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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

The King 2 Hearts

23 Mar:

MBC‘s new drama ‘The King 2 Hearts‘ which stars Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi launched its first episode on March 21st and received an impressive TV rating of 16.2%. The drama grabbed first place in its time slot and did fairly better than its counterparts, SBS‘ ‘Rooftop Prince‘ and KBS‘ ‘Equator Man‘ which also broadcast their first episode on this day.
Lee Seung Gi and Ha Ji Won’s pairing definitely seems to have been effective, as high anticipation for the two brought in large views upon its very first broadcast. However, some interesting facts have been uncovered about the show. It just so happens that there were a line of top male actors who rejected the offer to play the role of Lee Jae Ha, which is currently being played by Lee Seung Gi.
The role was first offered to actors Lee Byung Hun and Won Bin, but was eventually turned down by both. Next, actor Cha Seung Won was pondering whether to star in ‘The King 2 Hearts’ or upcoming medical drama, ‘The 3rd Hospital‘, but ended up rejecting both projects.  Then, Jo In Sung was in the process of confirming his enrollment in “The King 2 Hearts” after his current movie, ‘Martial Arts of the Fist‘ had some delays with the shooting schedule. However, he forfeited the role at the end. Lee Jae Hoon was also given the chance to play the protagonist role in “The King 2 Hearts”, but instead took on a leading role in new SBS drama series, ‘Fashion King‘.
Producers, directors, and the actors and actresses themselves who have frequently experienced this sort of situation often remark at interviews and press conferences that, “Fate brings the cast and project together“.
In the end, it seemed as though fate had chosen Lee Seung Gi to play the leading role of Lee Jae Ha on ‘King 2 Hearts’ all along.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

8 Mar:
Actress Ha Ji Won felt burdened for acting as a couple with Lee Seung Gi, who is much younger than her.

A press conference was held on March 8th for their upcoming drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts’ and there Ha Ji Won said, “This time, I felt slightly burdened for having to work with someone younger than me.”
Ha Ji Won was born in 1978 and Lee Seung Gi was born in 1987 which is a nine year age difference. Depite being an older woman, younger man couple, Ha Ji Won said, “I can’t even feel the age difference.
She continued, “There is quite an age gap between me and Seung Gi, but he wasn’t as young as I thought he would be. Sometimes I felt like he’s older than me. I couldn’t even feel the age gap between us and we had a fun time filming together.
She also explained how she was worried about their age gap saying, “If I work while thinking about our age difference, I noticed that I don’t work as well. I’ve never had an obsession with working with a man younger than me, but this time the gap is pretty large so I felt more burdened than I did in other productions. I hope that we will be a good match together.
Their new drama ‘The King 2 Hearts’ will be aired after the conclusion of ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun.’

Source & Image: Star Today via Nate - allkpop
7 Mar:

MBC recently released the first official trailer for their highly-anticipated drama series, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.
Male lead Lee Seung Gi will be playing the role of a South Korean prince in the series, while his co-star Ha Ji Wonwill be playing the role of a North Korean military officer.
The first episode is currently scheduled to air March 21st, but in the meantime, check out the second trailer below!

Source: allkpop
29 Feb:

As we previously reported, Lee Seung Gi has stepped down from his ‘Strong Heart‘ post in order to focus on his newest drama, ‘The King 2 Hearts‘.
The actor will be playing the role of a South Korean prince in the drama, while his co-star Ha Ji Wonwill be playing the role of a North Korean military officer.
MBC will be broadcasting ‘The King 2 Hearts’ following the conclusion of ‘Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ next month, but in the meantime, check out the intense first official trailer for the series below.

Source: allkpop
28 January:
MBC‘s new drama ‘The King’ has held its first script reading, thus marking its final stretch of preparations before filming.

Main leads Ha Ji Won and Lee Seung Gi joined the rest of the cast in completing their first script reading on January 26th.
A source revealed, “This day’s script reading was the first time the cast of ‘The King’ had all got together, and the mood washarmonious and peaceful… The script reading was carried out under the direction of Lee Jae Gyu PD in a serious, yet considerate atmosphere.”
According to the source, the script reading took five hours, giving the sunbae and hoobae actors a chance to mingle with one another.
The first shoot for ‘The King’ will take place on January 31st. The series will then air in the time slot of‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun’ on March 14th.
Source + Photo: TV Report via Nate - allkpop

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