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Selasa, 03 Januari 2012

Star King 2012

24 Mar:

MBLAQ member Mir continues to see some health improvement on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘!
Mir became one of the most search people on Korean portal sites after being on last week’s episode of ‘Star King’, and he continued to show drastic health improvements on the most recent airing.
Mir who constantly suffered from back problems surprised everyone on set by suddenly becoming two times more flexible after meeting contestant Lim Hyun Suk and completing his one-minute self-cure exercise during last week’s episode.  Check out the amazing results:
This week, the singer also had a torn ligament in his wrist and therefore could not move it very well, but after completing another self-cure exercise, Mir was able to impressively complete 10 push ups!
The segment begins at roughly 2:43
Source: XportsNews via Nate - allkpop
18 Mar:
Lee Bum Soo‘s wife Lee Yoon Jin made an appearance on the March 17th episode of SBS‘ ‘Star King‘.

‘Star King’ has put on a number of competitions in the past including ‘Gag King’, but for this episode they prepared a special ‘Iron Will English King’ segment for those viewers who were intimidated by learning English.
They invited four mentors, one which included actor Lee Bum Soo’s wife Lee Yoon Jin who also happens to be ‘World Star’ Rain‘s English tutor.
Not only did she display her fluent English, but Lee Yoon Jin also drew attention for her celebrity-like flawless appearance.
Source & Image: XportsNews via Nate - allkpop

12 Mar:

On the March 10th episode of SBS’s “Surprising Competition” special of Star KingTEEN TOP‘sNiel learned firsthand what it felt like to be inside a balloon.
Mr. Joplin, a man who performed in Japan for 13 years, displayed a variety of surprising balloon tricks, which included sticking his head inside a balloon and even going inside the balloon himself.
Inspired by his performance, Niel took up the challenge to also be submerged in a balloon, and with the help of fellow member Chunji and Mr. Joplin, Niel went inside a balloon himself. One inside the balloon, the idol commented that it felt cool and agreed that it was like being in a mother’s womb.
Afterwards, they made a hole for his head and Niel hopped around like a cute rabbit.
You can check out Niel’s entire balloon clip below:

Source: TVDaily  - allkpop

MBLAQ‘s Mir was able to finally cure his back problems.
On the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, a guest by the name of Lim Hyun Suk revealed his one-minute self-cure exercise for a healthy and happy life.
MBLAQ’s Mir has been seeing a doctor for a long while trying to fix his back problem to no avail, but his condition improved greatly after meeting with this amazing guest.
Lim remarked, “I discovered this minute self-cure exercise after perfecting my martial arts skills. If you complete this exercise on a regular basis, it will help you maintain good health.”
Baekdoosan leader Yoo Hyun Sang who received a negative score after taking a flexibility test was able to bend his back 10cm more than before, after completing the one-minute exercise.
Guest Lim was also able to maintain his balance on one foot, even when 10 male panel members tried to push him to the ground.

Source : OSEN via Nate - allkpop

Comedian Park Mi Sun revealed her makeup-free face in comedic fashion to the public, for the first time since her debut in 25 years!
Participants Lee Soo Yeon (22), who resembles actress Han Ga In, and Kim Sun Joo (32) were giving tips on SBS‘s ‘Star King‘ on how to put makeup on, but still give off the illusion of having plastic surgery.
Park Mi Sun voluntarily agreed to set an example by erasing her own makeup and learning tips from the two participants, but ended up shocking viewers with her raw face.
Others guests that participated were Brave Girls and MC Kim Ji Sun.
Check out a clip of the ‘transformation’ below:

Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

3 mar:

Super Junior‘s Leeteuk put his bicep muscles to work.
On the March 3rd episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, the program revealed a long parallel set of ropes that can be climbed by using only your arm strength.
The 64-year old contestant on the show swiftly climbed the rope 8-meters high using only his arms, and MC Leeteuk challenged himself to climb the rope as well.
Much to the surprise of everyone on set, Leeteuk unexpectedly climbed the rope with ease and the audience members’ jaws dropped in disbelief.
Upon seeing this, Leeteuk’s co-MC and close ‘hyung‘ Boom who had a new level of respect for Leeteuk got on his knees and cried, “hyung-nim,” causing everyone on set to break out in hearty laughter.
Check out Leeteuk’s moves below!

Source: MyDaily via Nate - allkpop
25 Feb:

MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon attempted to jump rope on the most recent episode of SBS ‘Star King‘.
After a young child began jump roping with one leg behind their ear like figure-skater Kim Yuna, Lee Joon confidently challenged to do the same.
The children on the show jumped rope while breaking boards among other Tae Kwon Do skills, and the audience wondered if Lee Joon would be able to pull off the same stunts.
But like the Modern Dance major he was, Lee Joon displayed his flexibility and surprised everyone on set by pulling off each move the children were able to perform.
Ahead of Lee Joon’s attempt, one of the children bet his entire life fortune of 3,000 won (~$2.60) and said, “Celebrities won’t be able to do this.”
But after Lee Joon successfully pulled off the stunts, the child was forced to hand over his life savings and looked genuinely upset as he said, “This is a lot of money to me,” causing the entire set to explode into hearty laughter.

Source : XportsNews via Nate - allkpop

12 Feb:

We previously reported that SBS‘s ’Star King‘ would be holding auditions for ‘Gag King, a special competition on the show aiming to find the nation’s next big comedian. One of the contestants, Lim Sung Hoon, managed to make MC Park Mi Sun cry, but not in the way everyone expected.
Lim Sung Hoon is a former SBS comedian who decided to return to the spotlight for a very special purpose.
Lim Sung Hoon shared that he lost his younger sister last year. She was pronounced brain dead, and his family was forced to pull her life support due to their difficult financial situation. Lim Sung Hoon signed his sister’s ‘organ donor’ consent form on her behalf, and since then, he’s been living with the guilt of letting his sister go.
As such, he’s made the difficult decision to try and compete on ‘Gag King’ to offer some laughter and smiles to his grieving family.
MC Park Misun teared up as he related his story, and said that she could relate. “When my father was passing away, it became too heartbreaking to see him suffer in pain for so long, so I agreed to take him off life support,” she shared.
Your sister has done a wonderful thing, offering life to so many others by being an organ donor,” Park Mi Sun said as she wiped away her tears.
Source: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

5 Feb:

SBS’s ‘Star King‘ held a ‘Gag King’ contest on its recent episode.  ’Gag King’ contestant Yoo Han Kyul chose MBLAQ‘s Lee Joon to demonstrate a few “couple yoga” positions.
Yoga instructor Yoo Han Kyul explained to Lee Joon the three important steps to successfully doing couple yoga. “Eye contact, skin ship, and your mind; you have to trust and follow me”.
After stretching their legs and holding each other by the shoulders Lee Joon felt shy and embarrassed by their close proximity but continued to do as he was told. Titling their heads back for 5 seconds, as soon as they came back to resting position Yoo Han Kyul leaned forward and yelled,“Stop!”.
As she lovingly gazed at Lee Joon and leaned in to kiss him, she continued, “I want your philtrum (the part between the nose and upper lip)“, bringing laughter to the audience.
You can check out the hilarious clip of what happened below:

Source: Reviewstar - allkpop

3 Feb:

SBS‘s ’Star King‘, the program that’s discovered a number of talented people from all over the world, is now holding a ‘Gag King’ competition.
This is a survival program based on the search to find the next big comedian. The winner of this competition will receive a scholarship to develop their skills as a comedian, as well as a chance to be on the TV program, ‘Gag Tonight‘.
For the past two months, 500 contestants have applied for ‘Gag King’, but only 11 have made it to the current round. The contestants come from all walks of life and their ages vary tremendously. One hopeful is a six year old child, while another contest is 57 years years old.
The 11 contestants will be split into two teams, ‘A’ and ‘B’, and a winner will be selected from each team to compete in the final round.
‘Gag King’ will take occur over two episodes, and comedian Park Jun Hyung as well as Ahn Young Mee will act as judges. Park Jun Hyung, who’s been in the industry for a long time, offered professional advice and counseling to his aspiring juniors. Staff reports says that he and Ahn Young Mee created a lively atmosphere on set.
Stay tuned for more info on this exciting program!
Source: Xports News via Nate - allkpop

15 January:

It seems as though these days, you need to be lightning fast to survive in this competitive world. And to show just how quick you need to be to remain the the game, some of Korea’s most skilled and speedy chefs guest-starred on the most recent episode of ‘Star King‘.
On the January 14th episode of ‘Star King’, brothers and rice cake mill owners Kim Wooseob and Kim Sung Hoon guest-starred, as well as Lee Ho Kwang who runs his own restaurant.
The Kim brothers and Lee Ho Kwang battled it out to see who could cut things on the cutting board faster. The Kim brothers cut rice cakes, while Lee cut radish, and both the audience and the stars on set were astonished by their speed.
The Kim brothers are famous in the Haeundae district, known for their charm and wit along with their speedy skills in the kitchen. And Lee Ho Kwang took only about 10 seconds to quickly cut up a large radish, living up to his name as a speedy expert.
Hilariously enough, Super Junior members EunhyukShindong, and Donghae also stepped up to the plate to see how their cutting skills measured up. But of these three, Eunhyuk surprised the other guests on set with his hidden talent, efficiently cutting the rice cakes at an impressive speed.

Source: TVReport via Nate - allkpop

7 January:

The nation’s sweetheart IU was beyond shocked on the latest episode of SBS ‘Star King‘.
National magician Choi Hyun Woo and three ‘magicians king’s Choi Hyung BaeKim Min Hyung, and Lee Jun Hyung guest-featured on the January 7th episode of ‘Star King’.
Singer IU was completely shocked when magician Choi Hyung Bae made IU’s fellow ‘Inkigayo‘ MC,KARA member Goo Hara’s necklace disappear.
T-ara‘s Jiyeon also picked up a crushed empty can of soda from the trash and watched it become a brand new soda right before her eyes.
Jiyeon even took a few sips from the can, leaving everyone on set dumbfounded and amazed.
Source : bntNews via Nate - allkpop

2 January:
Entertainer Boom & Kim Na Young agreed to become an official couple.

On the New Year’s eve special episode of SBS ‘Star King‘, the two agreed to publicly date for a month’s time.
The ‘Star King’ program tried numerous times to link the two together, however their efforts were to no avail. However, the two were finally able to be a couple with the help of ‘Magician King’ Choi Hyung Bae‘s parrot.
Kim Na Young selected Boom’s photo among a collection of celebrity pictures, and the parrot announced that Boom had met his destiny, and suggested the two date for a month.
The two even drank a special drink prepared by the musician, and the other guests went wild as Boom & Kim Na Young displayed some ‘skinship’ as well.
Source & Image: MyDaily via Nate - allkpop

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