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Kamis, 15 September 2011

150911 M!

Mnet’s “M! Countdown” is back with another episode of great performances!
It was a hot battle between KARASISTAR, and Davichi for the #1 spot on “M! Countdown” today, but in the end, it was KARA who finally clinched a win with “Step“!
Congratulations to KARA on their ‘M! Countdown’ win!
Girl group KARA made their comeback today with “Step” as did ballad singer Sung Shi Kyung with “I Like“.
Other performers included 45RPM, Davichi, U-KISS, Dal Shabet, M Street, GP Basic, Chocolat, Nine Muses, Defconn, Suki, Code V, and Wind Hold Venus.
Check out the performances below!
<Dal Shabet>
<M Street>
<GP Basic>
<Nine Muses>
<Code V>
Source: allkpop
KARA is finally back with their new song, “Step“, which they performed for the first time on tonight’s ‘M! Countdown‘.
Seungyeon stated, “We’re finally releasing our third album in Korea.  Compared to our other albums, this is an especially important one that we all feel more affectionate towards. We participated in the recording, choreography, music video, and style concepts. It will only be for a short while, but we want to show our best.”
The members continued, “Ever since our debut, people asked what our differentiating factor was, and we always said that it was our friendliness.  This time, we want to go with something unique and professional.  We hope that if we do our best on stage, it will become the best stage for our fans as well.”
Check out their comeback stage below, which features “Date (My Boy)“, “With All My Heart (Dear Kamilia)“, and “Step“!
Source: allkpop
The “Prince of Ballads” Sung Shi Kyung made a triumphant comeback on tonight’s episode of ‘M! Countdown‘!
Being away for three long years, Sung Shi Kyung showed that time hasn’t dulled any of his talents, as he smoothly delivered rich vocals for both “Oh My Goddess” and “I Like“.
Composer Hwang Se Joon commented, “‘Oh My Goddess’ can only be sung by Sung Shi Kyung. It’s a song just for him. After “Smile Angel”, the ballad singer hasn’t done an upbeat track, so ‘Oh My Goddess’ is another opportunity to see Sung Shi Kyung’s rhythm on stage. It’s a fun song.
Check out his performances below!
Source: allkpop

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