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Minggu, 18 September 2011


17 September:
Upcoming SBS drama ‘Daepungsu‘, scheduled to air at the beginning of next year, has been postponed to an unknown date.

On September 15th, an SBS drama representative told Star News, “Daepungsu, which was in the midst of casting the main characters, is having problems with the production. Because of concerns with production costs, etc., the drama is temporarily stopped.”
Another related source said, “The actors that had been hired are being notified of the production’ssituation by the director.”
Originally, the drama was comprised of 50 episodes about the behind-the-scenes story during the founding of the Chosun Dynasty. However, it is unclear how many episodes the drama will actually have now, given the pre-production issues.  The main characters were said to be played by Joo Ji Hoon and Im Su Hyang.
This drama would be Joo Ji Hoon’s first project since his military enlistement nearly two years ago.  As it’s Joo Ji Hoon’s comeback project, many people have been paying close attention to the drama’s announcements.
Source: Star News - allkpop

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