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Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Come to Play 2012

5 June:

Actress Park Bo Young revealed her long-time crush on Won Bin.
On the June 4th episode of MBC‘s ’Come To Play‘, Park Bo Young admitted, “Ever since I was young, I had a crush on Won Bin. I liked him since I was in middle school, and during every interview, I admitted that I was a fan.
She said on the show that there was a moment when she was able to actually meet Won Bin in person. Park Bo Young detailed, “I unexpectedly met Won Bin at a campaign shoot, and I was surprised that he knew my name.” She added, “It was a [casual] place to just have a can of beer, but I was so surprised when he called my name that I wasn’t able to answer.”
The smitten actress left a video message for Won Bin saying: “Even my fans know of my obsession over Won Bin because I always talk about him. I received a life-size picture of Won Bin laying down looking at me so I hung it up in my room.”
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

29 May:
Super Junior‘s Sungmin showed off his skills in the kitchen recently on the ‘Chef King’ special of ‘Come to Play‘.

On the May 28th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Come to Play’, Sungmin surprised everyone on set as he prepared a meal that had everyone’s mouth watering.
He revealed the story behind his dish, ‘jjajang ramen ddukbokki’, stating, “This was a menu that was really popular amongst my younger sibling and friends during my childhood.”
Having tasted Sungmin’s special fushion dish, the judges could not hide their surprise as they commented, “I really wasn’t expecting much, this is much more delicious than the other jjajang ramen I normally have.”
When it was time to crown the ‘Chef King’ after tasting the dishes of the contestants, judge Shin Hyo Seob announced Yoon Hyung Bin and Sungmin team as the winner. He also added, “Yoon Hyung Bin’s dish was delicious too, but Sungmin’s was especially better than expected.”
Other teams that took part in this episode were Lee Hyun Woo – Ryeowook and Kwon Oh Joong –Changmin.

Source + Photo: Hankooki via Nate - allkpop
Super Junior‘s Ryeowook revealed his past photos and discussed his chubbier past much to the surprise of the other guests and MCs on ‘Come to Play‘.

On May 28th episode, Ryewook confessed, ”I was quite chubby when I was young. I weighed about 82 kb (~181 lbs),” much to everyone’s surprise considering that he is one of the smaller framed members of Super Junior. “When our family would eat galbi (Korean BBQ) during traditional holidays, I would be told to stop eating.
When the photos were revealed on screen, Ryeowook made the studio laugh as he commented, “I guess I did eat a lot.”
After viewing these photos, viewers commented, “Wow! He looks really different from now!“, “He’s unrecognizable“, and “That’s really Ryeowook?
On the same episode, Ryeowook also lamented, “I get stressed out because of my short height… There is about 10 cm height difference between me and Siwon. Sometimes, during interviews, he’ll sometimes put his arms around my shoulder, making me look even smaller, and making me despise him a bit.”
Source + Photo: News via Naver, Sports Seoul via Nate - allkpop

Super Junior‘s Ryeowook selected leader Leeteuk as the pickiest eater in Super Junior.

Ryeowook and actor Lee Hyun Woo were teamed up for the May 28th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play – Chef King‘ special.
The hosts began to question Ryeowook about his culinary skills to which he replied, “I’m one of the maknaes of the group. There are a few members that are picky eaters, so after trying to match their demands, my culinary skills naturally improved.”
MC Yoo Jae Suk then followed up by asking who the pickiest eater in Super Junior is, to which Ryeowook immediately blurted, “Leeteuk.” The MCs then joked that Leeteuk should instead be calledEepteuk with eep/ip meaning “mouth” in Korean, and teuk meaning “special/strange”.
Meanwhile, the team that was crowned ‘Chef King’ was Sungmin and Yoon Hyung Bin. Others that guested on this episode were 2AM‘s Changmin and Kwon Oh Joong.

Source & Image: Financial News via Nate - allkpop
28 May:
Comedian Park Myung Soo has been drawing attention for saying that he cannot live without his wife’s kisses.

Park Myung Soo talked about his happy life as a married man on May 26th airing on ‘Quiz to Change the World‘.
Park Myung Soo said, “I am very happy with my married life.” To this MC Lee Hwi Jae said, “Back at the waiting room, didn’t you say, ‘I drank five cans of beers by myself last night’?
To this Kim Shin Young said, “I heard many stories from a witness. I heard that the two had a huge fight in front of a train station.” Park Myung Soo explained, “I hugged her from behind and she just said ‘let go.’ I thought she might fall into the Han River so I hugged her. I was a bit disappointed, but we didn’t fight.
To the rumor saying that the two married on an agreement of no kissing, he said, “The ‘Infinity Challenge’ members said that as a joke. I am a kiss mania. I can’t live without kisses. I am the spokesperson of the kiss council corporation.
Source & Image: Donga Daily via Nate - allkpop

22 May:
Singer Son Ho Young opened up about his past relationships.

On the May 21st episode of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘, Son Ho Young admitted that he had once wronged his past girlfriend.
Son Ho Young confessed that while he was in a long-distance relationship with a woman who lived in the United States, he was unfaithful to her and inevitably broke up with her.
The female guests on set could not hide their disappointment upon hearing his confession, but Son Ho Young then shared another story about how he once waited outside his girlfriend’s house for two whole days after she broke up with him.

Source & Image : XportsNews via Nate - allkpop
On the latest recording of MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, ZE:A‘s Kwanghee broke some idol barriers by honestly sharing a story from his love life, shocking fellow panelists.
Kwanghee’s always been known for his honesty and his directness on variety shows, so panelists shouldn’t have been too surprised. Kwanghee revealed, “I’m always dreaming of falling in love like the movies. I did once romantically confess my feelings towards a female celebrity I had a crush on.”
Considering that it hadn’t even been half a year since his confession, panelists were both shocked and surprised with his honest confession, drawing curiosity as to who it could have been.
On the show, Kwanghee also shared a story where he was slapped by an ex-girlfriend, complete with a comical reenactment of the shocking swears she had said towards him.
The episode airs on the evening of May 21st.

Source: Mydaily via Naver - allkpop

Singer G.NA shared a story about a previous relationship.

G.NA made an appearance on the May 21st broadcast of MBC TV‘s ‘Come To Play‘ and opened up about a previous 5-year relationship.
I was popular in high school for being a cheerleader (Captain of cheerleading squad),” she began. “I broke up with my boyfriend because he and I had very different ideas of what ‘racy (revealing outfits)’ was.”
Even when I wore something simple that was just tight with my jeans, he told me it looked too racy and that I shouldn’t wear it… All girls have a desire to wear clothes that are sexier, but he had very different thoughts,” she said, explaining that his complaints about her fashion caused the two to eventually end their 5-year relationship.
With her glamorous body, G.NA sure can make any outfit look sexy.

Source & Image: TVReport via Nate - allkpop
4 April:

Girl group miss A revealed that they made a promise with each other not to wink.
On the April 2nd broadcast of MBC’s ‘Come to Play,’ Suzy said, “There is something that our miss A members promised each other.  It is that when we are on stage we will not wink.”
She revealed how the promise came to be by stating, “In our debut song, ‘Bad Girl, Good Girl‘ our concept was that of a strong person so instead of winking and looking cute, we had an intense stare.
Netizens who watched the show commented, “Please show us though“, “Even if Suzy does not wink she is still cute“, and “It must be hard to be sexy and cute at the same time.
Source: Ilyo Seoul - allkpop

6 Mar:
Actor Jung Suk Won opened up about his relationship with singer Baek Ji Young.

Kim Bo Sung, Jung Suk Won, Lee Sang In, and martial arts coach Jung Doo Hong guest-featured on the ‘Action Star’ special of MBC‘s ‘Come To Play‘ that aired March 5th.
I became close with a stylist during one of my advertisement shoots, and I happened to meet [Baek Ji Young] by chance,” Jung Suk Won said. “She was so different from the image of her I had in my head.”
I thought she would be really outgoing, but rather she was really shy,” he continued. “After that, I started seeing her as a woman.”
I was having a rough time filming one of my dramas at the time, and I had no one to talk about it with so I called her,” he explained. ”I realized that she was extremely similar to me. For six months, she was my nuna and I was her dongseng. But at one point, Jiyoung told me that we should stop seeing each other. I was just starting my career, and that a scandal with her would only do me harm.”
She got so worried that I told her that regardless of the past, anyone with talent that believes in themselves would succeed. I told her, “I’m confident,” and that if you aren’t afraid and you have talent, it would be okay,” he said. “When I said that, Jiyoung shed a few tears.”
Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

19 January:
Singer IU recently guested on MBC‘s ‘Come to Play‘, where she revealed, ”I don’t like good-looking guys.

On January 16th, the variety show held a special talk corner called ’Steal IU’s Heart’, in which Joo HyunJung Bo SukPark Sang Min, and Kim Joo Hyuk had to hold a ‘meeting‘ with IU and have her pick who she liked best.
Prior to that, however, IU was first required to make a ranking of who she did not want to see at a ‘meeting’. The young star eventually chose Jung Bo Suk and explained, ”If someone is too good-looking, I feel like they can never be mine.
She also added, “Because of the drama ‘Giant‘ and the character ‘Jo Pil Yeon’, you seem scary to me.
Netizens who saw this episode commented, “Adorable complex“, “Who wouldn’t want to stay beside IU?“, and “Can’t believe it… is she being serious?
Source and Image : Etoday via Naver - allkpop

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