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Minggu, 08 Januari 2012

Infinity Challenge 2012

9 January:

On the episode aired on January 7th, Infinity Challenge members sang renditions of each others’ songs in a competition called ‘I Am a Singer in My Own Way’, their spoof off MBC’s popular show ‘I Am a Singer‘.
Jung Jun Ha started the show by moving the audience with an emotional performance of HaHa‘s “Story of a Little Kid“. Changing the title and lyrics to “Tall Old Bachelor“, Jung Jun Ha truthfully sang about being grateful to his love and even teared up at the end of the song. Netizens praised his heart-felt performance and awarded him with first place.
Awarded second place was Jung Hyung Don, who created a theatrical performance of Jung Jun Ha’s “Spring Chicken Soup“. With a 13 member ensemble, great stage outfits, singing and choreography, the audience felt like they were watching a real musical and complimented his originality.
Coming in at third was Park Myung Soo‘s rendition of Leessang‘s “Clown“. With Park Myung Soo’s rapping, amazing vocals from Kim Bum Soo, professional acrobats and a hula hoop dancer, the audience felt like they were at the circus.
Fourth place went to Yoo Jae Suk, who sang a disco version of Noh Hong Chul‘s “A Gull Suffering From Heat“. Despite being placed 7th during preliminaries because his song was not yet complete, he looked confident and danced with comedians Kim Sook and Song Eun Yi in bright outfits. Netizens complimented his choreography and ability to carry out such a hard song.
No stranger to the stage, Gil, took fifth place after creating a hip hop version of Yoo Jae Suk’s “The Charm of Samba“. With a collaboration with fellow Leessang member Gary, and Jung Eun, it was no surprise that the audience shouted “Encore, encore” at the end of their performance. Netizens complimented how comfortable they looked on stage and felt that they were at a Leesang concert.
Sixth place went to Noh Hong Chul, who displayed an energetic performance of Jung Hyung Don’s “Pledge of Love“. Originally a ballad, Noh Hong Chul collaborated with Dynamic Duo and Norazo to create a fun upbeat melody that the audience was able to enjoy.
Last but not least HaHa came in 7th place singing a reggae version of Park Myung Soo’s “To Stupid from Stupid” with Skull. Unfortunately during their performance, a sound problem occurred and Skull’s microphone didn’t work. A little taken back, they then gathered the courage to perform a second time, but the damage was already done.
Needless to say all the performances were great and netizens are already anticipating what Infinity Challenge will have in store for its viewers  in 2012.
Source: BizHerald - allkpop

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