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Strong Heart 2012

6 June:

INFINITE‘s leader Sunggyu guested on ‘Strong Heart‘ and revealed that the other members tease him.
Sunggyu was featured as a guest on the June 5th broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’, and brought laughter on set with stories about his nickname, “old man”.
The INFINITE member revealed that he was called an “old man” as a joke by the other members on a broadcast (‘Sesame Player Season Two‘) as he is the oldest in the group. Being labeled as a weak, old man on the show, fans began to truly believe Sunggyu to be the most weak and frail member.
Sunggyu explained that fans who believe he has a lack of stamina have been sending him things like ginseng that will hopefully give him more physical strength.
In related news, INFINITE swept up all the music programs last week, achieving their first music program all-kill with “The Chaser“.
Watch Sunggyu tell his story on June 5th’s ‘Strong Heart’.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Super Junior leader Leeteuk talked about how the members resolve conflicts within the group.
SECRET member Han Sunhwa shared on the June 5th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ that she sometimes feels alienated within her group, and Leeteuk who could relate remarked, “When there are differences in the amount of promotional activities amongst the members, misunderstandings sometimes arise.
We too have gotten into fist fights, and there was even an occasion where we flipped the dining table,” he admitted.
Leeteuk and Eunhyuk who admitted that they once fought after their #1 ‘Inkigayo‘ win remarked, “It’s not good to keep it all bottled in. Our relationship actually gets better if we work out together or get into a big fight.
After the fights, who’s the one that says “Sorry Sorry“?
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

INFINITE‘s Sunggyu shared that the group members’ lying habits are preventing them from establishing better teamwork.
On the June 5th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Sunggyu remarked, “The members have now figured out how to get more air time… so now they keep making things up, and the target is always me.”
One day Hoya lied and said that one time when the cameras were off, I suggested to the members that I should be the main focus that day,” he revealed.
The more they enjoyed getting air time, the more they created a false character of me,” he continued. “I’m only 24, but they started calling me ‘old man’. I’m actually really healthy, but my fans keep telling me to be strong.
I could be in a really great mood, but I quickly become depressed when a program begins,” he added. “Even during idol athletic programs, I know I can easily go through with it, but I feel like I shouldn’t win. These days, it’s really hard pretending that things are actually hard.”
Source: SportsSeoul via Nate - allkpop

SECRET‘s Sunhwa admitted that she once was the first one to approach someone she was interested in.
On the June 5th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Sunhwa remarked, “I once recklessly approached a guy I fell in love with at first sight.”
I went to see a performance, and I instantly fell in love with the band’s main vocal,” she explained. “During the middle of the show, the lead vocal began emceeing the event and he called up all the single people to the stage. I ran up there as fast as I could.
Unfortunately, the lead vocal tried to set Sunhwa up with a different man. Though a bit dumbfounded, Sunhwa suddenly turned to the audience after working up some courage and remarked, “If you think I look good with this man next to me, raise one finger, but if you think I look good with the main vocal, raise two fingers.”
Furthermore, Sunhwa turned to the lead vocal and honestly confessed, “I came up to the stage because I like you.”
Sunhwa revealed that the man who received her confession responded as she had hoped, saying, “Honestly, I like you, too.
Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate - allkpop

SECRET‘s Sunhwa confessed that she felt alienated by her team members in the past on SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the recent recording of ‘Strong Heart’, Sunhwa began shedding tears as she confessed, “During our early debut days, I misunderstood and thought that the members were alienating me, and lived in loneliness.
Sunhwa explained that as she had to digest personal schedules all throughout the week, leading to the misunderstanding. She continued, “When the members made memories together that I didn’t know about while I was away, I started to feel alienated.”
“However, during practice, we resolved our misunderstanding by talking and I explained to them about the times I shed tears, and overcame the difficult period,” she explained.
You can catch Sunhwa’s tearful confession on this week’s broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’.
Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

On the June 5th episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, INFINITESunggyu revealed that he’s had a lot of free time because of his recent hip injury.
Sunggyu shared, “To be honest, when my fellow members had very hectic schedules, I had a lot of free time. I went to the hospital to check out why my hips were hurting, and the doctors told me that it was because I was lying down too much.”
“When members Woohyun and Sungjong appeared on ‘Strong Heart’, I was at home watching the program. I was lying down improperly then too,” causing laughter on set with his confession.
Sunggyu also comforted SECRET‘s Sunhwa, who is concerned about her individual activities, by saying, “When there is a member who is getting the spotlight, there is also a member who is lying down at home,” giving his two cents on the topic.
Sunggyu also discussed the truth behind his “old man” image on TV progams.
Source: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

30 May:

We recently reported that IU would reveal her true height and weight, and the nation’s little sister did exactly that.
On the May 29th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, IU was determined to set a few rumors straight.
My bones are thin, so they can appear thin even when I have some meat on my bones,” she said. “I lost a lot of weight suddenly, and so people have been saying that I look like I am starved, and that I look like an elementary school student.”
I want to reveal my true height and weight right here,” she added.
A weighing and height scale was then brought out into the studio, and after IU stepped on, her true height was proven to be (161.7 cm) 5’3.6″, and her weight to be roughly (44.9 kg) 99 pounds.
On average, female celebrities weigh about 45kg (~100 pounds),” she said. “I want to now say that I too have the figure of a celebrity.”

Source: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop
On the May 29th broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ IU revealed that she unknowingly gave T-ara‘sJiyeon a knockoff handbag.
On this day, the cast discussed the time when a photo of IU’s luxury backpack became a hot topic on the internet just a few months ago. To this, IU said, “I went to Dongdaemoon and bought two of the same bags, I gave one to T-ara’s Jiyeon for her birthday present and I used the other one. However, I later found out that the bag I gave to Jiyeon was a knockoff” causing the cast to burst in laughter.
In addition to IU, Kang Sung YeonLee Jong SukKim MinChun Myung HoonChoi Yoon YoungOh Cho Hee, and Kim Boa also made an appearance on the May 29th broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’.
Source: Osen - allkpop

Singer IU revealed her thoughts on marriage.
On the May 29th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, IU revealed that she would like to get married early.
When I get married, I will retire in order to focus on household chores and assisting my husband,” she said.
Hearing this, Boom remarked, “IU must be really stressed these days. She keeps saying she wants to quit.”
My life goal is to be happily married,” IU continued. “I like the stability that a warm family can offer. I think I will become less selfish once I get married.”
I think I’m a decent cook too,” she added, displaying her dream of being the ideal wife.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Choi Yoon Young shared an unforgettable childhood memory she had of Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.

On the May 29th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Choi Yoon Young remarked, “The boy that wrote me a love letter when I was young is sitting right here in this room,” shocking everyone on the set.
The guests then frantically began trying to figure out who it was, and it was soon revealed to be none other than Super Junior’s Eunhyuk.
I was in the same class as Eunhyuk in the sixth grade,” she explained, revealing the love letter that Eunhyuk had written her.
Eunhyuk could not hide his embarrassment as she began to reveal the contents of the letter. In the note, Eunhyuk referred to himself as ‘Yoo Ji Hyuk‘, explaining that he had taken the last name of then-famous singer Yoo Seung Jun and combined it with ’Ji’ from Eun Ji Won‘s name, and ‘Hyuk’ fromH.O.T‘s Jang Wook Hyuksuggesting he was the combination the popular performers at the time. The guests and the MCs could not hide their laughter as Eunhyuk covered his face out of embarrassment.
I Like You,” Eunhyuk wrote as he concluded the letter, expressing his feelings for Choi Yoon Young.
While the other guests exploded into laughs, Choi Yoon Young once again dumbfounded Eunhyuk by saying, “If he really liked me, he would have written ‘I love you’. Were you playing with my feelings?”
Choi Yoon Young also revealed that Eunhyuk was popular in school, as he was already known back then for his dance skills as a part of a dance group that called themselves S.D.R (Song Dance Rap), which also included JYJ‘s Junsu.
In related news, Super Junior leader Leeteuk who also seemed to get a good laugh from Eunhyuk’s love letter later wrote via his Twitter page, “More than Lee Hyuk Jae… More than Eunhyuk… I like Yoo Ji Hyuk.. kekekekekekekekeke.”
Source & Image: XportsNews via NateLeeteuk‘s Twitter - allkpop

Member Kim Boa of girl group SPICA revealed her past photo surprising everyone on the latest episode of ‘Strong Heart‘.

On the May 29th broadcast of SBS TV‘s ‘Strong Heart’, Boa remarked, “Netizens were suspicious that I had undergone a whole lot of plastic surgery.”
“Of course I did get a little bit of work done, but I worked really hard and lost a lot of weight too,” she continued and subtly circled her nose area with her fingers to hint at the place she had touched up with surgery.
The singer’s past photo was then revealed, and the guests could not hide their shock upon seeing the photo of a Boa who looked to be much chubbier than her former self.
“It’s apparent that you really did work hard,” they said in addition to “You look like a student who did really well in her studies,” to which Boa responded, “Yeah I hear that a lot.”
Boa’s good friend IU also remarked that she was surprised upon seeing Boa’s older photos as she had believed that Boa had always been long and thin, not realizing that Boa’s current figure had come from much hard work and sweat.

Source & Image : TVReport via Nate - allkpop
In addition to singer IU, Super Junior leader Leeteuk also revealed his true height and weight.

On the May 29th broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Leeteuk remarked, “Before IU reveals her weight, I will reveal my own weight.
My online profile says my height is 178cm (5’10″),” he added. Leeteuk then stood on the scale, and his weight leveled at 65kg (143 pounds).
However, the guests and the viewers were not able to see the accurate measurement of Leeteuk’s height for he ducked down at the critical moment in order to tie his shoelaces (when he did not have any shoes on).
When they tried to get him to remeasure, Leeteuk once again distorted the reading by suddenly coming to stand on tipped toes to maximize his height . But despite reaching up on his tipped toes to boost himself up, he measured only 1 cm taller than his profile at 179 cm, making it obvious that his profile height had been exaggerated.
While the studio was busy laughing, Leeteuk dashed off and quickly put his shoes on to avoid being remeasured while also laughing at his attempts

Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate - allkpop
23 May:

IU revealed the name of her ideal type. The person is some one very unexpected.
On the May 22nd broadcast of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Kim MinKang Sung Yeon, IU, Chun Myung Hoon and others appeared and shared many stories.
During the show IU asked Boom, “Boom, why do you only do that to me?“  She continued on to say, “I think that Boom does not like me,” and showed that some of Boom’s actions hurts her.
After this, a World Cup for IU’s ideal type took place.  In the end it came down to the MC of ‘Strong Heart’ Lee Dong Wook and Boom.  Eunhyuk of Super Junior set up a scenario for IU and said, “IfBoA brings a guy to you to be your boyfriend, will that person be Lee Dong Wook or Boom?
To this IU said, “If Boom treats me well...” and ended up choosing Boom.  Boom was deeply touched by the choice, but all Lee Dong Wook could do was laugh.
IU also spoke about a time when she was a guest on Boom’s radio program ‘Young Street‘ and surprised the studio by saying that her heart fluttered once because of him.
Source: TV Report - allkpop

Singer IU expressed her gratitude towards actor Lee Dong Wook.
On the May 22nd episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, guest IU bragged, “I saw an article where Lee Dong Wook was previously on Boom oppa’s radio program and selected me as his ideal type.”
When I meet my idol friends, we talk about male celebrities. Suzy and Jiyeon are pretty so they often get selected as celebrities’ ideal types, but I never did,” she continued.
The singer expressed her gratitude as she added, “But ever since Lee Dong Wook selected me as his #1 ideal type, I have been bragging to everyone.”
An envious Jung Juri then remarked, “That was a long time ago, [his ideal type] could have changed by now,” causing everyone on set to explode in laughs.
IU was then asked who she would choose between Boom and Lee Dong Wook, and evoked much laughter when she selected Boom, leaving the actor dumbfounded.
Also on the episode were Lee Jong SukKim MinChun Myung Hoon, and more.
Source: TVDaily via Nate, TVReport via Nate - allkpop

Girl group SPICA‘s Kim Boa revealed IU‘s awkward yet adorable way of showing her support on the May 22nd broadcast of ‘Strong Heart‘.

Boa confessed that there was a time when the young IU touched her behind. She stated, “One day, we were at an ‘Inkigayo‘ rehearsal, and it had just ended. As I was walking off stage, I felt someone touch my butt.  As I turned to see who it was, I saw that it was IU.”
She continued, “A lot of other singers were looking at us so I was very embarrassed.  After the live broadcast, I came down the stage, and she touched me again,” surprising all the guests.
IU was asked, “Why did you touch her butt?” and replied, “We spent our trainee days together, and she is an unnie who I am very grateful to. Watching her debut stage I felt very proud.
Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

Singer IU grew emotional on a recent episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ while talking about SPICAmember Kim Boa.
On the May 22nd broadcast of ‘Strong Heart’ guest IU stated, “I first met [Boa] when I became a trainee at the age of 15. I thought she had the most ideal voice for a vocalist, and she gave me a lot of help. She’s like my Savior.”
I never really cry,” she continued. “When I receive awards or win K-Chart wins, I don’t usually shed tears but I cried watching SPICA’s debut performance.”
The reason why I became close with Boa unni was because we both couldn’t dance when we were trainees,” she explained. “When others were practicing difficult choreographies, we only did the basic moves. But seeing unni debut in a dance group and dancing as well as the other members made me feel so proud.”
Please don’t edit Boa unni’s part of the show today,” she requested. “I’m so moved that I am able to feature in a great SBS variety show with the unni I endured difficult times with.”
IU then shed a few tears, embracing Kim Boa with a warm hug.

Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Among the various stories IU shared on Strong Heart, one of her tales was about the racy peach drawing she created which was originally meant to serve as a teaser for her song “Peach.” The singer explained why the idea was later abandoned saying that the drawing was too “risqué.”

My label told me to draw something representative of the song ‘Peach’ for the teaser,” stated IU, “So I drew a peach so that it would resemble a heart.
It seemed a bit too obvious though,” continued the singer, “So I decided to turn the picture upside down, just to see how it would look.”
After I was done, I showed it to the art director, who immediately said I couldn’t use the drawing because it looked a bit too racy… I was a bit upset because I worked so hard on it, so I decided to upload it on Twitter to show everyone the picture anyways. And that’s how the ‘risqué Peach’ story came about!
Other antics by IU on Strong Heart included her drawing a portrait of each of the two main MCs, Shin Dongyup and Lee Dongwook.

Source & Image: StarNews via Naver - allkpop
Singer IU has a new hobby.

On the May 22nd broadcast of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, IU remarked, “I don’t draw that well, but I think it’s fun so I’ve been drawing this and that.”
I prepared a drawing of the two ‘Strong Heart’ emcees,” she added, revealing the drawings.
Though the drawings were simple, IU managed to catch the unique features of both MCs Shin Dong Yeob and Lee Dong Wook.
MC Shin Dong Yeob who saw the drawing acknowledged that it did indeed look like him and evoked laughs by adding, “She tried so hard to display the closeness of my eyes. It looks like they’re turning into one.”
IU is proving to be quite the artist!
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate - allkpop

12 April:
Jang Nara revealed the truth behind a supposed bare-faced photo on the April 10th broadcast of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘.

When asked, “What is your secret to maintaining your youthful beauty?” Jang Nara replied, “I apply makeup very meticulously.
The singer/actress continued to explain that her baby-faced appearance was in fact due to makeup ,”When I go out, there is a big difference between when I wear makeup and when I don’t. The impact of makeup is huge.
MC Lee Dong Wook then brought up, “The bare-faced photo you revealed on your Twitter garnered a lot of attention. Even though you weren’t wearing any makeup, you still had a youthful beauty.
Jang Nara then revealed her secret admitting, “Truthfully, that wasn’t a bare-faced photo. Even though I wasn’t bare-faced, people kept describing it as bare-faced so I just didn’t say anything. In that photo, I’m wearing BB cream, eyeliner, and even drew in my eye brows.
Comedian Song Eun Ee then made the hilarious comment, “BB cream isn’t even considered makeup. Some people lose up to 3kg after they take their makeup off.”
What do you guys think? Is Jang Nara’s baby-faced beauty due to makeup or is the star just being modest?

Source + Photo: Newsen via Nate - allkpop
11 April:

SISTAR‘s Hyorin confessed that she was a fan of actor Lee Jin Wook.
On the April 10th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Hyorin expressed her interest in actor Lee Jin Wook with his tough guy image and serenaded him with a song.
I liked Lee Jin Wook since I was in junior high,” she said, confessing she had been a fan for a long time.
Lee Jin Wook responded by admitting his favorite girl group while he was in the army was SISTAR, and Hyorin then sang a song that she had prepared for him.
Hyorin belted out her cover of Beyonce‘s “Love On Top“, putting on a sensual yet lovely performance.
Hyorin even walked seductively towards the actor in the middle of her performance, causing him to grow red with embarrassment.
After her song came to an end, Lee Jin Wook showed his thoughtful, gentleman-like manners by helping her clean up the microphone that she had used.
He then responded to her performance with a warm hug, evoking envy amongst everyone else on set.
You can check out the segment starting from 32:54 below!

Source: MK via Nate - allkpop
5 April:

On the April 3rd episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, MC Lee Seung Gi began to question Big Bang‘sT.O.P regarding his first kiss, leading the singer to share a childhood memory. “I’m not sure exactly how old I was, but I do remember the scene,” he said.
T.O.P surprised the studio with his confession saying, “When I was young, I wanted to show my mom my first kiss with a girl, so I asked my mom to come outside of the house for a moment. When she stepped outside, I beckoned my girlfriend who was hiding from behind the trash cans and confidently kissed her in front of my mom.
Seeing how taken aback the other guests were by his confession, a regretful T.O.P then remarked, “Why did I share this story again?
After seeing the broadcast, netizens commented, “No wonder he’s nicknamed ‘Bingu (Stupid)’“, “That’s not an easy thing to do in front of your mom“, “I wonder if he still remembers the girl“, and “I’m jealous of that girl.
Source: Economy Today via Nate - allkpop
4 April:

2NE1Minzy shared an interesting incident that happened between her and Big Bang‘s T.O.P.
On the recent episode of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘, Minzy revealed the time when T.O.P gave her a birthday present in an odd way that was enough to cause any girl to be taken aback.
Minzy began by saying, “One day, T.O.P started to stare at me with a treacherous look in his eyes and suddenly called me over. He handed me a doll and said, ‘I think I like you’,” causing the studio to be surprised.
However, T.O.P did not deny Minzy’s story and joked, “Yeah, I am a treacherous person!
MC Lee Seung Gi then questioned T.O.P whether he often presents gifts to girls to which he answered, “Never. It was Minzy’s birthday and I had a teddy bear, which I cherished, so I gave it to her as a present.” When asked why he told Minzy “I think I like you”, T.O.P joked it was because he was a treacherous person out of habit, using the same “habit” excuse G-Dragon had used when asked why he had given Minzy a back hug – causing laughter on the set.
Source: Osen via Nate - allkpop

On the April 3rd episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, singer Se7en revealed how he was able to keep his relationship with girlfriend, Park Han Byul, hidden for seven years.
Se7en expressed the inconvenience he had to go through when trying to date his girlfriend by saying “We never got a lot of opportunity to go on one-on-one dates. We met when there were a group of people around. When we wanted to meet alone, we would meet in the car or go to each other’s house.
G-Dragon and Taeyang revealed that they were usually a part of the group of people that Se7en was referring to. They added, “Ever since we were trainees Se7en hyung took very good care of us. During the summer, he would take us wakeboarding and during the winter, he’d take us snowboarding. However, it seems he had used us as a cover [for his dates].

Source: My Daily via Nate - allkpop
3 April:

I was relieved on the inside, but the fan response…
Singer Se7en mentioned that after he publicly announced that he was in a relationship, membership in his fan club saw a dramatic decline after fans found out he had been hiding the fact that he had a girlfriend for many years.
On the April 3rd broadcast of SBS’s ‘Strong Heart,’ Se7en appeared as a guest and said, “Once a photo I took with Park Han Byul was leaked, we publicly announced our relationship and started dating comfortably.
I wrote about my feelings on my mini homepage and it caused a ruckus online.  But I felt a heavy weight was lifted off of my shoulders.  It was so refreshing.
Though he felt relieved, apparently some of his fans did not take the news well.  “The response from my fans was different.  After I announced my relationship, exactly 100,000 people left my fan cafe.  So I am grateful to my fans who still stick with me no matter what.”
Netizens who watched the show said, “He must have been so sad“, and “I am still Se7en’s fan.”
Also on this broadcast, Se7en mentioned how he once broke up with Park Han Byul.
Source: Donga News - allkpop

Information regarding Gummy‘s mother has resurfaced. In the recent episode of SBS‘s “Strong Heart“, Gummy revealed, “My mom, who dreamed of being a singer since she was young, made her debut as a singer in 2010.
She continued, “YG Entertainment‘s CEO Yang [Hyun Suk] gave my mom the nickname ‘King Gummy’ (“gummy” means spider in Korean). My mom is so talented that even Jang Yoon Jung approved of my mom’s singing skills.
In addition, Gummy shared a story about how she had to give up piano due to her family’s financial problems, and how her mother originally gave up her dreams of becoming a singer for Gummy.
This “YG Family Special” aired on April 3rd starring members of the YG Family including Big Bang,2NE1Se7enPSYTablo, Sean, and Gummy.
Source: OSEN - allkpop

27 Mar:
Big Bang‘s G-Dragon has spoken up about T.O.P‘s body.

On the ‘YG Family Special‘ episode of ‘Strong Heart,’ G-Dragon revealed, “When I look at T.O.P’s body, I think it looks erotic.”
He explained, “T.O.P usually doesn’t reveal his body. It’s to the point where he uses his own dressing room. That’s why when T.O.P does reveal his body, it surprises me.” He confessed, “When we were promoting overseas, T.O.P revealed his body, and when I saw it, even though we’re both guys, I thought it looked erotic.”
G-Dragon continued on the topic of T.O.P’s body, saying, “After T.O.P works out, he comes back and asks us to feel his body. Even Taeyang and Daesung, who’ve worked out a lot, don’t ask us to do that,” which embarrassed T.O.P and had the audience and guests laughing.
Strong Heart- YG Family Special‘ will air on March 27th and will feature Big Bang, 2NE1Se7en,TabloPsyGummySean, and other YG artists as guests.
Source + Image: SBS via Naver - allkpop

Big Bang‘s comedic member, Seungri, revealed that he set 2NE1‘s Dara on a blind date.
On the upcoming episode, SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ featured artists from YG Entertainment as their guests. During the show, Seungri revealed, “Dara is very popular among male celebrities.  For nuna, I introduced her to a handsome and caring male celebrity.”
However, Dara was quick to lament, “He never contacted me,” and blurted out the frustration she had kept bottled up.
Seungri, however responded, “What happened to the guy who came by your house?” and startled Dara with the unexpected remark.
On another note, many of the YG family members will be appearing on this day including Big Bang,2NE1TabloPsyGummy, and Sean. Catch the episode when it airs later!
Source: hankooki via Nate - allkpop
26 Mar:

As we reported a few days ago, SBS‘s upcoming episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ will be a ‘YG Family Special‘ episode consisting of artists such as Big Bang2NE1GummyPsyTabloSean, andSe7en. The artists have come together to reveal some fun stories that occur at the agency and to show their hidden “variety talking skills”.
One of the few talks during the ‘YG Family Special’ were about the “three misconceptions about YG Entertainment“, to which the artists clarified.
The first misunderstanding was about YG not having some focus on their artist appearance / looks to which Daesung suddenly exclaimed, “Why are you guys looking at me?!” He then explained, “YG definitely does look at appearance. However, my rating would be at around 3.5 points..”
The second misunderstanding was people thought YG artists play and party hard. The YG artists then pointed at Psy saying that particular misunderstanding spread because of him. Seungri explained, “Ever since Psy came in, the atmosphere when drinking [alcohol] has changed.” He then re-enacted how Psy behaves, causing the audience to burst into laughter.
Lastly, in response to the misunderstanding about Yang Hyun Suk being an angel, the YG artists stealthily shook their heads.
This can’t miss two-episode ‘YG Family Special’ is scheduled to air on March 27th and April 3rd.
Source: Osen - allkpop
25 Mar:

Big Bang‘s T.O.P and Se7en seem to have a very affectionate and intimate(?) friendship.
On March 24th, pictures from the ‘YG Family Special‘, which will be broadcasted on the 27th, were uploaded on the main website of SBS‘ ‘Strong Heart‘. What gained a lot of attention from netizens were pictures of T.O.P and Se7en showing a lot of affection for one another by hugging and lovingly looking at each other. Also, a picture of Se7en happily leaning on T.O.P’s shoulder brought netizens to wonder if their relationship was perhaps something beyond friendship.
The two stars who are both part of the YG Family have been well-known for their close friendship. The photos seem to clearly show their closeness, but it also does seem to show their excessively affectionate and dangerous(?) side of their relationship!
After viewing these photos, netizens commented, “Why do they look so intimate? I’m getting jealous…“, “Too much touching! There should be a sign that says ‘keep off!’“, “The two seem to look alike“, and “I hope they reveal a lot of secrets about each other during the show!“.
In related news, this episode will be the last recording for Lee Seung Gi as the MC for ‘Strong Heart’ and YG Entertainment label mates Big Bang2NE1GummyPsyTablo, and Se7en will be featured as guests. Check out the preview below!

Check out the affectionate photos of Se7en and T.O.P, as well as other YG Family guests from the show here!
Source: Star News via Nate - allkpop

13 Mar:
On a recent recording of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, 2AM‘s Jinwoon revealed that he was an avid fan of actress Lee Min Jung!

He revealed, “I’m a big fan of Lee Min Jung. Just looking at pictures of her endorsements makes my heart flutter.”
Fellow member Seulong confirmed the statement by adding, “One time, Jinwoon wanted to wear the contact lenses that Lee Min Jung was advertising so bad that he wished for his vision to get worse.”
Jinwoon continued, “I was able to meet her for the first time when she visited our concert.”
Check back to hear what happened in their first meeting when the episode airs later!
Source + Photos: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

5 Mar:

Girls’ Generation maknae Seohyun confessed, “The Girls’ Generation unni’s forced me to drink an alcohol concoction.”
During a recent recording for an upcoming episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Seohyun remarked, “After our Japan tour concert, we wanted to celebrate by having a small party amongst us members.”
The unnis made their own concoction of beer and liquor in a big cup (Bomb shot 폭탄주 – a mix of soju and beer),” she continued, shocking everyone on set with their unexpected behavior. ”I lost while playing a drinking game, so I drank the Bomb shot concoction for the first time in my life.”
Seohyun also revealed the drinking habits of the Girls’ Generation members, the episode is scheduled to air on March 6th at 11:15PM KST!
Other guests on the episode include Se7enPark Kyung Limmiss A‘s Suzy & MinK.WillLee Hyun, and more.
Source: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

23 Feb:
Rainbow‘s Jisook shed some emotional tears talking about her mother who passed away last year.
On the February 21st episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Jisook began tearing when she saw Kim Boosundisplay her love for daughter Lee Miso who guest-featured on the program with her.
My mom passed away last summer,” Jisook remarked. “She was battling cancer, but at the time she told me she was only being admitted into the hospital because she had a bad case of the flu.”
She didn’t tell me the truth because she thought she would become a burden to me and affect my work,” she continued. Jisook thought the sky was caving in when she heard the news when it was too late.
One day after a broadcast, I got a call saying that she was unconscious,” she said. “It was like something out of a TV drama. It was the first time I had seen her in a while, and she was so thin.”
I kept telling my unconscious mother how much I loved her… but she didn’t make it,” she managed to say, as the tears began to flow. “My mom loved me so much. She’s the reason I grew up to be so bright and optimistic.”
Also on the episode were Yoon Jong ShinSeo Jihae, Kim Boosun, Shin DaeunKim Joohee,Kim Kyung MinGirl’s Day MinahA-Pink‘s BomiDal Shabet‘s Subin, and more.
Source: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

A-Pink‘s Bomi shared that she once passed gas in front of INFINITE‘s Woohyun!

On a recent episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, Bomi revealed, “When I get nervous, I begin passing gas without even realizing it,” causing everyone on the set to chuckle.
Not too long ago, I had passed gas in front of Woohyun,” she continued. “I was so embarrassed that I just pretended to be asleep. I’m curious to know whether or not he actually heard me,” she said, causing everyone to fall back in their seats from laughing.
No official response from Woohyun yet.
Also on this episode were Yoon Jong ShinSeo JihaeShin DaeunKim BoosumKim Joo Hee,Kim Da Hyun, and more.
It’s too bad she couldn’t Hush Hush in that situation.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

It looks like the rumors surrounding MC Lee Seung Gi‘s exit from SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘ were true, as the show has just confirmed that the MC will be leaving the show in March.
Lee Seung Gi has been with the show since its inception last October with Kang Ho Dong, who took a leave of absence from the industry after his tax evasion scandal. Lee Seung Gi has been running solo since then, but it looks like he’s decided that his time with ‘Strong Heart’ has come to an end.
A crew member of ‘Strong Heart’ told Osen on February 22nd that “March 15th has been confirmed as the last recording date with Lee Seung Gi. Episodes of Lee Seung Gi as a host will be running until April 3rd.”
The reasons behind Lee Seung Gi’s decision to exit lie in his jam-packed schedule. The entertainer will be preparing for his album debut in Japan, and his new mini-series, MBC’s ‘King 2 Hearts‘, will broadcast its first episode in March.
At this time, a serious search for the next MC of ‘Strong Heart’ is reported to be in process.
Source: Osen via Nate - allkpop

15 Feb:
Jisook of girl group Rainbow opened up about her former boyfriend.

On the episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on February 14th, Jisook remarked, “There is a guy I met while I was a trainee, and we dated for a while.”
He is now the member of a 5-member boy group,” she continued, surprising everyone on set.
When the other guests pressed her for details, Jisook added, “He has double eye-lids and I dated him for about a year. Now, we’re just good friends.”
He was a big help to me during my difficult trainee days, and I was thankful to have met him,” she remarked.
Hmm, who do you think it could be? Let us know your speculations below!
Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate - allkpop

7 Feb:

On the February 7th episode of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Dal Shabet member Subin shared a story about the first time she met idol group Big Bang.
Subin who was previously an extra in Taeyang‘s “I Need A Girl” MV played the role of a seductive female.
The Dal Shabet member remarked that she was on set of the MV shoot waiting for filming to begin, when she saw a bright light from one side of the room.
There was this bright light on one side of the set, so I looked over and lo and behold, Big Bang’s Taeyang was over there,” she said. “I kicked myself for not trying harder that morning.”
And at the the second shoot that took place the same day, Subin was once again mesmerized.
I was filming a scene where I had to seduce a man at the casino table, when I saw another bright light,” she said. “It was bigger and brighter than the one I saw earlier. When I looked in that direction, I saw G-Dragon sporting a large pair of shades,” she continued.
But despite being extremely starstruck, Subin decided to play it cool. She admits that although her heart felt like it was going to burst out of excitement, she remarked, “I was also an established model, so I pretended to be unfazed and greeted them as confidently as I could,” which caused the entire ‘Strong Heart’ set to explode into laughs.

Source: MK via Nate, SBS via Nate - allkpop

Singer Lee Seung Gi recently opened up about his first love.
On the February 7th episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, guest Moon Hee Oak asked MC Lee Sung Gi to sing her hit song, “Last Name Kim“.
After Seung Gi did his best to emulate her unique style of singing, Boom made an additional request, saying, “Sing it, but add the initials of your first love.”
The MC who did not want to reveal her full name cautiously remarked, “She may be watching,” and continued to sing the song by modifying the lyrics to, “Last name Kim, first name SK.”
Also on this episode of ‘Strong Heart’ were Lee MinhoLim SiwanLee YoonsukLim JieunKim Yoon Kyung, Chae Rina, and more.
Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

31 Jan:
ZE:A’s Siwan recently divulged the fact that he had been wearing heel inserts inside his traditional Korean socks on the set of ‘The Moon that Embraces the Sun’.

On the episode of SBS’s Strong Heart that aired on January 31st, Siwan revealed, “I didn’t want to look shorter than everyone else around my age so I put some heel inserts inside my shoes. When we filmed inside I was forced to put the inserts inside the Traditional Korean Socks that I wore.” and brought the cast into fits of laughter.
Siwan continued, “I thought I fooled everyone on the production team. Even the director had no idea I had heel inserts on. But then one day the director decided that we should begin a shoot with a close-up of my foot. After the director said ‘CUT’ I thought everything was over and that no one figured out my secret. Then the scriptwriter called me over.” As soon as he neared the scriptwriter he immediately stated, “I wore a couple of socks today so it might look a little thick.” The scriptwriter laughingly replied, “Socks? Are you kidding me? Take the insoles out.
Meanwhile, Siwan also drew interest from the other guests after admitting that he had never had a girlfriend before.
Source and Image : Etoday via Naver - allkpop

18 January:
Actress Go Eun Ah was on set to film the next episode of SBS Strong Heart‘ with her brother,MBLAQ member Mir.

The two showcased an extremely close brother-sister relationship on set, but Mir seemed to have a problem with his sister being too overly protective.
Mir remarked, “I feel like my sister always has me in the palm of her hand. Where ever I go, I feel like she’s keeping close watch.” Go Eun Ah who was a bit taken back by his remark came to her own defense saying, “It’s because I care about my little brother so much. I am constantly worried about his well being.”
Then she added, “I’m worried about him meeting girls, and I always look up girls that I think he may be interested in.”
Mir hilariously continued to express his frustration over his sister who is overly involved in his life.
Meanwhile, the ‘couple’ special of ‘Strong Heart’ also guest-starred Hur Cham & Jang So NyeoSeo Jun Young & BoraKim Min Hee & Ahn Jung HoonGoo Eunae & Kang Seung Hyun, and more.
Source & Image : Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Actor Seo Jun Young expressed his feelings for SISTAR‘s Bora.

The January 17th episode of ‘Strong Heart‘ was a ‘couple’ special, where the guests were featured in pairs. All the ‘couples’ on the program knew each other extremely well, with the exception of Seo Jun Young & Bora.
Seo Jun Young specifically went out of his way to ask the staff members to be paired up with Bora.
We decided not to say this publicly…“, he bashfully began. ‘Uncle fan’ Boom who became jealous of Seo Jun Young remarked, “We need to find out how SISTAR’s Bora feels towards him,” but Bora boldly responded, “I like Seo Jun Young,” embarrassing Boom and causing the other guests to explode in laughter.
Seo Jun Young continued, “I began liking her after I listened to “So Cool” all summer. When I saw them perform on stage, all I saw was her.
When asked what he liked about Bora so much, he responded, “I like everything…”, creating a romantic atmosphere on set.
Also on the episode were Goo Eun AeMBLAQ‘s Mir, and more.
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Actress Go Eun Ah and her brother, MBLAQ member Mir, revealed a photoshopped photo in which the two look like twins.
On the episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘ that aired on January 17th, MBLAQ’s Mir & Go Eun Ah displayed their close sibling relationship.
A photo of Go Eun Ah, as well as a photo of Mir’s face that was photoshopped onto the same photo were displayed side by side. The guests on set were shocked, as they could not tell which photo belonged to Mir.
Mir and Go Eun Ah admitted that they themselves didn’t know who was who when they first saw the photos online, and that “Even our mom didn’t know who was who.”
Also on the episode were Goo Eun AeSeo Jun YoungBoraAhn Jung HoonKim Min Hee, and more.
Source & Image: Etoday via Nate - allkpop

SISTAR member Bora‘s sexy performance caused quite the stir on the set of ‘Strong Heart‘.
On the ‘couple’s episode’ of SBS‘s Strong Heart that aired on January 17th, Bora guest starred and was paired with actor Seo Jun Young.
Seo Jun Young revealed that he had personally asked the ‘Strong Heart’ staff members to pair him with Bora, and Bora later shared, “I prepared a little something for Seo Jun Young.”
She removed her jacket and ran towards MC Lee Seung Gi to perform a sexy dance with him. She then ran towards Seo Jun Young to dance with him as well, and the actor could not stop grinning from ear to ear.
Seo Jun Young responded to her dance with “Thank You“, and Kim Young Chul remarked, “I’ve never seen Lee Seung Gi smile like that before, revealing so much of his gums,” which caused the other guests on set to explode in laughter.
Source: TVReport via Nate - allkpop

On the January 17th episode of SBS Strong Heart‘, siblings Go Eun Ah and Mir of MBLAQ shared the stories behind their stage names.

Many of the guests that featured on the episode revealed that they were using stage names, including Mir. The idol admitted that his real birth name was Bang Chul Yong, and the guests grew curious as to what Go Eun Ah’s real name could be.
My story may sound appalling, but my agency CEO really liked Go So Young and Shim Eun Ha at the time of my debut. So, we combined their names to create ‘Go Eun Ha’ for me,” she began.
So we decided on ‘Go Eun Ha’, but a reporter mistakenly published a story on me, spelling my name ‘Go Eun Ah’, and I’ve been Go Eun Ah ever since,” she explained. She could not hide her disappointment as she continued to say, “But they said that the ‘H’ needed to be included in my name in order for me to be successful…
Mir also said that his story was a bit appalling. “Rain sunbaenim came into our rehearsal room, pointing at me and said, “Hey, you’re Mir”, and left,” he said. “Later I looked it up, and it is a Korean word meaning ‘dragon’.”
Also on the episode were Hur ChamJung So NyeoAhn Sun YoungShim Jung EunKang Seung HyunGoo Eun AeKim Min HeeAhn Jung HoonSeo Jun Young, and more.
Source & Image : TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

On the January 17th episode of SBS Strong Heart‘s couple special, entertainer Ahn Sun Young and her mother Shim Jung Eun appeared as a guest and revealed a few surprises.
Ahn Sun Young first confessed that while growing up, her mother was very strict and nosy so it was hard to meet any men. She further explained, “It was also like that with my first love in college.” Turns out her mom chased him away.
Afterwards, Ahn Sun Young defended her mom saying that she’s changed and Shim Jung Eun agreed, “Now I’d like her to bring anyone (home). Even a foreign man is ok”, making the audience laugh.
Later Shim Jung Eun surprised the audience by dancing alongside her daughter to T-ara‘s hit song “Roly Poly“.
At 64 years old, Shim Jung Eun proved that she was still cute and had moves by dancing to T-ara’s choreography, which you can watch below:

Source: Xportsnews - allkpop
It has been revealed that Super Junior’s Leeteuk was the man that visited SISTAR’s ‘no male entry’ dorm.
On the January 17th episode of SBS’ ‘Strong Heart’, SISTAR’s Bora announced that Leeteuk was the male on the set who had visited their dorm – surprising everyone on set.
Bora had previously teased everyone when she stated, “There is one male here who has visited our dorm before and that person is a male idol.
She continued, “We are comfortable around each other so sometimes we walk around naked. Of course, when this person visited we were wearing clothes, but it was still awkward and embarrassing.
It was later revealed that this man was none other than Leeteuk. Leeteuk explained, “It was when we used to film for the show that involved us raising babies.”
Male viewers could not hide their envy as they stated, “Leeteuk must have done a lot of good things in his past life”, “He must have been so happy”, and “I wish I could visit SISTAR’s dorm.
Source: Asia Today via Nate - allkpop

4 January:

SS501‘s Kim Kyu Jong met his ideal woman, actress Oh Sae Jong, for the very first time.
The singer made a guest appearance on the January 3rd episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart‘, and could not hide that he was more nervous than usual. When asked about his ideal type in the past, Kim Kyu Jong had always boldly confessed that it was actress Oh Sae Jung.
I confessed that I liked her for the very first time about two years ago, and I actually ran into her in the streets shortly after. It totally took me by surprise, and it was then that I realized why fans are so shocked to run into me by chance. This is the first time I’ve seen her since then,” he said with a bashful smile.
The actress who also made a guest appearance on ‘Strong Heart’ expressed her gratitude towards the singer who has consistently selected her as his ideal type.
When the two were suspected of dating in the past, actress Oh Sae Jung remarked, “A lot of people actually think that way. I went to get a colonoscopy once and the nurse asked me, “You’re the idol group member’s girlfriend, right?”
The two then shared an embrace which created a more romantic atmosphere on set, and they raised a few eyebrows after denying that they would keep in contact with each other after the show.
Source: AsiaToday via Nate - allkpop

On January 3rd, actor and model Lee Chun Hee revealed how he proposed to his wife, Jun Hae Jin, on SBS’s Strong Heart.
Despite their nine year age gap, Lee Chun Hee explained that he fell in love with Jun Hae Jin and wanted to propose to her in a special way. Lee Chun Hee devised a plan and carried it out during a MY Q concert.
Sitting in the audience with Hun Hae Jin, he pretended to receive a call, excused himself, and went backstage. Though he was really nervous, he gathered the courage and stepped onto the stage.
With the spotlight on him and Jun Hae Jin clueless about what was happening, the actor began to sing her favorite song with an engagement ring box in hand. Afterwards he replied, “There’s someone I really love.. so I wanted to sing this song to her.”
With tears flowing down Jun Hae Jin’s cheeks, Lee Chun Hee’s manager gave her a note with the words“Will you marry me?” Moved by his actions, she replied yes and, needless to say, the rest is history.
You can check out Lee Chun Hee’s romantic proposal below:
Source: Starnnews and Xsportsnews - allkpop
3 January:

Actress Go Ara has cautiously opened up about her first love.
During the most recent recording of SBS‘s ‘Strong Heart‘, Go Ara decided to open up about her first crush. “I have an unforgettable and precious first love in my heart,” she said.
While Go Ara was sharing her first love story, her emotions ran high and she eventually showed tears.
This episode of ‘Strong Heart’ will feature guests likes Go Ara, Jung Sun Hee, Lee Chun HeeKim ChungOh Se JungZE:A‘s KwangheeJewelry’s Yewon, and more.
Stay tuned for updates on Go Ara’s story when the episode airs on January 3rd!
Source: Star News via Nate - allkpop

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