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Sabtu, 14 Januari 2012

Hello Baby - MBLAQ

15 Mar:

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon showed off his incredible and versatile singing abilities.
On the March 15th episode of KBS Joy’s ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby‘ the MBLAQ members and their three babies went to the recording studio to record a song for their musical mission.
Lee Joon also won a rap battle against his fellow MBLAQ members, earning the right to record the rap portion of the song. He threatened G.O‘s position as the lead vocal after properly pulling off a variety of different music genres including rock, trot, opera, and more.
Lee Joon reportedly also caused the staff members to explode into laughter after adding never-before heard documentary-style narrations to the children’s song.
Afterwards when they listened to the finished song, Lee Joon said, “This is the first song where my actual voice comes out the most,” and was very pleased with the results.
Source: Nate News - allkpop

8 Mar:

The next episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby‘ is one fans won’t want to miss, as the members are set to confess some of their childhood secrets, as well as answer to rumors regarding their past!
Thunder was asked about whether he really liked to dress up as a girl when he was little, to which he revealed that he used to wear his sisters’ hand-me-downs, and was often misunderstood as a little girl due to his pretty looks.
He also surprised his fellow members by revealing that he only used to shower once a week as a kid!
Lee Joon‘s mother will also make an appearance as a special guest to check up on her grandchildren as well as share a bit about Lee Joon’s childhood.
The episode will broadcast on the night of March 8th.
Source: E Today - allkpop

10 Feb:
MBLAQ‘s Seungho has been selected by professionals as the best infant caretaker amongst the members.

On the February 9th episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby‘, the members met with child counselor Kim Mi Young, who gave the boys reports on their parenting skills thus far.
After carefully observing the members and their parenting styles, Kim Mi Young selected the best and worst parent.
Based on her analysis, the professional stated that MBLAQ’s best ‘father’ was none other than leader Seungho. “His parenting skills are on a level similar to mine,” she explained.
On the other hand, Mir was selected as the worst parent, receiving only 26 points of 200.
Who do you feel is the best caretaker out of all the members?
Source & Image: Etoday via Nate - allkpop
7 Feb:

Fans of of KBS Joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5 know MBLAQ‘s son Leo as the cute little energetic boy that sometimes gets into trouble, but which MBLAQ daddy does he miss and want to see the most? On February 7th, a homemade video revealed just that along with a musical surprise that showed how much he enjoyed his daddy’s songs.
The video started off with Leo wearing monkey pajamas and swaying side to side singing along to MBLAQ’s “It’s War“. After fidgeting with a cell phone he asked, “Are we gonna go right now to [see] MBLAQ daddy?”
His mom answered, “Tomorrow..let’s go tomorrow morning.” A sad Leo replied, “No, I don’t want to … [I want to go now.]“
With a series of back and forth discourse that always ended with Leo saying “No,” he later waved to the camera and said, “Daddy I want to see you.”
His mom asked, “Say Lee Joon daddy I want to see you,” but instead of repeating those words Leo whole heatedly replied, “Cheondoong (aka Thunder) daddy I want to see you.”
A second video showed his mom trying again asking, “Say Mir Daddy I want to see you”, but Leo answered, “No I wanna see Cheondoong daddy.”
Sorry Lee Joon and Mir, I guess Thunder has stolen Leo’s heart! You can check out both of Leo’s cute clips below:

Source: Leo’s facebook - allkpop

2 Feb:

MBLAQ‘s maknae Mir was criticized by his fellow members after making his ‘daughter’ cry.
On the February 2nd episode of KBS Joy‘s ‘MBLAQ’s Hello Baby‘, the members were enjoying a nice dinner with the children at the Baby House.
Member G.O. showed off his culinary skills by serving the members a special dinner, but their ‘daughter’Da Young refused to eat any of the food. In the moment, member Mir grew frustrated with Da Young and raised his voice towards her.
This startled Da Young who never expresses her emotions, causing her to explode into tears, thus completely changing the atmosphere on set.
Ironically, the members then raised their voice and began scolding Mir, but hilariously enough, Mir did not seem too apologetic and came across as rather stubborn, further perplexing his fellow members.
Also check out Joon’s & Thunder’s cut from the episode below.

Source: OSEN - allkpop
26 January:
MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon is known for making the ladies swoon with just a simple flex of his muscles. But it seems like he’s met his match in a little girl named Dayoung.

On January 26th, KBS JOY will air a new episode of ‘Hello Baby Season 5‘ – a reality show that sees the members of MBLAQ become proxy parents to three young children.
Lauren and Dayoung, two of the little girls on the show, both seem to favor MBLAQ’s G.O. As such, Dayoung couldn’t hide her jealousy when she saw G.O. playing with Lauren.
Noticing how upset Dayoung was, Lee Joon took it upon himself to try and cheer her up with his“muscle aegyo”. Unfortunately for him, Dayoug looked less than impressed with his musculature, and even scrunched up her face.
Check out the full scene when the episode airs at midnight on January 26th KST!
Source + Image: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

17 January:

Yesterday we reported that MBLAQ held a press conference for KBS Joy’s ‘Hello Baby‘ Season 5.
During the press conference, MBLAQ’s Lee Joon was asked if his ideal type had changed, after choosing figure skater Kim Yuna as his ideal woman on KBS’s ‘Star Golden Bell‘.
He affirmed, “Nothing has changed. I like Kim Yuna as a fan. She worked hard to become the best in her field and achieved her goal, that’s why she’s my ideal type”.
He also added, “I’m a person who is consistent (with my beliefs)”.
Looks like Lee Joon is a fan of hard working women.
Meanwhile, the season premiere for ‘Hello Baby’ will air on January 19th.
Source: Starnnews - allkpop

15 january:

On January 12th, a video preview for the new season showed MBLAQ talking about their wonderful first impressions of their children. The happy mood quickly changed, however, as the members expressed the difficulties of becoming a dad.
The preview began with ThunderMir and Lee Joon saying that the children were like angels or walking dolls. G.O. expressed his anticipation for the new role while Seung Ho expressed, “Whoever it is, I am confident.”
Later, Seung Ho admitted that being a dad was more challenging than it seemed. “This is more than what I had imagined (it to be like),” he said as Lee Joon concurred with a sigh.
The show will air its season premiere on January 19th. Check out the trailer below!
Source: allkpop

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