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Jumat, 16 September 2011

Bae Doona

17 September:
Actress Bae Doona recently shared her feelings on being cast for the Tom Tykwer-Wachowski Siblings‘ upcoming film, ‘Cloud Atlas‘, which will feature a star-studded Hollywood cast includingHugh Grant, Tom HanksHalle BarryHugo Weaving, Jim Sturgess, and many others.

Based on the 2004 science fiction novel by David Mitchell, ‘Cloud Atlas’ will narrate six different stories that take place in various places around the world from the 19th century to the distant post-apocalyptic future.
Bae Doona will be playing the character of ‘Sonmi-450′, a clone living in Seoul in the year 2144.
It’s said that the Wachowski siblings immediately requested an interview with Bae Doona after watching her performance in the Japanese film, ‘Air Doll‘, and Korean films ‘Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance‘ and ‘The Host‘. Impressed with her charm and boldness, the directors of “The Matrix“ decided to cast her for the film after only one meeting.
On September 15th, the actress addressed her fans through an update on her blog that read:
You may have already heard through the news, but I have finally decided on my next project, and am writing here today to let you know that I will soon start filming for the movie. I first received the scenario back in April, confirmed my casting in June, and will finally start filming for the movie soon. I had quite an enjoyable journey so far.
Visiting Chicago to meet with the directors, playing table tennis all night, taking a morning flight to Berlin to film a few test scenes, practicing my script alongside famous Hollywood actors, experiencing a new movie culture — these are all memories that have been part of an exciting and new experience that invoked my curiosity.
Just as I have in the past practiced archery to play an archer, practiced table tennis to play a table tennis player, and practiced Japanese for my Japanese film, I think it’s time to start the engine again and work hard for ‘Cloud Atlas’.
Thank you for supporting me, and I will make sure to show my fellow cast members that ‘Koreans are not your average people’.”
Source: bnt newsTV Daily via Daum - allkpop

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