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Kamis, 22 Desember 2011

Korean Gallup

23 December:

Despite the fact that actor Won Bin did not participate in any movie or drama production during 2011, he has managed to grab the title of the best movie star who helped 2011 shine.
Korean Gallup conducted a survey from November 18th to December 6th where 1,728 people over 13 years of age, participated to choose the ‘movie star who helped shine 2011′.  The first place winner was none other than Won Bin who collected 11.3% of the total votes.
Runner-up came to Park Hae Il who received 9.5%.  According to reports, Won Bin was popular among young participants in their teens and 20s, while Park Hae Il’s majority voters were in their 30s and 40s.
Other winners included Jang Dong Gun(8.8%), Kim Ha Neul(8.2%), Gong Yoo(5.8%), Lee Byung Hun(4.8%), Ha Ji Won(3.1%), Ahn Sung Ki(3%), and Han Suk Kyu(3%).
Won Bin also came in 1st place for this exact same survey in 2010.
In related news, actor Hyun Bin grabbed 1st place for a similar survey that asked, ‘Which drama star helped 2011 shine the most?’  The two ‘Bins’ seem to be favorites among movie and drama-goers.
Source: heraldm via Nate - allkpop
21 December:

Hyun Bin was picked as the #1 actor who helped 2011 shine.
On December 21st, according to Korean Gallup, a poll was taken from November 18th to December 7th, in which 1,728 people, over the age of 13, participated .
Hyun Bin took 1st place with 9.2% of the votes due to his role as Kim Joo Won in SBS‘s ‘Secret Garden.
The actor had placed 5th in 2010′s poll, but after the airing of ‘Secret Garden’ he climbed up to 1st place in 2011 – evidencing that ‘Secret Garden syndrome’ is still at large.
Han Suk Kyu from SBS’s ‘Tree with Deep Roots‘ placed 2nd with 7.1% of the votes, while Kim Tae Hee grabbed 3rd with 7% of the votes for her drama, MBC‘s ‘My Princess‘.
Su Ae followed next for SBS’s ‘Thousand Day Promise‘, in which she played an emotional character undergoing Alzheimer’s, while Jang Hyuk came in 5th for SBS’s ‘Tree with Deep Roots’.
After those names came Go Doo ShimSong Joong KiLee Soon Jae, Lee Seung Gi, and Kang Boo Ja.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

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