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Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Quiz to Change the World 2012

18 Mar:

Popular girl group Girl’s Day member Minah recently shared her thoughts about an ideal date.
The singer and fellow member Yura guested on the May 26th episode of MBC’s ‘Quiz that Changes the World‘ along with other guests such as Kim Boo SunLim Sung MinPark Myung SooKim Kyung Jin, and Ahn Mun Sook.
During the program, the singer was asked what she wants to do the most now that she has turned 20 years old. To this, she shyly answered, “Now that I’m 20 years old, I want to start dating.”
The emcees then asked her about her dream date to which she replied, “I want to walk around a fountain of water at night with my boyfriend and have a conversation with him.”
In addition, Minah showed off her acting skills by impersonating actress Kim Young Ae from the drama ‘The Moon That Embraces The Sun‘ on the same episode, and caused the set to break out into laughter.

Source: TV Report via Nate - allkpop
On the March 17th episode of MBC‘s ‘Quiz That Changes the World‘, vocalist Fat Cat guested on her first variety show and displayed aegyo unlike a variety rookie!
After giving the audience a short performance of her latest track, “Like a Dream“, Fat Cat was asked by the panelists whether she had any tricks up her sleeves for her first variety appearance. She replied,“I have cute facial expressions.”
She then turned to fellow guest 2AM‘s Jo Kwon and performed for him cute aegyo that would make any man melt! Panelists commented, “Fat Cat isn’t fat at all, she’s so cute!” and “She sings well  and she’s pretty, what a talented artist!
After her first variety outing, Fat Cat commented, “I was really nervous and shaking, but I was able to adjust really quickly thanks to the kind way my seniors treated me.”
Source: allkpop

2AM‘s Changmin recently expressed his jealousy of member Seulong‘s dating rumors with Wonder Girls‘ Sohee and revealed his desire to have a scandal with Girls’ Generation member, Sunny.
On the March 17th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Quiz That Changes the World‘, 2AM members appeared on the show revealing some interesting stories and confessions.
2AM’s Seulong, who was rumored to be dating Sohee, explained, “Even after the dating rumors, Sohee and I still get along well and are not awkward with each other.” He then denied the rumors again saying, “I’m the type of person that likes girls whom I’ve been together for a while, but I’ve known Sohee ever since we were very young.” After hearing this, fellow member Changmin jealously commented, “But you still got to have one with Sohee.”
I’m actually very close with Sunny,” he continued, hoping to have a scandal with the Girls’ Generation member. Seulong hilariously replied, “As a matter of fact, when the news of Sunny wearing a bikini surfaced, Changmin was happy.”
Meanwhile, other guests that appeared on this episode were Juk Woo, Yang Bae ChooNam Chang HeeChoi Hyun WooFat CatTae Jin Ah, and more.

Source: TV Report via Nate  - allkpop
5 Feb:
LEDApple‘s Hanbyul astounded the public after he revealed he was fluent in four different languages.

On February 4th, MBC‘s ‘Quiz To Change The World‘ aired a new episode with LEDApple’s Hanbyul and Kyumin, who guested alongside other stars like Hwang Hae YoungByun Ki Soo, and Sung Jinwoo.
MC Park Mi Sun introduced Hanbyul by stating that he was born in Australia and was fluent in several languages.
Hanbyul explained that because he was born overseas, he learned both English and Korean. The idol was able to pick up French and Latin later.
Hanbyul also revealed that he’s a student of dentistry and that he’s taking some time off school. His parents allowed him to audition as a singer after he got accepted into the program.
LEDApple is currently promoting their latest album, ‘Time is Up‘.
Source & Image: TV Report - allkpop

9 January:
Rain and Koyote‘s Baekga was revealed to have a very close relationship.

On the January 7th broadcast of MBC’s ‘Three Turns‘, Koyote’s Shinji revealed, “Rain oppa and Baekga call each other ‘honey’“.
Baekga explained, “It’s because we’ve known each other for so long and we have no one else to depend on.“.
MC Park Mi Sun continued to ask “When Rain entered the army, did you cry?“, to which Baekga nodded yes. “We both promised that we wouldn’t cry, but he cried first so I ended up crying too. I even went to visit him“.
Fellow groupmate Kim Jong Min then added, “When Rain’s leaves are overnight, he would go to see him,” causing Baekga to look flustered.
Rain entered the military last October and is currently on active duty.
Source + Photo: Star News via Nate - allkpop

It has been revealed that after being in a lovey-dovey relationship with her ‘hubby’ which started last September, Koyote‘s beloved Shinji became a different person.

On January 7th, on MBC’s ‘Quiz To Change The World‘, Baekga and Kim Jong Min agreed as they revealed that Shinji changed after being in a relationship.
They complained, “We don’t even see her once a month because it’s basketball season. We can’t even talk to her even if we go to the basketball game“.
The emcees then curiously asked, “Has Shinji changed after she got a boyfriend?“. Fellow member, Baekga answered, “She doesn’t drink nor curse. She was a little violent before her boyfriend, but now she is like an innocent sheep. It’s like she was reborn as a better woman“.
However, the crowd burst out into laughter when Kim Jong Min admitted, “I actually saw Shinji drinking secretly“.
Source & Photo: Chosun - allkpop

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