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Selasa, 13 Desember 2011

Take Care of Us, Captain

4 January:
On January 3rd, the cast of ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘ attended the press conference for their drama at the SBS studio in Mok-dong, Seoul.

Actors Ji Jin HeeYoo SunLee Chun HeeLee Seong MinLim Seong Eun, Ha Joo Hee, andChoi Yoo Hwa came out decked in stylish formalwear, but it was Goo Hye Sun who stole the show by wearing a chic minidress with an embroidered blazer over top. It was a sophisticated play on the outfit her character wears as a co-pilot in the series.
‘Take Care of Us, Captain’ will air its first episode on January 4th.
Source + Image: Artsnews and Naver - allkpop

2 January:
SBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Take Care of Us, Captain‘, has released their first poster featuring lead actress Goo Hye Sun!

On January 2nd, YG Entertainment shared a poster of Goo Hye Sun in a pilot’s uniform, who gives the camera her trademark mischievous smile. The drama follows the story of a passionate co-pilot who’s determined to move up to becoming a full-fledged pilot. Goo Hye Sun plays the role of ‘Han Dajin’, a girl who’s not only lovely, but confident and determined.
She comes to deal with Jin Jin Hee, who plays ‘Kim Yoon Sung’, the youngest professional pilot on the team.
The drama begins airing on January 4th!
Source + Photos: TV Report via Naver - allkpop

14 December:
On December 13, leading actors for the new SBS drama ‘Asking Captain‘, Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Heespoke about why they decided to partake in the drama.

Goo Hye Sun replied, “Around July August I was filming a drama ‘He Never’ in Taiwan, when the director gave me the synopsis and script for ‘Asking Captain’. I thought the script was a lot of fun. The director told me that he wanted to cast me, but he personally came all the way to Taiwan. The director had a lot of enthusiasm for the drama”.
Ji Jin Hee added, “I also decided to do this drama after seeing how enthusiastic the director was”.
The drama’s CP, Kim Young Sup, also revealed a surprising cost about their aviation set.
“We brought parts from overseas and created an airplane set ourselves. The cockpit cabin and the air flight control tower alone, cost about 8 million won (roughly $7000)”.
You can catch Goo Hye Sun and Ji Jin Hee in ‘Asking Captain’ when it airs it’s first episode on January 4, 2012.
Source + Image: Osen via Chosun and SportsChosun - allkpop

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