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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Rainbow Pixie

11 January:

Rainbow‘s first ever sub-unit, Rainbow Pixie, has just unveiled their music video for “Hoi Hoi“!
This sugary-sweet MV brings out all the aegyo and girlish charms that members SeungahJisook, andHyunyoung have to offer. In the video, the girls play at being fairy matchmakers for couples who need a little magic to get together.
Check out their MV below:
Source: allkpop
9 January:

As k-pop’s newest sub-unit trio Rainbow Pixie gears up for their debut, DSP Entertainment has released a new music video teaser for “Hoi Hoi“!
Building off of the sugary sweet concept displayed in the first MV teaserJisookSeungah andHyunyoung will have you charmed as they dance down a glitzy pink and white hallway filled with clothes and heels.
Check it out below!
Source: allkpop
5 January:

Rainbow‘s subunit Rainbow Pixie has just unveiled their MV teaser for “Hoi Hoi“!
Members JisookSeungah, and Hyunyoung are pretty in pink, as they recline on a floor covered with feathers. But they’re not all sugar and light — their glow-in-the-dark accessories indicate that they’re gearing up to hit us with a dance hit that’s sure to be infectious and fun.
Check out their MV teaser below, and stay tuned for more updates with allkpop!
Source: allkpop
4 January:
After announcing the formation of their new unit trio yesterday, Rainbow‘s ‘Rainbow Pixie‘ has returned with a new teaser image unveiling the three members!

The teaser shows that the trio will be comprised of SeungahJisook, and Hyunyoung. Their debut track, “Hoi Hoi“, is scheduled for release on January 12th, and as previously revealed, the girls will take on a cuter image compared to Rainbow’s characteristic sexy look.
The girls are planning to release album jacket pictures and two music video teasers in the coming week before their official debut through ‘Music Core’ on January 14th.
DSP Media stated, “‘Pixie’ will present a cute and fun stage from the members that were usually hard to see regularly on TV.”
Source + Photos: Mydaily via Naver - allkpop

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