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Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Taxi 2012

28 January:
Actress Kim Hee Sun, who’s known for her flawless, natural beauty, admitted that she too visited a plastic surgeon for suggestions of improvement.

On the latest episode of tvN‘s ‘Taxi‘, Kim Hee Sun remarked that she honestly didn’t get any work done on her face.
Plastic surgery is so expensive. I’d rather take that money and buy alcohol,” she explained. “I still don’t have any desire to go under the knife. But as a woman, I did go in for a consultation. The estimated price was no joke.
A high estimate means that the doctors felt there was a lot to change on Kim Hee Sun’s face. Consequently, the MCs were taken aback, especially since Kim Hee Sun is applauded for her flawless beauty.
MC Lee Young Ja then joked, “You and I have something in common. I get high estimates too.”
When Kim Hee Sun asked her how high the estimate was, Lee Young Ja replied, “They told me I would have to be born again,” causing everyone in the cab to laugh.
Source: allkpop

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