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Minggu, 15 Januari 2012


20 January:
Reminiscence  Making BTS

Translation of the conversation at the end
Writer: Who has the higher key (“ki” is also the word for height).
Ryeowook: For the body, I’m the shortest.
Yesung: No, no, vocal key.
Ryeowook: /hides face in shame
Writer: Is that a gag?
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18 January:
Super Junior K.R.Y – 회상 (Reminiscence) Official MV

Credit: YOONILSANG1 @ youtube
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Credit: mysujuhyuk @ YT
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17 January:

There have been many composers who have come and gone in the last 21 years, but Yoon Il Sang has continued to work during that time and consistently gifted the world with some of the greatest K-pop classics.
For his ’21st anniversary’ album, Yoon Il Sang has personally selected some of his own favorite hits, and collaborated with other composers as well as today’s hottest artists who created modern remakes of his songs.
For this week, Super Junior KRY remade old school group Turbo‘s “December“, expressing their unique colors while managing to keep the same feel of the winter classic.
Check it out below!

Original Turbo track from 1997:

Source: allkpop

16 January:

The second round release of digital singles for composer Yoon Il Sang‘s 21st anniversary commemorative album, “I’m 21“, has just been announced to be on January 18th. The artists involved in this round are super idols Super Junior K.R.Y. (KyuhyunRyeowook, & Yesung) and the husky-voiced JK Kim Dong Wook.

Super Junior K.R.Y. will be singing their own version of Turbo‘s popular 1997 hit winter song “Hwesang (December).” Full of sorrowful lyrics, this song has remained a favorite for over 10 years.

On the other hand, JK Kim Dong Wook will be singing the hit ballad “Remember (Her Eyelashes Are Long)” from DJ DOC‘s 3rd album, originally released in 1996.

Lance, a representative from Nega Network, the production company for the project, commented, “Super Junior K.R.Y.’s version of Turbo’s ‘Hwesang’ will not be too different from the original song. The song will feature the smooth vocal skills unique to Super Junior K.R.Y. Conversely, JK Kim Dong Wook’s take on ‘Remember’ will be a 180 degree change from the original. It will definitely be a JK Kim Dong Wook style song. Also, JK Kim Dong Wook’s ‘Remember’ will feature Brown Eyed Girls‘ Miryo.”

The first round of digital singles, consisting of a re-make of Cool‘s “Sorrow” by Korean indie band 10cm and an English version of Kim Bum Soo‘s “I’m Missing You” by British singer Paul Potts, was released on January 5th. Yoon Il Sang’s popularity was reconfirmed as 10cm’s “Sorrow” reached 1st on major music websites at the time of its release and even reached within 5 places of ‘all-kill’ status on MBC‘s parody show “Infinite Challenge – I’m Kind Of a Singer.”

Super Junior K.R.Y. and JK Kim Dong Wook’s songs are planned to be released at midnight on January 18th. Their music video will also be released on the 18th but at 10 AM via Yoon Il Sang’s official YouTube page.

As many well-known artists, including Kim Bum Soo, Lee Eun MiNo BrainKim Gun Mo, and Lyn, are collaborating with Yoon Il Sang on this project, fans have been eagerly anticipating the news for who will be on the next release.
Source: Nega Networks
Translated by:in2kpop.com
Shared at sup3rjunior.wordpress.com by: Destinyhae 

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