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Selasa, 27 Desember 2011


14 December:

SM Entertainment just keeps on coming with these teasers: just minutes ago, the agency released teaser #15 for its latest group EXO, featuring Tao!
Tao was previously introduced at the end of December through an earlier video that dynamically revealed his wushu experience.
Similar to the past previews, the latest teaser has a dark, edgy vibe that showcases Tao’s talent as he faces off against three masked foes with his martial arts skills. With Matrix-esque flexibility and dramatic air, Tao seems to pack quite the punch.
Check it out below:
Source: Youtube - allkpop
28 December:

After introducing members Kai and Lu Han earlierSM Entertainment has brought EXO‘s martial artist to the front.
In his video clip, Tao shows off an impressive array of wushu skills, which includes a knowledgable handling of the staff and dao. SM will follow up with more info about Tao, Kai, Lu Han, and their other groupmates soon through new teasers and press releases.
In the meantime, check out Tao’s jaw-dropping teaser below:
Source: allkpop

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