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Senin, 02 Januari 2012

Teen Top Album

30 May:

TEEN TOP is drawing world-wide attention with the release of their comeback date.
As a result of releasing their video teasers for their title song, ‘To You‘, the boys have been the number one searched group as well as becoming a trending topic on Twitter for the past 3 days.
A representative from TOP Media stated, “For twitter world trend issue, TEEN TOP placed #1 as soon as the teaser released showing that they are garnering attraction from their overseas fans.

The anticipation in Japan is even hotter as TEEN TOP reached #1 on Tower Records for two days even before their debut with their licensed album, which is a compilation album of some of their past hits.
The much love and attention that TEEN TOP is receiving  was shown through various congratulatory rice wreaths from fans all over the world such as Japan, China, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Malaysia.
Source: MSN - allkpop

TEEN TOP‘s new song “To You” has topped the charts immediately following its release.
With the release of “To You” at midnight on the 30th, TEEN TOP took home the number one spots on main music sites such as MelonBugsSoribada, and Cyworld Music.
Their new song, “To You”, is an emotional song with a lyrical melody and strong drum beats. The song has high expectations since it was produced by hit-maker, Brave Brothers.
Famous for their new concepts and intense choreography every time they release a new album, there seems to be a lot of curiosity for what kind of performance TEEN TOP will bring for the new song.
Meanwhile, the group will make their comeback with a set that took ~$85,000 USD to produce, kicking off with this week’s airing of KBS‘ ‘Music Bank‘.
Source: Star News via Nate - allkpop
29 May:

Idol group TEEN TOP who skyrocketed to fame after earning a triple crown with “Going Crazy” has returned with their third mini-album, [aRtisT].
TEEN TOP once again teamed up with hit producer Brave Brothers for this new album, and fans are wondering if the boys will once again sweep the charts with their new track.
The group’s new title song “To You” sings the heart of a man who cannot forget a woman he once loved, and it is a modern dance track that immediately hooks listeners with it’s mysterious and catchy melody.
As we patiently wait for the MV release, check out the track below.
Source: Melon - allkpop

23 May:

TEEN TOP has just released the first music video teaser for “To You” from their upcoming mini-album ‘Artist‘!
The teaser was posted on their official YouTube channel with the description “Jealous version (Love is Fight)”, and features L.Joe and Chunji in a face off over a mysterious girl. The end of the clip displays the date “20120530″, referring to the release date of ‘Artist’ on May 30 KST.
Watch the teaser for “To You” below, and check allkpop for updates.
Source: allkpop

After releasing a photo of their new album concept, the boys of TEEN TOP have now unveiled their album jacket cover along with the title.

On May 23rd, TEEN TOP’s official website shared the above photo. The album jacket photo is very different from the homeless look they portrayed in the concept photo. The album jacket photo also reveals the album title, ‘Artist‘.
TEEN TOP’s official Twitter account tweeted, “Wow… I heard Artist TEEN TOP’s new images have been revealed keke I’m going to go see it!”
Teen Top will release their third mini album on May 30th.
Source & Image: TEEN TOP’s official website - allkpop
21 May:
Teen Top recently piqued fans’ interest with a photo of their new album concept.

On May 22nd, Teen Top posted on their SNS channel, “The hot fever in my chest and hunger are making the sleeping artist blood inside me boil~ It’s ok if my lips are paralyzed if I can sing! (They really are paralyzed). Chunji hyung strewn with flowers and flowers, Niel hyung who lost his mind, and me (Ricky), exhausted with hunger.
A photo was also posted with the three members, Niel, Chunji, and Ricky crouching on the side of the road. The three boys are seen cowering under the blankets in the cold, while playing the guitar.
Netizens tried to guess the concept with, “Flower group appearance” and “Bohemian concept“.
Teen Top will be making their comeback with a third mini album on May 30th.
Source: Sports Chosun via Nate - allkpop

4 Mar:

To wrap up their latest cycle of promotions, TEEN TOP gave their goodbyes on last night’s episode ofSBS Inkigayo‘ with a special stage performance of “Crazy.
Instead of performing the usual choreography for the dance pop track, the six young men performed a slower version with mic stands with a brand new set of choreography. The performance breathed fresh air into the song, and has already received many rave reviews from fans and ‘Inkigayo’ viewers alike.
A video of TEEN TOP in the practice room has been revealed, so make sure to check it out below!

To watch the actual stage performance, check out allkpop’s ‘Inkigayo’ recap here. Tell us what you think of this new version of “Crazy”!
Source: Youtube - allkpop

10 January:

TEEN TOP drove fans wild with their dynamic music video for “Going Crazy, and now they’re aiming to do it again with the dance version of the MV!
Their latest video showcases all the points in their choreography, from the jump stunt to the body waves that draw loud screams on music shows.
Check out their MV below!

Source: allkpop
5 January:

TEEN TOP has kicked off their comeback by releasing a new music video!
On January 5th, the boys unveiled a MV that’s both dynamic and dramatic, as it mixes fluid choreography sequences with a story of a frustrating love.
As reported earlier, TEEN TOP teamed up with Brave Brothers for their second mini-album, who oversaw each aspect to ensure a high quality album. The effort definitely seems to have paid off, as the boys delivered an upgrade in looks, talents, and skills through just their music video alone.
Check it out below, and stay tuned for their comeback performance on Mnet‘s ‘M! Countdown‘ later on tonight!
Source: allkpop
Boy group TEEN TOP has made their long-awaited return with their second mini-album, ‘It’s‘.
Comprised of six tracks, the album was produced by Brave Brothers, who took on not only the production, but writing, composition, and mixing processes as well to ensure its high quality.
Check out some of their tracks below, and don’t forget to support the boys by purchasing their music.
01. “Teen Top”
02. “Going Crazy”
03. “Where’s ma girl”
04. “Girlfriend”
Source: allkpop

4 January:
TEEN TOP will be making their second comeback under the direction of hit composer Brave Brothers.

Brave Brothers was revealed to be the composer behind TEEN TOP’s 2nd mini-album, “Going Crazy“. He’s not only produced the album, but participated in the writing, composing, and mixing of every track to ensure its high quality.
Brave Brothers praised the boys by saying, “TEEN TOP exceeds whatever I ask them to complete, and as a producer, they’re a group that I really can’t help but covet.”
The boy group has shown several image transformations through two different teasers, making many wonder what the final concept will be.
TEEN TOP will be making their comeback through Mnet’s ‘M! Countdown‘ on January 5th.
Source + Photos: W Star News via Nate - allkpop

2 January:

After unveiling their first MV teaser for “Driving Me CrazyTEEN TOP has returned with a second video clip!
This time, the video showcases their dynamic choreography, which incorporates a hip hop influence and even a jump stunt. The members are definitely ditching their ‘flower boy’ image from “Don’t Spray Perfume” for a harder, more aggressive concept.
Check out their MV teaser below, and stay tuned to allkpop for more TEEN TOP updates!
Source: allkpop
TEEN TOP has been promoting their “Driving Me Crazy” comeback with a myriad of photo teasers. This time, they’ve released concept photos of members Ricky and Chunji!

Updated through their official homepage on January 2nd, the picture features the same rebellious concept from their previous teasers. The ominous blue filtering makes the boys look like they’re up to no good, a definite change from their previous image.
Check back for the rest of the members, and be sure to check out their teaser video if you haven’t already.
The full album and music video will be released on January 5th!
Source + Photos: TEEN TOP Official Website - allkpop
On January 1st, TEEN TOP‘s Ricky updated their official me2day with a teaser post of their new choreography.

Everyone follow TEEN TOP with their hands up high!!! This is Ricky, revealing a spoiler photo of our choreography as the first news of 2012^^“, he wrote.
The snapshot attached to the post revealed a dramatic moment from their choreography, which was further highlighted by the rays of light photoshopped into the picture. It looks like the boys are ditching their ‘young boyfriend’ look from ‘Don’t Spray Perfume‘ for a stronger, more masculine concept this time around.
TEEN TOP will be making a comeback on January 5th with their second mini-album
Source + Image: TEEN TOP’s me2day - allkpop

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