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Kamis, 22 September 2011


22 September:
On September 22nd, a SNSD fan cafe called ‘Sisters‘ celebrated Hyoyeon‘s 23rd (Korean age) birthday by posting a happy notice on many daily newspapers.The fans transmitted a heartwarming message for their idol through the ad.

Im Mo, a member of the cafe, expressed her love for Hyoyeon as she shared, “After the ‘SM Townconcert in Europe,  Hyoyeon has been receiving much more love and interest from the public. I hope she shines as brightly as the morning sun, and that her name spreads throughout the world.”
To spend her birthday in a meaningful fashion, the fans also donated items to a children’s foundation. Last month, the fans even went out to do volunteer work at a senior welfare center in Taehwa in her honor. Hyoyeon’s cafe also utilized donations from Taiwanese fans to purchase commodities and distributed them to those in need.
A team leader of ‘Sister’ further explained, “We’ve received donations from Taiwanese fans in celebration of SNSD’s 4th anniversary. We didn’t have the opportunity to utilize it, but we were finally able to do so through Hyoyeon’s Birthday.”
Source + Photos: My Daily via Naver - allkpop

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