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Minggu, 25 September 2011

Tony An Resto

22 September:
Say goodbye to the old and ordinary ‘Boonshik (snack)’ image, and say hello to the new PREMIUM snack concept!

H.O.T member Tony An has revealed that during his 15 years in the entertainment industry, he’s eaten ‘Bookshik’ items the most. This is because a celebrity’s lifestyle is full of busy scheduling and tight time slots.
When I was busy with filming, I had to order boonshik. At least once a day, I’d eat boonshik. Sometimes as much as three times a day,” he said.
When that would happen, he said he felt a bit depressed because he had to eat whatever was available. “It didn’t taste good, no joy in that allotted break time; the fact is that I would simply have to eat to fill my stomach and go straight back to work.”
It’s because of these bad experiences that Tony An decided to open a Boonshik cafe called ‘School Store’. Adopting a vintage-style interior to make it stand out from the other chains, he modernized and added a quirky twist to traditional menu items, thus making a ‘Luxury Boonshik’.
I think that bookshik can be called ‘premium’. ‘School store’ will have a modern style cuisine with delicious dishes. It will be a peaceful restaurant where you can enjoy yourself. With our fresh ingredients and hotel-level kitchen system, ‘School store’ will start a new genre of trendy dining.”
One of the most popular items on the menu is the ‘Egg Spam Roll’, ‘Squid Focaccia’ and School Store’s own secret ‘Ddukbukki Carrabona’, in which the spicy rice cakes get cooked in the oven.
Tony An concluded, “I have always been looking for famous tasty restaurants. I have always wanted to do a restaurant.”
Tony An’s School Store has already opened in the streets of Seoul-Gangnam. He is planning to make his restaurant a nationwide franchise.
Source & Image: Naver - allkpop

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