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Senin, 26 September 2011

SNSD Album

30 May:

Earlier, it was reported that Girls’ Generation would be releasing a new single in Japan called “Paparazzi“. It turns out SM Entertainment has already uploaded a teaser for the upcoming music video!
Although the teaser doesn’t provide much insight into the song itself, we are able to get more details about the upcoming music video and song from the preview of the PV that was aired on Japanese television recently.
Check out the teaser and preview below!
Source: allkpop

20 Mar:

Some fans have patiently waited and now their wait is over. The dance practice video Girls’ Generation‘s hit track “MR. TAXI” was recently uploaded on the internet.
This dance practice video should bring back some nostalgia of their older dance practice videos in the famed blue cloud rehearsal room. This dance practice video maybe their best to date with the complex synchronization for the “MR. TAXI” choreography.
Check out the video below!

Source: allkpop

13 Mar:

After releasing a teaser for “Time Machine” earlier, Girls’ Generation has just unveiled the full PV for the track!
“Time Machine” is a track found on the ladies’ ‘Re:package’ album of ‘GIRLS’ GENERATION‘, which was released in December. As reported earlier on tokyohive, this song is the background track for hard candy brand e-ma’s latest CM.
The PV seems to perfectly fit the beautiful and slow ballad, which can be heard on Youtube here. Without further ado, watch the PV below!

Source; allkpop
28 December:

Earlier in the month we reported that the ladies of Girls’ Generation would be releasing their special Japanese repackage of their latest album, “The Boys“ and the album has been released.
The album contains 15 tracks in all, including remixes of ‘The Great Escape‘ (Brian Lee Remix), ‘BAD GIRL‘ (featuring DEV and remixed by The Cataracs), and ‘Mr. Taxi‘ (Steve Aoki Remix).
Additionally, a brand new track named ‘Time Machine‘ was also included in this repackaged album.
Check out the brand new track: ‘Time Machine’ below!
Source: allkpop
20 December:

After a delay of more than a month, SNSD has finally released their maxi single, ‘The Boys‘.
Comprised of eight tracks, the single holds the English version of “The Boys“, as well as an instrumental and an a cappella. There are five remixes, as well, one of which includes a creation byTeddy Riley.
Sample their tracks below, and remember to support the girls by purchasing their music!
The Boys - 소녀시대 (Girls' Generation)
01. “The Boys”
02. “The Boys (feat. Snoop Dogg) [Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix]”
03. The Boys (feat. Lil Playy) [Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix]
04. The Boys *Bring Dem Boys* (feat. Suzi)
05. The Boys *Bring the Boys Out* (David Anthony Remix)
06. The Boys *Bring the Boys* (Teddy Riley Remix)
07. The Boys (Instrumental)
08. The Boys (A Cappella)
SourcE; allkpop

6 December:

Once again, the ladies of SNSD have proven why they are at the forefront of the Hallyu wave. They have sold more albums than any other K-pop idol star.
According to the ’2011 K-POP album sales rankings’ reported by major Japanese record distributorTower Records, SNSD’s debut Japanese album ‘Girls Generation‘ sold more albums than any other Korean artist this year. Furthermore, their most recent release of ‘The Boys‘ ranked #4 on the list. They were the only artist whose name arose on the list more than once, and their high fame in Japan was once again made all the more real.
Behind SNSD on the Tower Records list were Super Junior, who came in at #2 with their album ‘Mr.Simple‘. KARA came in at third place with ‘Girls Talk‘, while JYJ‘s ‘In Heaven‘ ranked at #5.
The results are based on the sum of album sales from the beginning of the year to November 30th. 37 genres of music were included in the total including K-POP, World POP music, Classical, Jazz, and more, however the detailed number of sales were not made public.
Additionally, SNSD ranked #3 on Yahoo! Japan‘s ’2011 Search Rank’ list, #1 for artist overseas and #2 for overall female artist.
Source: Dispatch - allkpop
5 December:

Earlier this week, SNSD achieved 6 consecutive wins on KBS’s ‘Music Bank’, which allowed them to take 1st place for the highest amount of consecutive wins this year.
With their latest win, the group edged out the record of fellow SM Entertainment labelmates, Super Junior, who achieved 5 consecutive wins with “Mr. Simple” this year.
The girls stated through their agency on December 5th, “We’re happy that we were able to receive love for such a long time with ‘The Boys’, through which we’ve shown you a new side [to our image].”
They continued, “We want to thank you once again… We will work hard on our promotions until the end of the year and show you a variety of performances.”
SNSD has been receiving much love with the release of their 3rd official album in October, dominating the music charts as well as all major music programs.
In related news, the girls will be continuing Korean promotions with their follow-up track “Mr. Taxi”until the end of December.
Source: Star News - allkpop

With SNSD‘s latest album, ‘The Boys‘ making waves in Korea, it should come as no surprise that the ladies will be releasing a special Japanese edition to continue their foray into the international music market.
The repackaged release, which will be the girls’ first album in Japan, will reportedly feature fifteen songs, including the Japanese and English versions of “The Boys”, a new song, and three remixes from the original album. Furthermore, the new release also means a brand new set of jacket photos giving fans a refreshed take of the album concept.
On top of the regular CD edition, the first press edition and limited period edition versions of the album will be released. Both editions will include a special case, thirty-six page photobook, digipak and bonus DVD with the English version of “The Boys” and the music video for “Bad Girl”. In addition, when purchased at a certified shop, the first press edition will include a rubber coaster set (white or blue version), and the limited period edition will include two posters.
The album release is scheduled for December 28th, with pre-orders beginning this week on December 5th.
Source: Official Site - allkpop

2 December;
The ladies of SNSD enjoyed an extremely successful run with their comeback song, “The Boys“, and now they’re planning to continue the trend with “Mr. Taxi“!

Scheduled to hit shelves on December 9th, this repackaged version of their 3rd full-length album features an all-new jacket cover that sees a sexy concept transformation from cosmopolitan girls to leather-rocking cabbies.
SNSD will be performing their follow-up song later this week, so stay tuned!
Source + Image: Leesmusic Korea - allkpop
28 November:

SNSD will be promoting Mr. Taxi as their next single until the end of 2011.
SM Entertainment stated, “SNSD will perform ‘Mr. Taxi’ on the December 2nd broadcast of ‘Music Bank, and will be accelerating their promotions until the end of the year.”
SNSD released the Japanese version of “Mr. Taxi” this past April while they were promoting in Japan. The single, which was a track on the group’s first full-length Japanese album, has previously reached the top of the Oricon chart as well.
The Korean version of “Mr. Taxi” was performed on Korean music programs when they made a comeback with The Boys, and in July for SNSD’s concert. Their agency commented, “Their 3rd album title track has been 1st on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank’ for 5 weeks… so we’re looking forward to the record for ‘Mr. Taxi’. They’ll be showing various special performances on all the music programs.”
Source: Hankooki via Nate - allkpop

20 October:
9-member girl group SNSD have just released their full-length third album ‘The Boys‘ and earlier today the individual Hwabo and group pictures were revealed through SM Entertainment.

SNSD has achieved an all-kill with their just-released track “The Boys“. They’re dominating major Korean music charts everywhere, as well as breaking the TOP100 on iTunes in the US, as well as climbing to #2 on iTunes Japan.
Source & Image : StarNews via Nate - allkpop

SNSD, who was once referred to as the nation’s dongseng girl group, has grown up and tossed aside their aegyo image. The girls, who used to sing “I love oppa” in their songs, have matured to a point where they can confidently tell “The Boys”“I’ll lead you.”
This transformation comes as no surprise, since the girls are about to make their debut as a world star through their 3rd official album, which was released on October 19th. In addition to their songs being sold all over the world through iTunes, their single will also be released in the U.S. in November throughInterscope Records.
Still, the girls who came in for the interview were as cute and lovable as ever, and they were brimming with a natural self-confidence. They stated, “We really like transformations,” and that “We were the one who insisted on doing the more powerful dances in this song. We want to show [a SNSD] who continuously grows and matures.”
Check out the interview they had with OSEN down below!
Q. What are thoughts about the release of the 3rd album? It was a little delayed.
Taeyeon – “SNSD has received a lot of love from all over the world. We prepared this album in return [for all the love].”
Sooyoung – “We were a little disappointed about the delay in our comeback since we, in our hearts and minds, were ready. But, since the delay was because of the venture into the U.S., it was all good. I think this will be a meaningful comeback.”
Q. You worked with the famous producer Teddy Riley. How did you feel?
Sunny – “He brought a comfortable atmosphere. Rather than putting in special requests, he just told us to sing. He catered to the members, so a lot of the members’ individual colors were incorporated.”
Seohyun – “He complimented us a lot while we were recording. He also danced to the song.”
Q. Are you satisfied with your title song, “The Boys”?
Tiffany – “SNSD’s songs hardly have any raps. This was our first time showing off our rap skills, so we were really anticipating it. I think the song came out well, so I’m very pleased. Instead of SNSD’s usual lively and girly image, we are anticipating that a more mature and cooler image will be shown [through this comeback].”
Q. The choreography has become more powerful.
Sooyoung - “We tried hard to make it match the song, however, it’s not as aggressive or powerful as we thought initially. The ‘going down’ movement during the rap portion came about because there needed to be an impact at that point. The choreography team was trying to decide whether or not to include that move, but we insisted that we’d do it. They asked if it would be okay to just have 4 of the members do it, but all the members stated that they wanted to do it.” (laughs)
Q. What did you emphasize the most in this 3rd album?
Sooyoung – “We tried to branch out so that we wouldn’t be limited to just one genre. If you listen to the album as a whole, you’ll see that rather than just a catchy hook phrase, the overall composition [of the song] is done well. Our vocals were heavily emphasized as well.”
Q. This was the first time that Sooyoung composed.
Sooyoung – “I thought about what it would be like if there was someone who gave me such immense love. If there is someone who gives you a lot of love, this is a song you can listen to while you think of that person.”
Q. I’ve heard that you are studying a lot about composing and producing, but your ideas don’t seem to be included a lot.
Tiffany – “I composed the English rap in “The Boys”.
Taeyeon – “I’m practicing a lot, but they are very strict. They don’t give us any advantage because we are SNSD members. We have to compete on the same playing field as regular composers and producers.”
Q. “The Boys” image was surprising because it is much stronger than the usual SNSD image.
Sunny – “The lyrics’ [meaning] are up to the interpretation [of the listeners']. Rather than just the simple meaning of girls giving boys support, it can be interpreted in many ways. The girls could be telling the boys that we’ll take the lead, giving off a more tough image. It could also be interpreted as girls telling the boys to get their act together and cheer up. (laughs) The song is also aims to give courage to people, whether they’re girls or guys, who are tired out [by life].”
Seohyun – “With every album we release, we want to show you our growth. During the 1st album, we wore tennis shoes and showed you a young girl image. After that, we wore a white T-shirt and jeans like a college student. For this time also, we want to grow musically as well as in other areas.”
Taeyeon – “We really like transformations. I think fans also want to keep seeing different sides of us as well.”

Q. You have accomplished a lot in the past year. What is it that you remember?

Seohyun – “Japan tour. Personally, I think I have learned a lot about how to enjoy the stage. I think I learned how to collaborate with fans for the first time. The collaboration between ourselves has gotten even better also.”

Tiffany “During the Arena Tour, which had all of us traveling together for 3 months, the members spent a lot of time together and conversed a lot. It was another chance for [our friendship] to be strengthened. We ate yummy food and went to a hot spring, just as if we were on a field trip.”

Jessica – “The concert in Paris is memorable for me. Paris is my dream city.”

Yuri – “I also remember Paris the most. It was very sentimental. People with hairs of all different colors were singing along to Korean lyrics. Just the fact that they knew who we were made it so enjoyable.”

Q. What are things you want to accomplish in the future?

Taeyeon - “To hold our own concert at Japan’s Tokyo Dome.”

Tiffany – “I want to try a world tour. I want to visit South America.”

Q. You must feel a sense of responsibility as a representative of Korean singers.

Yoona – “There is a sense of responsibility and pressure, but we are thankful that people see us as leaders. We don’t set up a goal and say ‘we have to achieve it’. Rather, we just enjoy each moment and try to bond with each other more. I think that’s why good things have been happening. We are honored to be a part of this great time period to let more people know about K-Pop.”

Q. Have you made a goal for your venture into the U.S.?

Tiffany – “Of course we have goals and anticipations, but we think that even having the opportunity to challenge ourselves is meaningful in itself. Rather than a venture, we just want to pay back our fans.”
Q. It seems that you might have to promote with Wonder Girls.
Taeyeon – “I’m very curious, what kind of song will they come out with? I have a friend within the group, so I think I’ll be glad to see her.”
Q. When rookie girl groups debut, they are often compared to SNSD. You are brought up a lot.
Seohyun - “To make us even a subject of discussion is an honor for us. Honestly, even when people say ‘SNSD, you’re amazing’, I’m still not sure. (laughs) So I think that I really have to try even harder.”
Q. You are quite a ‘sunbae‘ ['senior'] group now.
Yoona – “It’s not because we’re getting old, it’s because many young girls have been coming out. (laughs)”
Yuri – “I was in the waiting room while serving as the MC for MBC‘s ‘Music Core’ when hoobaes came to greet me with their albums. It feels like it we had been doing just that just a few days ago, so it was a weird feeling.”
Sooyoung – “Truthfully, we didn’t have much of a chance to see sunbae female singers’ performances. We saw Lee Hyori sunbae, Beyonce, and Christina Aguilera‘s concerts, but we heard that the hoobaes these days want to see SNSD’s performance. They also said they were influenced by us. It was a very weird feeling, but at the same time made us very proud and happy.”
Q. What has been the past 4 years like for SNSD?
Sunny – “To be honest, we didn’t know anything in the beginning and just went for it. As time passed, we started to develop a know-how. However more time passed, and we thought ‘Ah, there really isn’t a trick to all this’. But we were very proud and happy that we have been able to achieve a lot of things during the 4 years. Rather than thinking about the past 4 years, we are trying to figure out how to move forward.”
Source: Osen - allkpop

18 October:

It’s been a year since SNSD‘s last musical release, but the girls are finally back with their 3rd album, “The Boys“!
Comprised of 12 tracks, “The Boys” features works from some of the biggest names in the K-Pop industry including Yoo Young Jin, Kim Young Hoo, HitchHiker, Kenji, and Hwang Sung Jae. American producer Teddy Riley also lent his talents as well.
Check out some of the select tracks from their album below, and don’t forget to support the girls bypurchasing it on iTunes or grabbing their album here!
The Boys - Single - Girls' Generation
01. The Boys
02. Telepathy || “텔레파시”
03. Say yes
05. Spring Day (How great is your love) || “봄날(How great is your love)”
06. My J
08. Top Secret
09. Lazy Girl(Dolce Far Niente)
10. 제자리걸음 (Sunflower)
12. MR. TAXI (Korean)
Source: allkpop

After releasing four sets of teasers, SNSD has finally “brought the heat” by unleashing the full music video for their new song, “The Boys“.

As hinted, the girls returned with a stronger image, and it’s reflected brilliantly in their fierce choreography and sound. Confident in their growth, SNSD put away themed concepts and gimmicks and focused solely on their ability to perform.
Without further ado, check out “The Boys” below!
English Version:
The Boys - Single - Girls' Generation
Source: allkpop

There’s only a few hours remaining until SNSD releases their highly-anticipated 3rd album, “The Boys“, but fans are feeling every single minute drag by.
Not to fear, Sones — SNSD seems to understand the agony of waiting, and so they’ve shared a clip on YouTube to help the time go by. They introduce their album entirely in English, with Jessica andTiffany taking the lead. A surprise member speaks up at the end in smooth English, but you’ll have to watch the clip to find out who!
Check out their interview below:
Source: allkpop

16 October:

The teasers keep rolling in exciting fans even more for the return of SNSD.  After releasing both Korean and English MV teasers a few days ago, the ladies of Girls’ Generation have revealed two new MV teasers for “The Boys“! One in English and one in Korean.
The new teasers are an additional 15 seconds of SNSD goodness.  We are treated with still more solo concept shots as well as a better idea of the choreography.  The members assert, “Girls bring the boys out! // I wanna dance right now,” in English, before launching into the English or Korean lyrics.
Check out the teasers below!
Source: allkpop
14 October:

SNSD is back with not just one, but two new MV teasers for “The Boys“!
This time, we get to see more solo concept shots as well as dance sequences. In both versions, the members assert, “Girls bring the boys out! // I wanna dance right now,” before launching into either the Korean or English lyrics.
Check out the teasers below!
Source: allkpop

10 October:

Earlier, it was reavealed that SNSD‘s comeback would be delayed from the originally scheduled date of October 7th with SM Entertainment’s decision to release a U.S. album in addition to the Korean album.
Ever since then, fans as well as other artists who were scheduled to comeback in October, have been anxiously anticipating the date of SNSD’s comeback.

On October 10th, a source revealed to Star News that SNSD will hold their first comeback stage for their new song, “The Boys“, on October 21st through KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘ (exactly 2 weeks after the original date).  The release of the album is also anticipated to be 2 weeks from the originally scheduled date, on October 19th.

Source: Star News via Naver - allkpop

7 October:

SM Entertainment has been keeping us all on our toes with the numerous teasers they’ve released forSNSD‘s comeback. They’ve returned with one final video teaser before they unleash their full album and subsequent MV.
This time, the video gives a better glimpse into the girls’ ‘princess’ concept with more effects and stunning close-up shots.
Check out the clip below, and be sure to tune in for updates on SNSD’s full releases!
Source: allkpop

3 October:

SNSD‘s teaser for their new song, The Boys hit 1.5 million views in just three days of being released.
The music video teaser of “The Boys” was released on October 1. It quickly started to gain popularity and in less than three days, the video hit 1.5 million views on Youtube.
In the video, member YoonA is walking down a path of snow until she stops in front of a stone. Once she grabs a hold of the stone, the other eight members appear.
Source via Naver - allkpop
30 September:
It has been revealed that SNSD has plans to delay their album release in Korea because they will also be releasing an album in the US.

SM Entertainment stated, “It has been decided that SNSD will release an album in the States in an attempt to market ‘The Boys‘ to the Korean and international audience simultaneously. The release dates are only tentative at this point and may change. We will announce detailed information as soon as things are finalized.”
According to an album sales website, SNSD’s new album was scheduled to be released on October 5th but it currently may be postponed.
This album is especially noteworthy, as Michael Jackson‘s very own producer Teddy Riley has written and composed an urban dance track for the girls.
With the possible delay of their album release, their scheduled October 7th comeback TV stage will most likely be postponed as well.
Source & Image : XSportsNews via Nate - allkpop

After releasing a slew of teaser photos of each member and their album cover for ‘The Boys‘, SNSDhas now released their first video teaser!
Although there are reports of possible delays, if everything goes as planned, SNSD should unveil their title song, ‘The Boys‘ on October 4th.
Stay tuned to allkpop for updates on SNSD’s comeback and check out the teaser below!
Source: allkpop

28 September:

Continuing with the string of image teasers for their comeback, SNSD‘s YoonAYuri, and Seohyun‘s photos were revealed today!
YoonA transformed into a fierce fencer, while Yuri dons a lost party girl look. As for Seohyun, she looks absolutely ethereal as a snow queen draped in furs.

Source: allkpop
27 September:
With their comeback for The Boys looming closer, SNSD has been hyping up fans with photo teasers that have sent fans reeling, first with Taeyeon then Sunny and Hyoyeon last evening. Today, the delight continues with JessicaTiffany and Sooyoung!

With Taeyeon, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s dramatic transformations, fans were left clueless about the ladies’ latest concept. In her new photo, Tiffany is glammed up with disco balls and a glitzy outfit. Jessica is dressed in an elegant white dress with flowers in her hair and a dove flying out of her hand. Sooyoung lays on a gorgeous Oriental rug, dressed in an elaborately layered dress with a white flower in her mermaid-like hair.

Source: allkpop
26 September:
It’s barely been a day since SNSD‘s full comeback date was officially announced, yet fans are already clamoring over the return, fervently awaiting the latest teasers to be released. Just moments earlier,SM Entertainment unveiled two more teasers featuring Sunny and Hyoyeon!

Like Taeyeon‘s photo, Sunny and Hyoyeon’s photos both carry auras of elegance while stunning fans with the ladies’ new looks. Sunny wears a red hood and ruffled cream dress with heavy eyeliner and side-swept blonde hair. Hyoyeon sports a short blonde bob with flowers dramatically accenting her head, with unconventional make-up to match.
With these three releases, fans have been attempting to piece together what this track concept will be. Many speculated that there would be an underlying fairytale theme, as Taeyeon holds a red apple in her hand like Snow White and Sunny’s outfit alludes to the Red Riding Hood. Though not a fairytale character, many fans are already exclaiming that Hyoyeon’s piercing stare is reminiscent of the Parisian Amélie.
Fans have been curious about What do you think the concept for ‘The Boys‘ could be?
Source: allkpop

The time has come for fans to grab their pink glowsticks again: confirming previous rumorsSNSD has finally released the details for their much-anticipated comeback!

The title of the ladies’ third full album will be ‘The Boys‘, and it will hit store shelves on October 5, with the eponymous title track being released separately on the day before on October 4.
‘The Boys’ is especially notable for being composed by Teddy Riley, the American composer who worked with Michael Jackson, and more recently, with Rania for “Dr Feel Good“. In addition, the music video will be released in both English and Korean.
Meanwhile, “kid leader” Taeyeon‘s teaser picture was also released, and it shows her dressed in a stately, Victorian gown and exuding nearly tangible amounts of charisma and charm. What kind of concept do you think the girls have up their sleeves this time around?
Stay tuned to allkpop for the more updates on this big return!
Source: Sports Chosun - allkpop

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