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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

G.NA 2012

9 July:
G.NA showed off her glamorous body with the ocean in the background.

She wrote on her personal Twitter, “I am taking a photo while looking at Yeongdeok~ Why are Hyejung unnie and Yong Bok oppa so funny.  They really are… the best!  Now to Choon Chun, GO GO!!” and also tweeted the photos above.
In the photo, G.NA is wearing a tank top with a huge skull and posing in front of the big blue ocean.  Though she is not showing much skin, you can still see her amazing body line.  Even star trainerShawn Lee acknowledged her amazing body by saying, “She has a body made by perfect genes“.
Fans who saw the photo commented, “Her life is a pictorial“, and “The scenery cannot even compare to her body.”

Source: Ilkan Sports via Naver - allkpop

27 May:
Following G.NA‘s recent live performances of her latest track “2HOT“, netizens have been taking note of the singer’s impressively toned calves.

An online community forum recently posted the picture above along with the title, ‘Perfect Body G.NA? Surprised by her calves‘. The pictures are screen caps taken from May 24th’s airing of ‘M! Countdown‘ with circles around the idols’ toned leg muscles.
Netizens who saw these pictures responded, saying, “I thought she would have smooth legs, but they’re muscular,” “Her legs are so toned,” and “As expected, G.NA has the perfect body.
Source & Image: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

6 Mar:
Singer G.NA celebrated her 600th day since her debut through Twitter.

She tweeted, “600 days since I debuted! To those who congratulated me… Thank you so much! I hope you cheer me on and have a lot of interest in me until the end“. In addition, she posted a photo from her filming site of ‘Birth of a Family‘ with her dog and fellow star, 4minute‘s Hyuna.
G.NA has been receiving much attention as she is the only female solo singer from Cube Entertainment, that hosts B2ST and 4minute, in addition to having a glamorous 8-figure body.
Singer G.NA has been busy as she appears on KBS‘s ‘Birth of a Family’ with 4minute’s Hyuna andZE:A‘s Siwan.

Source: allkpop
25 Feb:
Singer G.NA recently uploaded a set of yet another gorgeous selcas.

These photos appeared on her Twitter with the description, “Although I am tired, I am doing well with this ribbon on my head. After finishing two schedules I’m heading to record! Lets get energized.
The selcas showcased the various images of the singer from bashful and adorable, to pensive and mysterious.
With her flawless skin and defined facial features, it’s no surprise she is the subject of envy for many girls!
Fans commented, “I want to see G.NA on stage” and “Gorgeous as always!
Source + image via G.NA’s Twitter - allkpop

4 January:

On January 2nd, G.NA showed off her impressive dancing skills by revealing a dance practice video taken at Cube Entertainment’s rehearsal room.
The video was uploaded through twitter and along with the video she wrote, “Practice practice.. ! 3am? Last week sometime =]. It’s a short video.. before I go home! Now I’m going to sleep good night!”.
While dancing to Britney Spear‘s “Do Somethin’“, G.NA whipped her hair from side to side, showed off some cool footwork.
Netizens commented, “Awesome! You make me wanna dance at this time! Hehehee ^^”, and “You’re so inspirational and dance really well, I hope I can follow my dreams when I grow up- just like You!”.

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