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Jumat, 02 Desember 2011

Tous Les Jours

2 December:
Hallyu star Won Bin will be melting the hearts of ladies everywhere this winter season with his classic killer smile.

The actor who is serving as a spokesmodel for the bakery Tous Les Jours transformed into a romantic gentleman for the chain’s Christmas season advertisements that began airing on December 1st.
In the CF, Won Bin is dressed in a simple black suit with a checkered bow tie, displaying a fairty-tale like surprise holiday event for his special lady, handing her a Tous Les Jours cake at the end.
The shoot for this year’s CF was filmed over the course of two days, in a few different locations, mostly in the evenings.
A representative from the production team remarked, “We had to travel long distances to complete the shoot, and it was time-consuming, but we were blown away by Won Bin who was always on set first waiting for us, ready to begin.” He continued, “He felt really awkward and embarrassed saying his line, ‘Shall we go, princess?’, but all the females staff members on set had already fallen for him to the point that they were ready to go where ever he led them,” explaining the atmosphere on set.
The actress that was on the receiving end of Won Bin’s sweet gift was none other than new actress,Jin Yesol.
Source & Image: bntNews via Nate - allkpop

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