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Senin, 02 Januari 2012

The Moon That Embraces the Sun

1 Mar:
While miss A‘s Suzy is reflecting on her ‘Dream High‘ kiss with Kim Soo Hyun, and male fans are dying in jealousy over Kim Soo Hyun’s Suzy-IU double hug, Kim Soo Hyun has added one more thing for male fans to be jealous of for he has just had his first kiss scene with Han Ga In!

On the February 29th broadcast of MBC‘s fictional historical drama “The Moon that Embraces the Sun“, Yeon Woo (Han Ga In) and Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) shared their first kiss in a secret room behind Hwon’s chambers.
After Hwon and Yeon Woo reunited, Yeon Woo was hidden in a secret room within Hwon’s chambers. Unable to focus with his long-lost love in the room directly behind his, Hwon asked Yeon Woo if she was tired of reading her book yet. She responded, “I’m reading Han Fei Tzu [in Korean Han Bi Ja]. I am not bored so please focus on your state affairs.
Eventually, Hwon took his pile of work with him to the secret room. Yeon Woo was so enveloped in her book that she didn’t notice Hwon come in. Jealous that his presence seemed to be less interesting than a book, he asked,”Do I not even meet up to the Han Fei Tzu?… For the past 8 years, I didn’t allow a single side glance. You have no idea much of a toll, mentally and physically, it took to keep my love pure within the palace’s flower bed [of beautiful women].
Yeon Woo asked, “Why do you need physical strength?
Hwon answered, “How are you to understand the sleepless nights of a lustful man? Exercise is a must [to get through those nights].
However, Yeon Woo replied, “Your majesty’s words that say that you never sneaked a side glance [at another woman] is a lie, is it not? You were shaken by the shaman Wol.
Hwon was caught off guard as he responded, “I wasn’t shaken, though it is true that I was infatuated for a moment… But isn’t Wol, you?… So funny that you would be jealous of your own self.”
Yeon Woo covered her face with her book in embarrassment, but Hwon continued to gaze at her intently. He stated in a low voice, “But I think I, myself, am not normal for I have fallen for one girl two times,” as he leaned in for the kiss.
Later in the episode, Hwon reunited the two “moon embracing the sun” hair pins that he had planned to give Yeon Woo upon their marriage as he shared his original plans for their wedding day. Just as the two hair pins were reunited, he remarked, “the two becomes one,” and Hwon and Yeon shared their second kiss.

Source: Newsen via Nate, - allkpop
9 Feb:
On the February 8th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun‘, Lee Hwon (Kim Soo Hyun) confronted Wol (Han Ga In) with a torrent of questions in his attempt to find traces of Yeon Woo within her.

At the end of the previous episode, King Lee Hwon compared the penmanship of shaman Wol and his childhood love Yeon Woo, and realized that they were the same person. Hwon called for Wol to be brought to him, and he began to ask questions about her past.
Where were you born? Did you always live in Onyang? Where is your family? Are you an orphan?” he asked.
In hopes of easing whatever was burdening his heart, Wol calmly replied, “I was born far from the capital city.  I followed my spiritual mother and traveled from place to place. I don’t have parents nor siblings. The people who have been with me growing up are my family.
Though Wol explained, “As I became a possessed shaman, I lost my memories,” Hwon was sure there was more to uncover. He continued, “You say the memories of your past life were cut as you became a possessed shaman. Then, remove the seal and remember your past life. What was your name before you became a shaman? When, where, and from whom did you get possessed by? Do you not remember anything from your past life?
At this, Wol pleaded in tears, “Please stop it. Please stop asking me. No matter what you ask, I cannot give the answer you wish to hear. That is because I am not who you wish for me to be. I don’t know how much I may resemble that person, but please ask the questions to that person [and not to me].
When will Wol’s true identity be revealed, and will Wol herself realize who she is?
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

27 January:
Actor Kim Soo Hyun swept hearts thanks to his perfect portrayal of a young king who suffers from the memory of a lost love.

On January 25th, MBC aired a new episode of ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun’, which saw the destined reunion between King ‘Lee Hwon’ (Kim Soo Hyun) and ‘Yeon Woo’ (Han Ga In).
To recap, Lee Hwon snuck out of the palace to observe the lives of commoners. He gets caught in a light rain, and it brings out his repressed feelings of yearning for his lost love. “A drizzle… a drizzle is coming…”, he says — a play on words since ‘Yeon Woo’ is the name of Han Ga In’s character, but it also means a light rain or a drizzle.
Lee Hwon then sights an apparition of young Yeon Woo and follows her down a mountain path. As the night darkens, he ends up losing his way.
Just then, a small light flickered in front of Lee Hwon and the real Yeon Woo appeared. (If you remember from our latest TV Guide, ‘Yeon Woo’ escaped being buried alive, but is generally considered to be dead by the court.) Lee Hwon was stunned by the appearance of a girl who looked almost identical to the one he harbored in his heart. When he followed Yeon Woo into her house, he urgently asked, “Who were you waiting for in the rain? Were you perhaps waiting for someone?
But Yeon Woo has lost her memories and she replied, “I have had a spirit possession since a young age so I have been living here.” Yeon Woo told him that her name was ‘Dal’; thinking himself to be mistaken, a crestfallen Lee Hwon left the house.
When he returned to the palace, Lee Hwon transformed from the grieving lover into the powerful king. When he found out that his subjects had been using around 200 poor commoners to build something for themselves, he angrily shouted at his subjects, “Tomorrow I want a full written report about this construction and all of its related details immediately!” Despite his young age, his overflowing charisma alone is enough to make everyone freeze and listen to him.
After this episode was aired, viewers responded positively to Kim Soo Hyun’s acting. Many felt sucked into the king’s sad love story, and were impressed by his righteous fury. It was only after the credits rolled that they realized Kim Soo Hyun had delivered an impressive job, in which they truly believed he was King Lee Hwon.
Netizens commented, “Kim Soo Hyun was really good. Those eyes… at one moment they showed love and at another they gave me goosebumps”, “Kim Soo Hyun’s acting made me feel so immersed in the story”, and “His romantic and charismatic image is the best”.
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

17 January:

The past fortnight has seen plenty of romantic episodes from the MBC drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘. Unfortunately for the show’s fans, the plot will take a heartbreaking downturn with the death of a main character this week.
Through the preview released on January 17th, ‘Yeon Woo‘ (Kim Yoo Jung) who was to be the Crown Prince’s princess, is struck down with illness resulting from black magic conjured up upon the orders of the Queen Dowager. She gets banished from the palace, and later dies.
We then see ‘Yang Myung‘ (Lee Min Ho) and the Crown Prince, ‘Lee Hwon‘ (Yeo Jin Gu), react with fury and anguish as Lee Hwon’s first love gets buried in the earth.
The heartbreaking scenes will be aired on January 18th. The following episode on the 19th will also see the entrance of the adult actors (such as Kim Soo HyunHan Ga InJung Il Woo, and more) after the childhood period of the drama passes.
The two also starred in 2008 drama, “Iljimae“.

Source: Newsen via Nate allkpop

6 January:
ZE:A‘s Siwan has captivated drama fans with his role on MBC’s ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘.

Siwan plays the character of ‘Heo Yeom‘, who’s been acclaimed as best and brightest of the Joseon Dynasty. His genius was also bolstered by his great personality and handsome looks.
The idol/actor appeared on the drama’s first episode on January 4th for only 20 seconds, but he left a strong impression. In the second episode, which aired on January 5th, Siwan lead the plot firmly, yet successfully, causing a new wave of fans to experience the ‘Siwan fever‘.
Siwan’s name has become the ‘most searched’ on various sites, and remains strong in that trend even after the episodes aired.
After the broadcasts, netizens commented, “‘Devilish Scholar’ couldn’t suit him any better“, “My eyes were happy looking at his good looks”, and “I thought he was a new actor with perfect acting skills“.
Siwan stars as the young Heo Yum in the drama, while participating in overseas promotions with ZE:A.
Source + Photo: OSEN - allkpop

2 January:
On January 2nd, the cast of MBC’s upcoming Wednesday/Thursday drama, ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘, gathered at the 63 Building in Yeoido for their press conference.

Actress Han Ga In was asked by reporters about what her husband (actor Yeon Jung Hoon) thought of her two younger male co-stars, Jung Il Woo and Kim Soo Hyun.
She replied, “He hasn’t really said anything because we don’t talk about the drama that often. I’m sure he’d be happy, right? Or maybe envious?”
This drama marks her first small screen comeback in a year and six months. She’ll be playing the role of Kim Soo Hyun’s first love, who got kicked out of the king’s palace after becoming sick with an unidentifiable disease.
Kim Soo Hyun expressed, “I’ve never lived as a king before so I studied all of the kings we’ve had thus far. If I were to choose a senior role model king, I guess I’d choose Song Joong Ki (Song Joong Ki had played the role of a younger king in the drama, ‘Deep-Rooted Tree’).”
He continued, “I’ll be playing the role of a fictional king from the Chosun dynasty named Lee Hwon. He’s a king that tries to right the wrong and is loyal to his one love. I tried not to smile too often during the phototime because it makes me look a lot younger than my role. There have been many kings before me, but please trust me when I say that I will show a different image than them.”
Jung Il Woo was asked about his dating style, to which he replied, “I’m like a nickel-silver pot. I heat up quickly, but also forget quickly once the love ends. Actually, my dating style changes each year.”
On his character, he stated, “He’s a natural character that has a lot of worries on the side. Even though he’s laughing, you know that he’s sad inside, so he’s one that requires a lot of emotional restraint and balance.”
The drama begins airing on January 4th.
Source + Photos: Star NewsOSENMydaily - allkpop

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