! This is just nice for performance! I’m your father~  pic.twitter.com / wGORxKgw

@siwon407: ”@ShinsFriendsFather, I haven’t seen you recently.. So you’re there..  pic.twitter.com/rqnObubK””
@ShinsFriendsRT @siwon407:  What!! It’s our father!! So, you and I are brothers?? That’s right. We’re actually twins. Both of us are handsome!! Kekeke. It’s like this! @ShinsFriendsFather, I haven’t seen you recently.. So you’re there.. pic.twitter.com/rqnObubK
@siwon407: We are brother baby. Michael Sinson. (In Korean) we are brother baby. Michael sinson. Photo by SW. pic.twitter.com/bPeOSrde   
Source: @ShinsFriends, @siwon407
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