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Senin, 09 Januari 2012


9 January:

On January 6th, Dal Shabet‘s Serri reflected on the group’s debut and the obstacles they faced while on the set of their music video shoot for their comeback track, “Hit U“.
Serri began, “Dal Shabet was connected to Girls’ Generation immediately after our debut, and articles were released stating that, which wasn’t good to watch. At the time of my debut, I got in the headlines for resembling Wonder Girls‘ Sunye and Girls’ Generation member Jessica, which brought a lot of hateful replies that hurt me.”
Because Dal Shabet was produced by E-TRIBE, the composers behind Girls’ Generation’s hit song “Gee“, many netizens began calling them the ‘second Girls’ Generation’, which in turn instigated protests and a large anti-fan population.
Serri continued, “I was really shocked and at a loss on what to do whenever I heard people say, ‘How could you be Girls’ Generation? You’re too ugly.’ Now that a year has past, I’m glad to say that Dal Shabet has found their own color.”
She added, “Now that we’re a year into our debut, our individual members have been promoting on their own and have created names for themselves that people can recognize. We’re not going to try to get in the headlines for resembling other people, but rather just work hard on our own and get our identity out there.”
Source: Star N News via Naver - allkpop

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