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Rabu, 07 September 2011

2011 Hallyu Dream Concert

6 October:

On October 6th, Mnet broadcast performances from the ‘Hallyu Dream Concert‘ in place of their regular weekly airing of their music program, ‘M! Countdown‘.
Earlier this week, top stars gathered at the Kyungju Citizen Stadium for a night of fun performances put on by their favorite idols.  Hosted by 2PM’s Taecyeon, SHINee’s Minho, and actress Park Shin Hye, the concert was led by artists like SNSDTVXQ2PMSHINeemiss AB2ST4minuteT-ara,SISTARMBLAQZE:AKim Gun MoIUSeo In GukGD&TOPSe7enGil Hak Mi, and Kim Bo Kyung.
Representatives of Mnet stated, “This Hallyu dream concert was especially meaningful in that it brought together the leaders of the K-Pop wave all over the world.  We brought in wire cams and cutting edge sound technology to really capture the beauty of every performance.”
Check out the performances below!
Seo In Guk, “Shake It Up” >
4minute, “Mirror Mirror” + “Hot Issue” >
< Se7en, “Digital Bounce” + “Better Together” >
< GD&TOP, “Oh Yeah” + “High High” >
T-ara, “Roly-Poly” + “Why Are You Like This” >
SISTAR, “So Cool” >
B2ST, “Soom” + “Fiction” >
MBLAQ, “Mona Lisa” + “Oh Yeah” >
IU, “Good Day” + “Do You Know” >
Gil Hak Mi, “Movin’ On” >
SHINee, “Ring Ding Dong” + “Lucifer” >
SNSD, “Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) + “Hoot” >
2PM, “Hands Up” + “10 out of 10″ >
TVXQ, “Maximum” + “Keep Your Head Down” >
Kim Gun Mo (Medley) >
Source: W Star News - allkpop

17 September:

The official line-up for this year’s Hallyu Dream Concert at the Gyeongju Civic Stadium on October 3rd has just been announced!
A total of 19 idol groups and solo artists will be performing on that night. The full list includes: TVXQ,2PMSNSDSHINeemiss A, GD&TOPSe7enSECRETKim Gun MoZE:A4minuteB2ST,G.NAT-araDavichiSISTARIUMBLAQ, and INFINITE.
The 2011 Hallyu Dream Concert is being co-organized by the Committee of “Visit Korea Year”, the city of Gyeongju, and the Korea Entertainment Producers’ Association. It’s also being supported by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Korea Tourism Organization. A total of 20,000 spectators including 5,000 overseas visitors are expected to attend the annual event.
Source: TV Report - allkpop

7 September:

Many of Korea’s top Hallyu singers will be coming together once again to perform for the ’2011 Hallyu Dream Concert‘!
Taking place on October 3rd at Gyeongju’s Citizen Stadium, this year’s event boasts an impressive lineup! TVXQSNSD2PMSHINeemiss AGD&TOPSe7enSECRETZE:ADavichi,4minuteB2STG.NAT-araSISTARMBLAQ, and INFINITE will all be performing for the event.

The Korean Entertainment Producers’ Association (KEPA) commented, “This is the second year we are holding the Hallyu Dream Concert. We hope that through the distinct characteristics of our culture and the popularity of Hallyu, we will be able to make this event become the representative cultural festival of Gyeongju.”

Source: My Daily via Naver - allkpop

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