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Rabu, 04 Januari 2012

Nine Muses Album

7 Mar:

After dropping the music video for their title track Ticket, the ladies of Nine Muses have released their mini album ‘Sweet Rendezvous‘.
The mini album contains two new tracks in “Who R U” and “Ticket“, in addition to their previous released tracks in “Figaro” and “News“. Although “Ticket” is the title track, “Who R U” is an equally wonderful and contrasting track with a bit of a laid back lounge vibe.
‘Sweet Rendezvous’ contains the confident love style of Nine Muses, with its title song “Ticket” acting as a metaphor for a new definition of love, comparing one’s feelings to a one-way ticket through the emotions of Nine Muses. The charming voices of the main vocals Sera, Kyungri, and Haemi, deliver a powerful feeling enough to capture the listener with their new vocal sounds.
You can support them by purchasing the music.
Who R U
Source: allkpop

6 Mar:

In addition to the album track list revealed earlier today, Nine Muses have just released the teaser for“Ticket”!
Their title song “Ticket” off the girls’ new album, ‘Sweet Rendezvous’, is their third collaboration project with Sweetune, after “Figaro” and “News“.
“Ticket” is sure to leave an impression on listeners, as the lyrics compare the heart of a woman to a one-way ticket. Once the love is given, there’s no going back.
Without further ado, check out the teaser below, and stay tuned for the release of the group’s album on March 8th!

Source: allkpop

2 Mar:

Nine Muses has just released their first comeback teaser photo, and a tease it is!
The first photo released on March 2nd features member Erin on a nine of hearts card. Erin seems to be unclothed underneath the the giant ticket that covers her up, stamped with the words “Ticket”,”Nine Muses”, and the number “20120308″ – giving us a hint at the comeback concept and date (March 8th).
Stay tuned to the next concept teaser which will be released next Monday!
Source + Photo: ajnews via Nate - allkpop

26 January:

Nine Muses‘ Eunji is known as one of group’s ‘visual members’, thanks to her striking height and bold bob. Yet she’s also one of the group’s most talented dancers, as seen in an earlier video of her and two groupmates dancing to Britney Spears‘ “Womanizer“.
On January 26th, Star Empire released Eunji’s solo practice video for Nine Muses’ new song, “News“. In this 1-minute clip, fans got to see Eunji deliver her choreography with passion and effortless grace.
Check out her smooth moves below!
Source: allkpop

18 January:

Nine Muses have just released a practice video for their new song, “News“!
The members wore multi-colored shirts with their names printed on them in order to help new fans distinguish who’s who. Though they’re dressed fairly casually, the video still exudes a sexy charisma thanks to their interactions with the male dancers.
Check out their dance video below!
Source: allkpop

Group Nine Muses‘ choreography for their new song “News” has been heavily criticized for being too provocative.
The girls returned on Mnet M! Countdown and debuted their new song on January 12th. They had strong stage presence as they put on a successful comeback performance, showcasing the sexy waves and fierce hip movements that are the highlights of the entire dance.
But after the program aired, the public felt that the dance was highly inappropriate. Especially towards the beginning, where the male dancers caress the girls’ legs.
Nine Muses’ agency remarked that the girls would have to promote the song once the dance was modified and more fit to air on television.
However, they’ve followed up on their initial comment saying, “Because we have already modified a portion of the dance, there will be no need to change the choreography any further. However, the girls will be putting on slightly different performances for each stage they stand on.”
The girls will continue to promote their new song “News”, which incorporates strong beats of both rock and pop.

Source: TVDaily via Nate - allkpop
16 January:

Girl group Nine Muses‘ new dance is being criticized for being “too sexy.”
The members of Nine Muses unveiled their new song “News” for the very first time on January 12th and performed it live for the first time on Mnet M! Countdown. The choreography to “News” is extremely fierce and powerful; the girls utilize their entire bodies in the dance, and the moves include hip thrusts and sexy body waves that are the highlights of the entire performance. In order to perfect each of these moves, the girls practiced nonstop each day from 10 in the morning until 10 in the evening.
But even after all of their hard work, their dance was deemed to be “too sexy” and some of the most important moves are unfit to air on TV.
The problematic moves that will be unable to air on TV include a part of the dance where the girls hold hands with male dancers that lie on the ground and thrust their hips, as well as the ‘sexy performance’ with the male dancers during the rap portion of the song.
Nine Muses’ agency reported, “Nine Muses’ “News” dance was criticized as being too provocative and we inevitably have to change the choreography. The girls will be promoting with the new dance once it is modified.”
Netizens who heard the news voiced their own opinions saying, “Girl group dances are too much these days“, “This doesn’t seem too bad“, and more.

Source: KoreaTimes via Nate - allkpop
10 January:

Nine Muses is back and they’re ready to make some headlines with their new song, “News“.
There’s some clever prop usage in the video to mirror the feel of media play. In one segment, the girls are boxed in by glass frames to emulate how stars live on the small screens for us; in another, they recline against a floor designed to look and flash like a camera lens.
Check out their MV below, and tell us what you think of Nine Muses’ latest video!

Source: allkpop
6 January:

A few days ago, Nine Muses released a tabloid-themed image teaser for their comeback album. Fans were puzzled over why the promotion team decided to design an image in that fashion, but now with the release of their MV teaser, the connection was made in a ‘flash’.
The girls will be releasing a new song called “News“, and the concept plays with the paparazzi/star dynamic. It’s slightly dark, but alluring and intriguing at the same time.
Nine Muses will release their new album on January 12th. Stay tuned to allkpop for more updates!
Source: allkpop
4 January:
A teaser image featuring Nine Muses‘ new eighth member Kyung Li left quite the impression yesterday, and the girls are ready to make another move with the release of another teaser image!

Kyung Li is still looking a bit scruffed up with smudged make up and all, but the new teaser gives some insight as to what happened with a tabloid themed layout in English alluding to a celebrity scandal.
Star Empire explained, “It’s a fictional teaser so we hope that people are able to come up with a variety of interpretations of it. We thought of going with a teaser like this to properly show what the feel of their comeback song will be like. The true concept will be shown in their music video teaser.”
Nine Muses will make their comeback on January 11th.
Source + Photos: Sports World via Naver - allkpop

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