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Kamis, 19 Januari 2012

Dal Shabet Album

5 June:

Dal Shabet announced their comeback with a fierce new MV.
The girls released their first formal album on June 6th as well as the MV to their title song, “Mr. Bang Bang“.
The song has a bright and cheerful melody as well as a catchy repetitive chorus that is sure to hook listeners immediately.
Dal Shabet’s agency Happy Face Entertainment remarked, “The title song “Mr. Bang Bang” from Dal Shabet’s first formal album was written by E-TRIBE, and a bright melody was created to make it easy for anyone to sing along. You will be able to see a new side of Dal Shabet that’s being introduced for the first time.
Check out the MV below!
Source & Image: StarNews via Nate - allkpop

30 May:
Dal Shabet has released a group album jacket picture with their new member Woohee for their comeback album release, ‘Bang Bang‘!

Having wrapped up their previous promotions as ‘Dark Shabet’, the girls have made an adorable transformation as lovely summer ladies in a trendy black and white style. Nicknamed the ‘babydoll style’, the girls are in feminine one pieces and skirts with roller skates to add a fun flair to the photo.
Woohee herself is seen sporting an entirely different look to her profile photos and looks to be fitting right in with the group.
Dal Shabet’s producers E-TRIBE stated, “Dal Shabet’s former albums emphasized trends and styles, but this time, their comeback album will be focused on its melodies. Woohee’s addition to the vocal line has allowed the creation of a more mature vocal color to the group.”
‘Bang Bang’ will be released on June 7th.
Source + Photos: Star N News via Naver - allkpop

27 May:

After announcing their comeback and undergoing a member change this past week, girl group Dal Shabet has jut released the tracklist to their first full album, ‘BANG BANG‘!
The release will include a total of 14 songs, and the title song for main promotions will reportedly be track 11, “MR. BANG BANG“. Check out the list below:
  1. Enter Dal★Shabet (Intro)
  2. Disco Time
  3. Supa Dupa Diva
  4. Pink Rocket
  5. Bling Bling
  6. Hit U (feat. Bigtone)
  7. Girl Girl Girls (feat. Makustle)
  8. Love Shake
  9. Many Boys
  10. Mirror
  11. Mr. BANG BANG
  12. Without You, I
  13. Try to Come Closer (feat. Nassun)
  14. Mr.BANG BANG (Instrumental)
‘BANG BANG’ is scheduled to be released on June 7th. Stay tuned!
Source: allkpop

22 May:
It’s been four months since Dal Shabet‘s promotions for “Hit U“, and now the group is reported to be making a comeback next month with their first full-length album.

Happy Face Entertainment stated on May 22 that Dal Shabet will hold a showcase in celebration of the album’s release on June 5 at Seoul’s CGV Cinecity’s M Cube. A representative from the agency stated, “We’ve prepared the showcase in secret with their comeback in sight. Rather than a deluxe showcase, we plan to make it full of content.”
The upcoming album is reported to have a total of 13 tracks, including 4 previous hits, 1 intro track, and 8 brand new songs. Its title track was produced by E-Tribe, and will feature a brighter side of Dal Shabet.
The label representative described, “It’s a song that has a melody that’s bright and fun to fit in with summer. It’s definitely noticeable that it has a different appeal than the sexy concept of ‘Hit U’.”
Dal Shabet’s first full-length album will be released on June 7.
Source + Photo: Star News - allkpop

26 January:

Girl group Dal Shabet have returned with their 4th mini album, ‘Hit U‘!
This mini album is comprised of six tracks, two of which are remixes. The girls will be promoting “Hit U” as their main song, but they’ll also be bringing “Fire It Up” as their intro theme. If the sassiness of “Hit U” and “Fire It Up” aren’t really your thing, you might want to try out “Chu My Boy“, a track that perfectly melds a late-’90s urban vibe with the sweet vocals of Dal Shabet.
Check out ‘Hit U’ below, and don’t forget to support the artists by purchasing their music!
01. “Fire It Up”

02. “Hit U”

03. “Chu My Boy”

04. “Dream In U” (Remix)

05. “Hit U” (Remix)

06. “Hit U” (Instrumental)

Source: allkpop

Dal Shabet shocked their fans with a dramatic MV teaser for their new song, “Hit U“, and now they’re back to finish the job!
On January 27th, the girls released their 4th mini-album, ‘Hit U‘, which is also the title of their lead track. In their MV, Jiyul plays the lover of an irresponsible man, who toyed with her once and is now trying to get her back. Her response? She stampedes through his hallway to plug bullets into his chest.
Check out the MV below!

Source: allkpop
19 January:

Dal Shabet is aiming to shake up the industry with their music video for “Hit U“!
On January 18th, Dal Shabet released a MV teaser that shot their sweet-as-candy girl group image to pieces. (Literally.) Fans are already calling this concept ‘Dark Shabet’, and have expressed eagerness for the full version. Check out the MV teaser below!
Source: allkpop

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