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Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

SJ - M

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23 Mar:
S.O.L.O Teaser

Credit: sweetbox107 
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23 January:
SJM Celebrity Tour Guides Lunar New Year Special [ENG SUB]

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Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5 (Extras)
Part 6 (Extras)
Part 7 (Extras)
Part 8 (Extras)

22 January:
SJM's S.O.L.O and Donghae & Henry's This is Love [AUDIO]

SJM Celebrity Tour Guides Lunar New Year Special

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8 January:

Have you ever wondered what would happen if Eunhyuk teased Donghae instead of the other way around? Well, according to the following video, Donghae…
Massages Eunhyuk’s neck!
In the clip, Super Junior M is having a fanmeeting of some sort and Donghae makes a pronunciation mistake. Eunhyuk then calls him stupid, and later on, as a way of getting back at him, Donghae walks up to said member and rubs his neck. Eunhyuk pretty much brushes it off, so one can assume that the massage wasn’t very brutal. Of course, evil maknae Kyuhyun totally approves of Donghae’s retaliation.
The fishy couple are always messing around with each other, aren’t they?

Credit: Ningin
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Recently, Super Junior-M’s old interview during their promotions in China back in 2008 has become a hot topic after it was uploaded onto Youtube. During the interview, two Super Junior-M members were revealed to have had a crush onf(x)’s Victoria! These two were none other than Zhou Mi and former Super Junior member Hankyung.
During the interview, Zhou Mi was asked, “Among these 7 members, which one would most likely be your love rival?” Since it was early into their Chinese debut, not all the Super Junior-M members were proficient in Chinese. After letting out a laugh, Zhou Mi translated the interviewer’s question to the other members and got their permission to answer. He then pointed at Hankyung, and all his fellow members showed signs that they understood why except for the innocent and confused Donghae. Curious, Donghae turned around and asked his fellow members, “Song Qian?”, surprising his fellow members who immediately tried to keep him quiet. Song Qian was f(x) leader Victoria’s Chinese name before she debuted. She was featured in Super Junior-M’s music video for the Chinese version of “U“.
Check out the video below!

Credit: Ningin
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3 January:

South Korean idol group Super Junior’s subgroup Super Junior-M made a “long stay” for two months in Taiwan this year to study Mandarin. They appeared frequently in Taiwan, stimulating sales of their Mandarin album “Perfection”. Adding on the fact that the pronunciation of “too perfect” is similar to that of “Taiwan is beautiful” and “Taiwanese girl”, they sold 60000 copies, becoming the bestselling South Korean artist in Taiwan.
Most popular Korean group SJ, concert tickets on sale today
SJ’s new Korean album “Mr. Simple” was not far behind, selling 45000 copies, taking second place behind the first-placed SJ-M. On February 3, 4, and 5 next year SJ will be holding their concert at Taipei Dome, and the tickets will be going on sale at 1PM today through the 7-11 i-bon system. For more information please refer to the Taipei Dome’s official website.
Korean stars’ albums dominate, top 10 all sold over 10000 copies
Jang Geun Suk released an album after experiencing success in acting. He came to Taiwan in June to hold a fan meeting and sold out both meetings, raking in NTD 26,720,000 (about $883000). With his explosive popularity, his album “The Lounge H Vol. 1” defeated Girls’ Generation, selling 40000 copies, and is the only artist in the top 5 that is not a part of a group. 4th placed Girls’ Generation’s “The Boys” sold 26000 copies.
South Korean boy band CNBlue had a busy schedule this year, and even though they have not been to Taiwan to meet the fans, they still took 5th place with 20000 copies. In addition, Kim Hyunjoong (15000 copies), F.T Island (15000 copies), Big Bang (12000 copies), TVXQ (11000 copies), and f(x) (10000 copies) round up the top ten of the sales chart, selling more than 10000 copies each, proving the Hallyu wave’s popularity.
Source: Liberty Times
Translation credit inspiritELF4ever@tumblr
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