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Senin, 23 Januari 2012

KBS Entertainment Relay

27 August:

On the May 26th, Baek Ji Young guest-featured on a guerrilla date interview for KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, in which she revealed her cautious attitude towards marriage.
On this day, Baek Ji Young revealed her ideal type and said, “I like somebody who is sweet and doesn’t talk a lot. My ideal type is somebody who is a bad guy to every girl except me” and affirmed that her current boyfriend Jung Suk Won matches her ideal type perfectly.
Subsequently, the interviewer, Kim Tae Jin, recalled the last guerrilla date he had with Baek Ji Young in the previous year and said, “There was a time when you said that if all goes well with a guy that you will marry him next year. That year is now“, to this an embarrassed Baek Ji Young replied, “Did I say those thoughtless words?! I am waiting patiently. I will marry when the time comes“.
Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Handsome actor Gong Yoo, who’s currently filming the new KBS drama ‘Big‘, revealed that he gets stressed out over his small face.

Reporters of segment ‘Star ON AIR‘ interviewed the actor for the May 26th broadcast of KBS’s ‘Entertainment Relay‘.
During the interview, Gong Yoo shared a few interesting tidbits of his worries and concerns through an ‘Honest Talk – OX Quiz’. The interviewer asked if he gets stressed over his small face to which he answered, “Yes.”
I lack the muscular and strong image. There are times when I want to look tough and that’s when I blame my small face,” he explainedHaving a small face is actually an advantage for an actor. Rather than saying that I get stressed over my small face, it’s my lower jaw that makes my face as a whole seem smaller.”
Gong Yoo has taken the lead role for the upcoming fantasy drama, ‘Big’. The drama focuses on two 30 year olds, a hot shot doctor (played by Gong Yoo) and a clumsy short-term teacher (played by Lee Min Jung), where the doctor wakes up one morning with the soul of a teenager.
‘Big’ will be airing its first episode on June 4th.
Source & Image: OSEN via Nate - allkpop

29 April:

4minute‘s HyunA confessed on the April 28th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, that she would rather be cute than sexy.
After being voted as the sexiest member by JiyoonJihyunGayoon, and Sohyun, HyunA commented, “It’s the first time the members have called me sexy. Thank you. But now, I’d rather hear that I’m cute than sexy.”
She was later voted as the laziest 4minute member as well, and explained, “It’s because I need to sleep a lot. I’m really sorry,” making everyone laugh with her sudden apology.
Source: Osen - allkpop

15 April:

On April 14th, reporters of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ visited the set of Ivy‘s comeback music video filming and sat down for a heartfelt interview discussing her return.
Ivy began, “I went through a lot of pain during my break.. I finally feel like I’m living life now that I’m out. Since I was on hiatus for so long, I missed the stage a lot and wanted people to hear my songs. My hiatus just felt so long.”
She continued, “I watched all of the music programs every week. Since I had nothing else to do, I would just watch TV all day. Once I turned it off, I felt so pathetic as I sat there on the sofa. I would think to myself, ‘I should be on that screen…’ The industry these days is largely focused on idol singers, so it was disappointing to see that there weren’t many solo artists promoting.”
For the past two years and six months, Ivy has gone through several obstacles like her lawsuit with her company. When asked how she dealt with the rumors that surrounded her, she replied calmly, “I think it’s something that any celebrity has to go through at some point in their career.”
Tearing up at the thought of her family having to undergo the same pain, she continued, “My father learned how to work the internet and read the hateful replies about me. I didn’t know what to do then. The pain my family received was greater than my own. It’s because of my family that I’m able to make my comeback, as they were my biggest source of strength.”
Source: Chosun via Naver - allkpop

Former baseball player Yang Joon Hyuk has been bewitched by actress Han Hyo Joo‘s charm.
The two celebrities were interviewed on the April 14th broadcast of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘, along with comedian Choi Hyo Jong. When asked how he felt working with the actress during the commercial shoot, Yang Joon Hyuk replied, “I was very nervous. I’m very honored to have gotten the opportunity to work with her for the CF.”
Choi Hyo Jong then suggested the two casually call each other by their names. The former baseball player shyly did so, causing viewers to laugh at his timid personality.
As soon as Han Hyo Joo replied, “Yes, oppa?“, Yang Joon Hyuk was unable to hide his feelings for her as he began to blush with a bright smile on his face.
Source: Asia Today via Nate - allkpop

1 April:
Actress Shin Se Kyung confessed that she would not want a daughter with a personality like her own, during an interview with KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ on March 31st KST.

When Shin Se Kyung was asked what other title she would like to have besides “actress”, she responded, “Mom? Though I don’t want to become a mom immediately, I would like to be one [some day]. Also, I would prefer if my daughter didn’t have my personality.”
She explained, “My mom always says that. To see what’s it like when I have a daughter exactly like myself,” causing laughter on set.
The actress also revealed that the actor she most wants to meet again is Song Kang Ho, explaining,“It’d be nice to meet him after I grow more [as an actress].”
Despite Shin Se Kyung’s confession, there are probably a lot of fans out there who would have no problem with her having daughters like her.
Source + Photo: Osen - allkpop
31 Mar:

The March 31st episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay – Guerilla Date‘ sat down with the boys of SHINee, who have made a comeback after a year and half.
During the segment, the members opened up and shared some hilarious stories about the members.
Key, in particular, caused the set to roar into laughter after he revealed his hidden love for makeup. SHINee’s Key was asked, “When you’re just your normal self Kim Ki Bum (Key’s real name), was there a time when you ever put on make up before?” Upon hearing the question, the members started to laugh with Taemin and Minho sharing a hug and Jonghyun clapping. Key seemed to be quite bothered by the question and let out a sigh.
Because Key was hesitant to answer, the members decided to answer for him and Jonghyun stated, “He even looks in the mirror and draws eyelines” to which Key quickly denied and said, “It’s not the eyeline, it’s just the eyebrows!” to which the members burst into laughter once again. Minho then stated that one time Key was putting on BB Cream and was stating how great it was and Key seemed very curious on who made it. The members then shared that Key is quite fond of BB Cream. Key admitted that BB Cream is like currency to him and takes it with him everywhere.
Shortly thereafter, he shared the Lee Soo Man big forehead story which caused the members to burst into laughter again.
Additionally in the segment, the SHINee boys interacted with fans on the streets and Onew showed off his strong finger power by flicking a male fan on the forehead. They also enjoyed some Korean street food including a ham spam hot dog which they shared with a fan.
Check out the segment below!

Source: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop

26 Mar:

Veteran actress, Lee Mi Sook recently made a brave statement saying that, “I was more beautiful thanGirls’ Generation‘s YoonA“.
On March 24th, KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘ broadcast featured a special interview with the cast of KBS’s upcoming drama, ‘Love Rain‘.  The featured interviewees were YoonAJang Geun Suk,Jang Jin Young, and Lee Mi Sook.
During the interview, the interviewer of the show asked Lee Mi Sook, who plays the mother of YoonA’s character, to raise a yes or no sign if she acknowledged the phrase: “I was more beautiful than YoonA in my 20′s“.  Lee Mi Sook confidently raised the yes sign and admitted she was.
The actress also made a funny remark about her answer which caused the cast and interviewers to crack up.  ”I’ve always lived my life, believing that I am beautiful.  I want to be reborn again as a Hallyu star through this project.”

Source + Photos: Osen via Nate - allkpop
24 Mar:

KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ recently sat down with Kim Soo Hyun at the location of his photoshoot site.  The actor revealed a few of the aftereffects from his recent acting roles.
He explained that since he wrapped filming as King Hwon for MBC‘s hit drama ‘The Moon That Embraces the Sun‘, the way he speaks has changed.
The actor also admitted that from his role as Song Sam Dong on KBS‘s drama ‘Dream High‘, “I used the dialect during Dream High because of my role as Song Sam Dong, but I still happen to use it time to time.”
In addition, Kim Soo Hyun revealed his ideal type on this episode by saying that rather than a “bad boy”, he’s more of the sweet and caring type. “I like both older and younger woman,” he said.

Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop

Reporters of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ had an opportunity to go behind the scenes of SHINee‘s new advertisement photoshoot where they interviewed the boys on their comeback style.
Even before SHINee’s “Sherlock” comeback, Taemin‘s topless teaser photos headlined everywhere for his thin frame and dramatic style change. When asked about it, he said, “I’ve always been the one with the pretty looks. Through this photoshoot, I want to show a more masculine side.”
The other members immediately shot in by jokingly accusing him of “showing off about his looks”, to which Taemin quickly retorted, “But when I went topless, my body was like that of a child…”
As if on cue, the members chimed in, “This is another show off!”
After moving on to the topic of their past whereabouts during their year and a half long hiatus, the boys concluded the interview by asking fans to look forward to their promotions.

Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop
19 Mar:

2AM‘s noraebang (Korean-style singing room) score has become a big issue.
On the March 17th broadcast of KBS2′s ‘Entertainment Relay’s Guerilla Date,’ 2AM were the guests, delightfully showing off their humor.
During the broadcast 2AM was given a mission to visit a noraebang, join an already occupied room where people have already occupied and sing their new single for them.
2AM entered a noraebang room where a group were having a business party and they sang their new single, ‘I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me‘.
But after 2AM sang the song, they were given a low score of 53 from the machine.  Changmin and Jo Kwon said, “We would have gotten a score of 106 but we only sang half of the song.”
Netizens who watched the episode commented, “A score of 53, how humiliating right after they just made a comeback“, “I am so envious of the people in the room.  They have experienced something that will be an everlasting memory“, and “2AM congratulations on your comeback.  I hope that ‘I Wonder if You Hurt Like Me’ will be a hit“.
The entire clip is below, they enter the noreabang part begins at 3:10.

Source: Arts News  - allkpop

The March 17th episode of KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ unveiled the meal plans of girl groups as they diet their way to perfect bodies.
Reporters went around and interviewed girl groups like Stellar and Nine Muses, while also talking to the dieticians of other major girl groups like Girls’ Generation and SECRET.
Nine Muses revealed their personal dieting style to be ‘paper cup dieting’, where they fill up 2/3 of a paper cup with rice and the remaining 1/3 with a side dish of their choice. The girls reasoned that this allowed them to eat different things within the same restrictions so it helped them feel satisfied.
SECRET preferred high protein, low carb diets while Stellar just packed lunch from home.
Girls’ Generation had a more elaborate diet that consisted of rice, grilled chicken breast, blanched broccoli, and seasonal vegetables, while for lunch, they had the same rice and grilled chicken breast, but with a cabbage and paprika salad and almonds. For dinner, the girls had sweet potatoes, eggs, and a cabbage and paprika salad.
The most popular diet food among girl groups were egg whites.
Source: Herald News via Naver - allkpop

10 Mar:

KBS‘s ‘Entertainment Relay‘ will be setting out to cover the reality behind ‘sasaeng fans’ in their upcoming episode in light of the controversy surrounding JYJ.
The reporters of ‘Entertainment Relay’ will be meeting with sasaeng fans that have been following the boys since their TVXQ days to check the facts on the recent Jaejoong and Yoochun‘s fan-violence controversy, and the reality behind what being a sasaeng fan actually means.
The show will be discussing various aspects including the sasaeng fans who chase down celebrities in a rented taxi, their activities and mentality, and the reactions of celebrities that have to cope with such fans.
‘Entertainment Relay’ also claimed that they had acquired an audio file not yet released to the public. The file contains Jaejoong talking about how he hasn’t been able to take a proper break because of his sasaeng fans, and Junsu expressing his agony after catching a sasaeng fan’s taxi.
The episode airs on March 10th at 9:05 PM KST.
Source: BNT News via Naver - allkpop

4 Mar:

In the March 3rd episode of KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Weekly‘, the crew visited the set of idol drama ‘Dream High 2‘ for exclusive behind-the-scene footage and interviews with the stars.
At one point, the reporter chatted with Kang Sora, who plays Shin Hye Sung, and 2AM‘s Jin Woon, who plays Jin Yoojin. At one point, the reporter asked whether Kang Sora would choose Jin Woon orJB, who plays a character of the same name.
Even with Jung Jin Woon right next to her, Kang Sora immediately answered, “JB.”
Jung Jinwoon incredulously remarked, “Daebak… really.” To this, Kang Sora defended her answer, reasoning, “Even if someone is sitting next to you, you have to be constant.
Check out the full segment below:

Hye Sung – JB fans are probably cheering right now — tell us what you think of this pairing below, and make sure to tune into ‘Dream High 2′ as the story progresses!
Source: allkpop
26 Feb:
UEE revealed the revenue structure and division of profits within the group After School.

On February 25th, UEE guested on KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Weekly popular segment – Guerrilla Date‘.
During the recording, UEE confidently revealed that she made the most income among the After School members. After her debut, UEE participated in many solo activities, from variety shows to modeling in CFs to dramas. On top of this, unlike other idol groups, she stated that After School accurately divides the income according to their solo activities, making UEE’s revelation about her inflated income understandable.
Also, regarding her solo activities, UEE emphasized, “I will not leave After School. I’m going to stick with them until the very end. I could one day honorably graduate from the group, but I won’t ever give up on them.”

Source: Newsen via Nate - allkpop
11 Feb:

The February 11th edition of KBS2‘s “Entertainment Relay” ‘Guerilla Date‘ segment featured an interview with veteran singer and actress Uhm Jung Hwa on who her ideal type was.
On this day, Uhm Jung Hwa was asked to play a game of “Ideal Type World Cup” with 8 males that she has worked with in the past, whether it be acting or music. These males included actor Hwang Jung Min, singer / pianist Jung Jae Hyung, Korean American actor Daniel HenneyBig Bang’s T.O.P, actor Kim Rae Won, singer Kim Jung Min, and 2PM’s Taecyeon. Out of the initial round in the game, she selected Hwang Jung Min, Daniel Henney, T.O.P and Kim Jung Min for the final four. After her selections in the semi-finals, the finals pitted Daniel Henney against T.O.P.
For her final overall winner, she selected T.O.P over Daniel Henney. On choosing T.O.P, Uhm Jung Hwa stated, “He works really hard and is very loyal. He also calls me on the phone the most.” T.O.P worked together with the veteran singer as he was featured on Uhm Jung Hwa’s 2008 single, “D.I.S.C.O“.
She also stated that Hwang Jung Min is a very lovable man as they most recently starred together for the movie ‘Dancing Queen‘.

Source: Reviewstar via Nate - allkpop
5 Feb:
Actress Kim Hee Sun expressed that girl groups make her jealous.

On February 4th, KBS’s ‘Entertainment Relay – Star ON-AIR‘ broadcasted their interview with Kim Hee Sun, who shared some vignettes from her daily life.
The actress shared a hilarious story about her husband and how his affections seemed to have wandered during their five years of marriage. “Before we got married, my husband would say that I was the prettiest woman, but five years later, it seems like he’s fallen for girl groups.”
Kim Hee Sun continued, “When KARA or Girls’ Generation come on TV, his upper body starts to lean towards the TV. That’s when I grab him to hold him back.”
“I hope they all start promoting overseas,” she joked.
During this interview, Kim Hee Sun also revealed her cute 4-year-old daughter.
Source: TV Daily via Nate - allkpop

24 January:
KARA member Goo Hara shared one of her insecurities.

The singer guest-featured on a recent ‘Shh! Secrets of the Stars‘ themed episode of KBS 2TV‘s ‘Entertainment Replay’, along with Super Junior‘s Eunhyuk.
On the episode, Goo Hara once again shared the fact that she felt insecure about smiling too wide or laughing out loud.
You can see all my gums which is unattractive when I smile really big, and it makes me feel really insecure,” she confessed.
Super Junior member Eunhyuk, however, responded by saying, “You got nothing on me,” showcasing his gums with a big smile. “Even Won Bin shows gums when he smiles,” he added, causing everyone on set to explode in laughter.
The stars also confessed that they were insecure about their bare faces, as well as afraid to publicly reveal their relationships.
Source & Image: FinancialNews via Naver - allkpop

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